FOF #517 – Spring Hysteria

Apr 20, 2007 · 1985 views

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Springtime is around the corner, and we are hot to trot in the grass, the flowers and the beautiful sunshine! After all the Feast of Fools is the Gay Fun Show that induces mass hysteria, […]


  1. Scotty says:

    Hi Guys,

    I really enjoy the show. Also love the new look on the website. Keep up the good work. BTW, I really like the pic of you in front of the fence.

  2. you guys are so cute!!!! the picture of you two made me smile real big :]

    love rach xox

  3. Thank you Rachel! I’m really enjoying all the beautiful flowers as they pop up around here in the springtime.

  4. PupDon says:

    Excellent show, guys. I love when John Q comes on the show. I’m a pop culture junkie (hmmm, maybe that should be ‘pup’ culture, tee hee) and he always has such fun tidbits to share. I remember seeing Debbie Harry on The Muppet Show when it first aired as I was a huge Blondie fan and I just swooned when she sang The Rainbow Connection with Kermit (one of the many clues as a child that I would grow up to be gay).

    I have to comment on The Wizard of Oz, though. Have you ever wondered about the Tin Man? I mean, just watch the part where they first meet the giant floating head of the Wizard. He approaches and, in a very fey manner, smiles and says, “well… we were walking down the yellow bring road” and in those two seconds he is more gay than Big Gay Al, Bobby Trendy and Harvey Firestien all put together. Trust me. I wish I could post that on YouTube. It’s really funny.

  5. PupDon says:

    You know, watching that Debbie Harry clip again it does appear as if she’s really stoned. I think Mark is right. “I’m gonna be on the freakin’ muppet show today… hey, let’s get really stoned”. LOL!

  6. Dont forget the nasturtiums for the salad. They grow like weeds too.

    And yes, that picture is adorable. You guys looks so sweet and the colors are brilliant 🙂

  7. That Liza Minnelli bit is PRICELESS!!!! I loved it!

    Love the show, John know everything about entertainment, amazing.

    I saw that gay deceivers bit, is like an 1 and and a half Saturday Night Life joke, really makes you think. It’s like that old offensive blackface theater, it’s fagg face!

    Hear you monday!

  8. Tyto Alba says:

    I agree that The Hunger is a great gay-ish movie 🙂 Mostly because I’m a David Bowie fan…

  9. Tyto Alba says:

    P.S. — The Tin Man was the gayest on the Wiz. Just watch how excited he looked as he emphasized to Dorothy that they might see some bears in the forest.

  10. Great show! Thanks for the shout-out. Hey Marc, I only sound like I’m telling a secret when I’m gossiping about gay Puerto Rican writers! I’m kinda loud the rest of the time, LOL. xoxo.

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