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VIDEO: Romney Look-A-Like Fires Santorum at Santorum

In this ridiculous pro Santorum ad, the frothy one is targeted by a Romney look-a-like with what appears to be a gun loaded with santorum.

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Gay Friendly Google Valentines Video

A Google video released Tuesday in promotion of Valentine’s Day reminds millions of its internet users that love transcends race, color, and gender – whether your loved one is male or female, Valentine’s Day is an expression […]

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VIDEO: I Would Love to Watch This Guy Dance This Way Naked…

From TED Med…The law of gravity apparently doesn’t apply to Dancer Marquese “Nonstop” Scott, who does a typically surreal dubstep performance to “Pumped Up Kicks.”

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VIDEO: TV Yule Log

Yahoo Who Knew? covers the history of the Yule log video that airs on Christmas day. The Wikipedia entry for the log is pretty in depth too.

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VIDEO: Gay Baby Short Film

Winner of Audience Award – Best Overall Short at FilmOut San Diego. What if you found out your unborn son is GAY?

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VIDEO: Tommy Surratt Speaks at HISD Board

High school students calls out school board for bigotry and bullying.

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VIDEO: Gagaween

Just in time for the gayest of holidays, here’s Gaga in her own version of Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

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VIDEO: Man Falls Off at Horse at Royal Wedding

Watch for the poor horseman in full regalia fall off his horse which keeps on going without him at the 0:12 mark. He gets up and stands to the side as the Prince William and […]

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VIDEO: Bicycle bell clears the crowd!

Even when it isn’t on a bike, people get out of the way for the sound of a bicycle bell. Of course this is in Japan…in America people would turn around and say ‘WTF are […]

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