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FOF #256 – Openly Clay

Victoria Lamarr and Marc Felion put their comedic skills and their southern accents to work to recreate the infamous recent Clay Aiken alleged sex scandal. This little sketch is based on details that Jon Paulus, […]

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FOF #255 – Messin’ with a Military Man

Although his real name isn’t Jefferson Austin, Fausto’s fabulous fan from the burbs of Chicago looks like many a person’s porn star dreamboat. In order to protect his secret identity we gave him an alias/porn […]

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FOF #254 – A Cure Worse Than the Disease

A free form song improv takes Fausto, Marc and V-Marr into a deep discussion on pot smoking and treating depression. Is the legality of marijuana in the U.S. hinder the development of new safe treatments […]

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FOF #253 – Victoria vs. the Victory Church

She’s back! The most beautiful woman (on the internet) Victoria Lamarr returns to razzle and dazzle us with her sordid tales of urban life, love and living with full blown AIDS. Yesterday Miss Vicki and […]

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FOF #251 – French Fashionistas

Sharing a sweet kiss with his boyfriend Matt Horton (pictured here on the right) is none other than our fan and friend Benjamin Paciello a true French fashionista who descends from a very distinguished line […]

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FOF #250 – Lesbian Party Favors

Meow! Lesbian health care advocate Cat Jefcoat joins us today to do a follow-up on LCCP’s Annual Gala fundraiser event. A particular 2003 study (I said it was new, it’s not) of breast cancer and […]

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Cocktail: Black Orchard

Berrilicious and dark as a winter’s night, this cocktail is best served cold and icy. You’ll want to use as many different unsweetened fruit juice syrups as you can to make this delicious cocktail. 4 […]

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FOF #249 – The Adult Film Star Mystique

The reason a lot of gay men become porn stars says our good friend Owen Keehnan is because of the notoriety of being labeled as such. It’s certainly not because of the money or the […]

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Cocktail: The Porn Star

The Porn Star is sweet and sour and fulll of protein. It is best when shaken to full throttle. The egg white adds body and froth to the drink. In Spanish we call it “espuma” […]

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FOF #248 – Gaye, Blues and Tatoos

If you’ve never heard of silver-haired blues singing bitch Gaye Adegbalola you probably just started listening to this show. Well known for her anthems like “Big Ovaries,” “Bitch with a Bad Attitute” and “Silver Beaver,” […]

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