FOF #539 – Human Dogs

May 25, 2007 · 1985 views

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You’ve heard some people say “all men are dogs.” Well these guys take it to the limit! On today’s show we’re talking to our die-hard power listener Pup Don, who happens to be into Pup-Play– […]


  1. Avatar RcktMan says:

    I haven’t even listened yet… but…

    I have to know where the Puppy Party is! My friends all went last year (I was at a certain Apple Store event.. ahem) and they want to go again this year. Pup Don, I may be seeing you around this weekend!

    Noon on Saturday? It’s a date! 馃檪 I need to buy some leather gear already. I mean… I don’t identify as a leather guy (obviously), but ya gotta have some gear. 馃檪

    Oh and I’ll just leave you with this…

    Someone left the Jenny-O in the car
    I don’t think that I can take it
    Cause his rubber suit might bake it
    And it looks like he was left out in the sun…
    Oh no!!!!!!

    I need sleep.

  2. Wear whatever you like Rick, I’m sure you’ll be fine! I always wear a pair of comfortable jeans, sneakers and a sweater.

  3. Avatar Cliff Dix says:

    Happy Birthday Pup Don!

  4. Wow. My sexlife is really boring.

  5. Awesome show guys! This was definitely the funniest episode I’ve heard in a while! I’m really tempted to show up down at IML with you all, but I’m afraid Fausto will have me laughing too damn hard… and I know I couldn’t hold it in if someone started talking about chimping!

  6. Avatar Buzz says:

    Great to hear my boys on the FOF! 馃檪

    I enjoyed listening while heading to work this weekend 馃檨

    I’m sure I’ll hear all about it when they all get home…


  7. Avatar PupDon says:

    OMG, I had the absolute best time. Thanks for having us on the show, guys. Sorry I didn’t get more time to hang with you at IML but you looked so busy. I’m dying to find out if you ever caught up to the big pink bunny!!!

  8. Avatar Flmustang says:

    This has to be one of my FAVORITE SHOWS. I am upset now that I didnt come up for IML. I guess I will make sure that I am there next year.

  9. I’m with Pup Don, I had a great time! I think this is a new fetish for me! Getting kidnapped by friends you don’t know, yet, and being forced to do something incredibly fun! Little did I know that my first day at IML would be so eventful! Thanks Guys! A special thanks to Sal-E for driving us all over the place and taking us to White Castle after a long night of drinking!


  10. Avatar PupDon says:

    OMG, I forgot about White Castle (oooh, puppies and vodka don’t mix). Flmustang, next year you have to go to IML and look me up. I’m gonna puppynap Buzz even if work won’t let him go this time. Woof!

  11. Wow…it was so cool listening to my friend Pup Don on the show today!! We talk aboutthe Feast of Fools all the time here at home in CA.
    Congrats Pup Don loved listening to you explain about pup play.

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