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VIDEO: Chef Jaime Laurita’s Easy Risotto Recipe

Most people think risotto needs to be a long, time consuming process, and they are right! But surprisingly risotto rice can be made ahead of time, and still come out perfect and delicious. My friend Jaime Laurita, from the Real Housewives of New Jersey shows us how to do it.

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VIDEO: Cooking with Drag Queens, Sharon Needles & Asian Breakfast Tacos

If you hold up a mirror and say Sharon Needles’ name three times, she will appear. Check out this fabulous Cooking with Drag Queens video where we make Asian inspired breakfast tacos with Sharon Needles. […]

VIDEO: Easter Basket Cocktail

There’s something irresistable to making adult versions of childhood favorites. This grown-up Easter basket will certainly bring a lot of oohs and ahhs to your next party.

Rim a martini glass with thick simple syrup and then dip into dyed green coconut flakes, then adorn with a little marshmallow peep. Think of it as your very own adult Easter Basket, but instead of being filled with candy, it’s filled with booze!

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Riding the Bus with Sharon Needles

Hanging out backstage with RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Sharon Needles, where she talks about her struggles with crystal meth addiction and what life is like after winning RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Come to a live taping of the Feast of Fun podcast with Sharon Needles and Peaches Christ in San Francisco, Sunday July 29, 2012 • 7pm!

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VIDEO: How To Make Coquito – Cooking with Drag Queens

Just in time for Three Kings Day- Have fun as Daphne Dumont, Saltina Obama Bouvier and Lola Von Miramar teach you how to make coquito, a delicious Puerto Rican Christmas beverage. Think of it as a coconut based egg nog!

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VIDEO: A Very Drag Queen Christmas

Frustrated with her poor efforts at SEO by changing her middle name to Obama, and because she doesn’t feel she gets the respect she deserves, Saltina Obama Bouvier gives up dressing up in drag forever.

Thankfully her gal pals Daphne Dumont and Candy Dick save the day and teach her the true meaning of drag. Special guest appearance by Tracy Tyler as Candy Dick!

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Cooking with Drag Queens: Pumpkin Pie Flan with Pandora Boxx

Pumpkin pie or flan?

We couldn’t decide what dessert to make for Thanksgiving, so in her infinite wisdom, Pandora Boxx suggested we combine them into one fabulous, Latin-American dessert: Pumpkin Pie Flan.

VIDEO: Faustina – Mini Episode #1 – How to Apply Makeup

Faustina in four minutes!

Before the days of internet video, there was something called Cable Access Television. Faustina was a queen with a dream living in the heart of Texas and never let her thick latina accent keep her from pursing her dreams of being a feminist talk show host. In the pilot episode, here are some random clips of her showing you how to put on makeup and make a baboon jealous!

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VIDEO: Faustina #2 – Nina the Artist

In the second episode of “El Chow de Faustina,” my award winning cable access show from 1994 artist and adult film star Nina sits and gawks at the camera, shocked that she is in the spotlight.

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VIDEO: Gay Soldier Comes Out to Pizza Man – LIVE

This video is dedicated to Randy Phillips, the gay solider who came out to his mom and dad, days after DADT was repealed. Thanks for coming out. You’re making the world a better place for your bravery and service to our country.

We hope this video gets his attention and we can get him on the show.

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