IMAGE: Madonna Copies Gaga

Feb 23, 2011 · 1985 views

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Flip that shit!


  1. J says:

    Gaga still has a better voice so hit me up when Madonna can sing 😉

  2. The Time always justifies The Truth says:

    Nice collection 😉 But the most FAIL of this set is The TIME…

    1st: Madonna’s song “Express Yourself” came out in 1989!
    2nd: The bra, what you see on Madonna, first time released in USA in 1950s, then Madonna brought back in 1980s…
    3rd: Madonna hadn’t any video where she act a black woman. On that picture, that is another woman. Just look her face, not the same.
    4th: The patriotic video (“American Life”) released in 2003
    5th: The Madonna & Brit & Xtina Kiss happend in 2003 at MTV AMA.
    6th: Madonna had black hair in 1991, 1993 & the photo what you put in is from 1999. Amy’s 1st release in music industry was in 2003.

    Lady Gaga’s works – what you mentioned – were born in 2008, 2009, 2010… Just count backwards.

    Tip: When you watch videos, don’t forget: in most cases the upload time is NOT the record date. So check it before you write anything. Because it seems: you don’t know many things, so don’t think about yourself that you can able to speak bullshits. Thanks & Peace.

    PS: Try to Know the Music History… thoroughly. At least 1980s, 1990s era. You’re gonig to be surprised… Who copies who… And try to forgive me, I won’t any anger with you, but it just hurts me your ignorance, agressive & childish revelation. That’s all. Hope you enjoy the scanty knowledge, cos it’s the one of the most killer thing in the world. Brainwashed.

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