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Winning an Oscar Will Make You Slap Someone

Today we’re talking about the highs, the lows and the blows of this year’s Oscars ceremonies with comedian Matt Brown, who claims Jessica Chastain has his Oscar because the role of Tammy Faye will always be his.

Listen as we chat about West Side Story’s star Arianna DeBose winning big and Will Smith slapping Chris Rock onstage after the comedian delivered a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith.

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From Ukraine with Love

We got 80s Cold War vibes when Russia invaded Ukraine. Memories of MTV videos of Nena’s 99 Red Balloons that caused a nuclear holocaust or Elton John wooing a Russian border guard named Nikita came flooding back.

Even pop star Sting has us wondering again if the Russians love their children too.

Today comedian Dan Cass, who studied experimental theater in Moscow, joins us to look at how Russian propaganda infiltrates the internet and why people are sexualizing Ukraine’s political leaders.

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BenDeLaCreme is Looking For Love

Although comedian BenDeLaCreme is happy in a long term relationship, her onstage persona is horny and ready to lay out the incense, wine and candles for a very freaky scene. Yeow.

Today, the White Out bandit BenDeLaCreme joins us to look at dating and commitment as we near the end of the Covid pandemic.

Dela’s new show “BenDeLaCreme is…READY TO BE COMMITTED” is coming to a town near you, and if it’s anything like her critically acclaimed holiday special on Hulu, you know it’s going to be a wild ride.

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Eartha & Kitt: A Daughter’s Love Story in Black and White

Onstage, Eartha Kitt was as Orson Wells called her, “The Most Exciting Woman in the World” but the one thing Eartha really wanted in life, after suffering an abusive upbringing in the South, was to be a mother.

That wish came true with the birth of her only daughter Kitt who grew up to be Eartha’s greatest life companion. Today Kitt Shapiro joins us to look back on the amazing life she shared with her mom as detailed in her new book “Eartha & Kitt: A Daughter’s Love Story in Black and White.”

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The Wiz & Fabulous Black Movies We Love with Rachel Hall

As Black History Month wraps up, we’re celebrating our favorite films featuring Black actors, writers and directors we can’t get enough of. Some of the films are mainstream Hollywood but it’s also the B movies and blacksploitation films that hold a special place in our hearts.

Today comedian Rachel Hall, creator and host of the Hood Novel Book Club Podcast, joins us to celebrate the Black films we love.

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Feeding the Military Muscle – Jeff Kurtz

When it comes to putting on muscle, if you want to get big, you have to eat big. But what kind of nutrition you need to get there isn’t always clear, especially when you’re pushing your body to get huge and freaky.

Today boot camp fitness instructor and nutritionist Jeff Kurtz from Ann Arbor, Michigan joins us to look at food, glorious food, bodybuilding nutrition and why inflammatory foods may be holding back your gains.

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Mr Welshy Makes the Muscle Haters His Motivators

Your body is an battleground. Whenever you post pictures online, there’s always someone ready to tear you down because they think you took some magic pill to look the way you do.

Today bodybuilder Welshy joins us from his home gym in Cardiff, Wales to talk about getting huge, his swolle inspirations and making the haters eat it.

Our friend Welshy in the UK is living his dream of being a jacked muscle god that makes the haters come out as being secret admirers, whether they admit it or not.

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When a Drag Queen Becomes a Bodybuilder

Although he’s new to the bodybuilding scene, Joey Kiening is a pro when it comes to competitions. Joey is better known to fans of drag as Natasha Douglas, winner of the 2016 Miss Continental Plus pageant for queens who weigh 225 pounds or more.

Now after snatching the crown, Joey is dropping the wig and picking up the iron, setting his sights on winning bodybuilding contests like the NPC Illinois championship.

Today Natasha Douglass joins us out of drag as Joey Kiening to look at his new passion for bodybuilding.

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Karinda Dobbins is Black & Blue, and Hilarious All Over

Comedian Karinda Dobbins isn’t afraid to speak truth to power. But everyone wants to hear her talk about mini homes, pampered pets and getting ready for Valentine’s Day.

Today the she-liarious Karinda Dobbins joins us to look at growing up in Detroit, auditioning for lesbian roles in Hollywood and her new comedy album Black & Blue.

Listen as we chat with Karinda about Biotech fraudster Elizabeth Holmes, how to celebrate Black History Month and why Africa is calling her home.

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Joshua Garver: From a Broken Back to Bulging Biceps

At the age of 17, Joshua Garver suffered a terrible fall down the stairs that left him with bulging discs that required five surgeries and a spinal fusion. Amazingly, during his recovery, Joshua started bodybuilding.

Today bodybuilder Joshua Garver from Hayden, Colorado joins us to look at his passion for muscle, how bodybuilding helped him to move past his broken back and how he plans to win big in the NPC Supplement Giant Northern Colorado Championships and swap meet.

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