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The Musical is the Thing

The Musical is the Thing

It used to be, to see a Broadway show you had to go to Manhattan. Or when the touring version came to town, the great Broadway star was replaced by an average TV star. Things […]

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Fausto's Cake Sitting Video

Fausto’s Cake Sitting Video

My latest assignment from the reality competition that I’m in, the Gay Bloggies, is to make a short video based on something we’re inspired by. What inspires me? You! What’s really inspired me is seeing […]

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SHOW #11 - Akbar Cake Sitting - 10.18.07

SHOW #11 – Akbar Cake Sitting

You want more cake sitting videos? You got it! At the risk of being known as the podcast that has gone stark raving mad for cake sitting videos, we’re posting up another goodie from our […]

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Cake Sitting in San Francisco

Cake Sitting in San Francisco

We’re so happy that Curtis brought us a cake in San Francisco.

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When are you coming to our town?

When are you coming to our town?

When is the Feast of Fools coming to my town? More specifically, when are we coming to Seattle? San Francisco? We really don’t know. But we’re working on it! But now, with you can […]

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