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VIDEO: Faustina – Mini Episode #1 – How to Apply Makeup

Faustina in four minutes!

Before the days of internet video, there was something called Cable Access Television. Faustina was a queen with a dream living in the heart of Texas and never let her thick latina accent keep her from pursing her dreams of being a feminist talk show host. In the pilot episode, here are some random clips of her showing you how to put on makeup and make a baboon jealous!

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VIDEO: Faustina #2 – Nina the Artist

In the second episode of “El Chow de Faustina,” my award winning cable access show from 1994 artist and adult film star Nina sits and gawks at the camera, shocked that she is in the spotlight.

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VIDEO: El Chow de Faustina – Pilot Episode – How to Apply Makeup

Way back in 1994, there was a little drag queen from Puerto Rico who went to her local Cable Access TV station and decided she couldn’t wait until 2005 for the Internet and YouTube to be invented, so she started podcasting and video blogging before these things even existed.

Here’s the pilot episode of my award winning TV show “El Chow de Faustina.” Faustina was a blonde, thickly accented drag queen who enjoyed talking about politics, culture and makeup, while singing whatever song popped into her head, which usually was Eartha Kitt songs.

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