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FOF #300 – A Look Inside Margaret Cho

Comedy heroine and freedom fighter Margaret Cho joins us today in an exclusive podcast interview to celebrate the 300th episode of the Feast of Fools podcast. Happy May Day! Born in the late 60’s in […]

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FOF #299 – Amanda’s Big Adventure

The last three weeks have been a whirlwind for our big, beautiful and purple pal Amanda Sylvia Steinstein. First she went to visit her family in Massachusetts, then off to New York City for our […]

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FOF #298 – The Joy of The Wet Spots

Cass King and John Woods first started dating under the pretense of wanting to collaborate musically. The first year the couple met, they spent mostly discovering each other, you know, in BED. These days the […]

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FOF #297 – Backstage with Baby Teeth

Come take a little trip with me and my good pal the Rev. DJ (who is neither an ordained minister nor a professional disk jockey) as we leave the house for some fun and music […]

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FOF #296 – Cleopatra was a Hairy Beast

You always learn new things from podcasts. On today’s show, two of our favorite animal rights activits, Mike Brazel and Sebastian Zoech drive all the way to Chicago to hang out with Ronnie, Marc and […]

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FOF #295 – A Walk in the Park

On a lovely spring day like today, V-Marr begins the show by destroying the microphone with the power of her singing voice. You gotta understand, we’re all inspired into a frenzy by the Cher/Tina Turner/Kate […]

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FOF #294 – Misery Loves Company

Kiki, the world’s most miserable lesbian joins us today to talk about personal pet peeves in interpersonal relationships. Kiki wants to know if people out there are as fed up with mass media marketing as […]

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FOF #293 – Absinthe Induced Hysteria

One of our lovely listeners, Tom Armstrong came all the way to the USA to help celebrate my birthday and brought over an AUTHENTIC bottle of Absinthe which of course we promptly consumed. We really […]

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FOF #292 – Baby, We’re Back

As if we can’t say thank you enough here we go again. Today Marc, Ronnie and myself reminisce on all the lovely colorful people we met at our fabulous Meet N’ Greet last Thursday at […]

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FOF #291 – Puppet Factory Tour

Comedian and animator Adam Pierce began his entertainment career in sketch comedy where he met his wife and began the sucessful New York based animation studio, Charged. A former member of the comedy troupe Scary […]

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