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Gracias Papi

Gracias Papi

For your curiosity, here is the English translation of the eulogy I spoke at my father’s funeral service last Friday at the Celestium, March 9 2007. We’ll miss you Papi. Pictured here is a portrait […]

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Consider yourself invited

Consider yourself invited

Did you know we won a Pressie Award for "Best Podcast" this year? Oh yes! Come celebrate with us this Tuesday, March 20 at a special Pressie Awards ceremony and OPEN BAR (yes you heard […]

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FOF #493 - 28 Stages of Grief - 03.15.07

FOF #493 – 28 Stages of Grief

Sometimes, all you need is to soak in a hot bath to let all your pain, worries and problems melt away. On today’s show we return to our regular programming with a sound-seeing tour of […]

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Family News

Family News

Fausto’s father Gonzalo Fernós Lopez died on March 7, 2007. He will be missed by his family and loved ones. Thank you to everyone who has written and offered support to Fausto and our family. […]

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Great books from great people

Great books from great people

The finalists for the 19th Annual Lambda Literary Awards are out (in both senses of the word) and three of our very own guests have gotten nominated for the prestigious award! You GO girl. Enjoy […]

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Sometimes, you just have to shout it out loud
SHOW #2 - Regifting - 12.20.06

SHOW #2 – Regifting

We just can’t help ourselves. To end our fabulous holiday season, we bring you a very special Feast of Fools movie which celebrates the true meaning of Christmas- violence. Poor Ronnie, she never saw it […]

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FOF #473 - Coconuts - 02.02.07

FOF #473 – Coconuts

Ronnie discovered this unique store in Chicago named Jazze Junque that sells vintage cookie jars and salt & pepper shakers. Naturally, we just HAD to pull her cookie jar out of lay-away and give it to her as a birthday present.

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FOF #470 - My TV Boyfriend - 01.30.07

FOF #470 – My TV Boyfriend o Amanda Steinstein shares her crush on her TV boyfriend.

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FOF #459 - Let Them Eat Cake - 01.15.07

FOF #459 – Let Them Eat Cake

Marc and I rang in the New Year drinking cheap champagne at a tiny little bar in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood, surrounded by trannies, grungy bikers and wholesome young folks wanting to have a good time. […]

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