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FOF #195 – Dim Sum Brunch

Today’s show begins with an annoying song that Fausto wrote when he was 12 years old to annoy his younger sister.“Wake Up” is based on Robert Schumann’s the “Happy Farmer” -it’s one of those songs […]

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FOF #194 – Mad at a Box of Envelopes

Marc is furious at a box of envelopes. Why? Well, you just have to listen to the show and find out. Join us as we talk about pornography, everywhere and in everything. Fausto and Marc […]

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FOF #193 – I Want To Be Alone

Greta Garbo may be dead, but her image lives on in the minds of all of those who love Hollywood’s black and while film era. On today’s show our NYC correspondent John Q. Sanchez & […]

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FOF #192 – Happy B-Day V-Marr

Victoria Lamarr comes over to celebrate her birthday! Join Miss Ronnie, Fausto and Marc as we celebrate the divine Miss Lamarr. We have cake and sing and chat about what Vmarr did on birthday. No, […]

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FOF #191 – Austin Satisfaction

There’s a whole new generation of gay men who have a much more open view about the world. I don’t know how to describe it, but I know when I see it. Brandon, the podcaster […]

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FOF #190 – Broadway Babies

Every year our local GLTBQ Health Center, Howard Brown throws a gala dinner to raise funds at the luxrious Hilton Hotel in downtown Chicago. Of course, Victoria Lamarr and I got to crash the party […]

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FOF #189 – Podcast Soup for the Soul

Mike Hipp was one of the very first people who started listening to our show WAAAY back in February of this year. He’s one of those dedicated fans who meticulously and lovingly describes the show […]

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FOF #188 – Fat, Stupid and Lazy

No, we’re not talking about you. But if the shoe fits, what are you going to do about it? New German study shows that lack of sleep makes you fat (slows down your metabolism) and […]

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FOF #187 – Dia De Los Muertos

We have the post-Halloween blues. Fausto and Marc’s werewolf makeup was WAY too itchy. But poor Ronnie is suffering from stress-related due to her college Algebra class. We said WEEKS ago that Harriet Myers was […]

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FOF #186 – Food of the Gods

Lots of talk about one of our favorite subjects, FOOD. One of our FOF Faves, Miss Ronnie joins Marc and Fausto to talk about food, candles (yes, its yet ANOTHER nod to Mike Hipp) and […]

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