FOF #541 – Sex Zoo

May 29, 2007 · 1985 views

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Gay pride season goes into full swing this year as thousands of leather men and women, sexual fetishists and their fans gathered at the Palmer House Hilton in downtown Chicago to celebrate, meet and compete […]


  1. Rene says:

    I’m currently listening to the show, and haven’t gone through it all the way yet. (Although I will, don’t worry about it. ^_^)

    I just have one quick comment to make, because I’ll probably forget it if I don’t.

    With regards to Snickers the bunny, I just wanted to clear the air about furry and sexuality. Although there are a number of furs who will enter furry into their sex-play, furry doesn’t automatically mean something sexual: it generally represents something different to each member of the furry fandom. The main aspect that most, if not all, furries tend to share is that they will have an anthropomorphic animal as a persona (often times referred to as a “fursona”) which they wil use to represent themselves in art, or in online role-play (although not necessarily sexual role-play). I have considered myself to be a member of the furry fandom for about 9 years now, and I have never seen it as a sexual fetish, at least not for me. Yes, there’s a lot of furry pornographic pictures on the internet, but I would much rather have sex with someone naked, than with them in a fursuit (that’s the costume of them dressed up as an animal).

    The reason that it’s referred to as a fandom, is simply because it’s a group of people who are generally just people who were fans of saturday morning cartoons, or TV shows like “Animorphs”, and never really got out of it. There are entire conventions dedicated entirely to the furry fandom, and if you want to check them out, I can get you a couple of links to the websites. 🙂

    Also, if anyone wants to get in touch with me because they have questions, or just want me to expand on something that I’ve mentioned, here’s my email address:

  2. That is great insight Rene, but what I want to know is are you a cat, fox or a gopher? It’s quite interesting that pretending to be an animal of any kind is such a big fetish these days. I have my ideas on this, but I’m curious to know from you (or anyone for that matter) on why this is.

  3. Rene says:

    Well, like I said, I personally don’t see it as a fetish, although there are some furries that do.

    I personally see myself as an otter. I’ve noticed that there are three different ways that furries will choose their fursona:

    Evocative, as in they pick an animal that they believe that they share qualities with, like someone who’s really social and friendly might pick a dog, where as someone who’s really picky or finicky might pick a cat.

    Invocative, where they pick an animal that has qualities that they admire, and want to have in themselves.

    Or, they can just pick an animal that they think would be fun to role-play online or in person, and just entirely for the fun of it. One of my friends has a fursona which is an odd combination of a rabbit and a wolf.

    Although like I’d mentioned in my previous post, some people see it as more of a spiritual aspect. They believe that they have a spirit guide, much like Native American beliefs, and they use that totem or guide as their fursona as a way to better connect with him or her.

  4. heh great show. it was very interesting.

    some of those fetishes weired me out, but i don’t think i would ever be completely against some of them, unless its something that is universally rejected like incest or bestiality and other things that are just extremely fucked up…

    and some of the things that are violent acts ..are a bit odd to me, but i guess if it is always consensual then thats fine.

    but i think any fetish or sexual act that is non consensual is bad D: but i reckon these people don’t do that kinda thing.

    but yeah.. you interviewed some interesting people. for people wearing military uniforms did you see any men wearing Nazi uniforms? that’s a big fetish of mine. XD…………i’d kill 10,000 babies to see a bunch of hot men being naughty to one another while wearing those uniforms. *3* but i wonder if a fetish like that is even accepted in the IML community? since it is pretty damn controversial.

    but the porn star who dosen’t practice safe sex was kinda unsettling. i mean.. like Fausto said, yeah, its your choice and your opinion to practise safe sex or not, but the fact of the matter is you’re still practising unsafe sex! you could spread diseases to your partner unknowingly or vise versa. >____> but not intentionally. even tho i’m like “oooh hawt sex” at the same time i’m like “WHERE’S THE CONDOM?! O:”

    but anyways fun show!

  5. Barebackers piss me off – there is this strange misconception that if you are already HIV+ barebacking is okay, when in fact you might be combining different strains and help to breed a resistent superbug – not good for you, not good for anyone else. It might be a choice, but it is a really, really stupid choice. As for bughunting or buggiving – please get some therapy.
    Just as I got back home from the gym to write this, some really bizarre news came on the Dutch news: two poz guys were having private sexparties (groups of 4 or 5) at home, knocking people out with GHB and then having bare sex with them and injecting them with their blood (!!!) – no lie. They got a kick out of this and their reasoning was that they were ‘breeding’ poz fuckbuddies this way, who would then also be happy to go without condoms. Will do our gay image wonders round these parts…

  6. I just can’t believe that. Please send us a link to the news item.


    Whoomp – there it is – in Dutch though. Bound to hit the net in English soon enough I fear.

  8. Four suspects – two confessed by now. Took a while to make the charges stick because people felt a bit stupid about having put themselves in such a vulnerable position and/or were married… But they have enough people coming forward now to prosecute. Were also injecting eachother with their blood and thought barebacking was so Pure. Wow – I thought all the crazies lived in the US of A… Happened in Groningen, The Netherlands.

  9. First English one I could find – left out some of the creepier details:,,2-10-1462_2121621,00.html

  10. Reneecamp says:

    I found this episode to be quite educational! 😀

  11. Flmustang says:

    I liked this episode.. i went to Folsom St. Fair In 2006, so I learned alittle more through this episode.. thanks GUYS , I know it was HARD work getting through this .

  12. jockbdboy says:

    Good episode guys, well done.

    I noticed you interviewed several people in my extended leather family (“Snickers” aka Topher, Daemon and a few others).

    I think some of the conceptions you guys have about leather and kink might be somewhat misguided however.

    I think that people who are into taking on animal personas (of which I’ve been known to get into pup mode on occasion) have wide and varied ideas as to why they do it. I don’t think that you were totally wrong about the idea that being an animal allows a person to sort of attain the basic personalities of that particular beast (the unconditional love notion of being a puppy), but for me when I go into boy or pup mode, it’s more about the act of submitting. It’s allowing a Top to take care of me and to let go of all the stressors and pressures going through my mind that day.

    Also in response to one poster about the “violent acts” in BDSM. I’d be careful using a word like that for bdsm. For some people, yah, I suppose they do like the violent aspect, but for others, it’s, again, a method to create focus…it’s almost hypnotic. I’ve never been with a Top that has pushed me to a point that I can’t take it…neither have I been with a Top who’s pushed me to a point where I didn’t enjoy it either. I suppose it does happen, but, for me, I tend to play with SIRS that have experience and can read the bottom. After all, it’s not fun if the other guy isn’t enjoying it.

    I often like to call bdsm an extreme sport…the mixture of emotionals, tactical feeling and Dom/sub roles congeals to be a very powerful, and exciting, thing.

    I posted a little bit about my first real SM experience on my LJ if you’re interested in reading more:

  13. there’s a feature in todays IHT, the headline reads: Dutch police arrest 4 men in bizarre sex-crime investigation and the URL is:

    Chickengirl were you joking about the nazi uniform fetish? Its something I’ve been following for quite a while because there is quite a large and growing subculture within the leather community of guys who fetishize the White Power and Nazi stuff. I’ve even noticed a huge prescence of profiles on Yahoo’s 360 pages as well as Yahoo groups. I know people have reported this stuff but Yahoo decided not to take action so they must be okey with it.

    But, the real thing I wanted to post about was the bareback porn guy Fausto interviewed. At first I was absolutely livid and I couldn’t understand why you were giving someone like that a platform. I later calmed down as I understood Fausto was attempting to create a dialogue. It pisses me off to no end though, and I swear these guys are reading from a bulleted script when asked about their behavior. They never take responsibility for it. Its always, if you dont like it then dont watch it. I would really like for once to have this practice held up to the light and seriously and frankly discussed. I personally believe its a group of men who have already seroconverted and as with a lot of gay men, everything be damned its all about what feels good.

  14. Wow…this show was great!! I heard you speaking with one of the LA Sisters of perpetual indulgence. “Maggie” and Roma from the San Franscico house. As I was listening I reconized other guys I know from LA.
    I want to go to IML someday…. Thank you for the floor interviews it was fun. I get to come out to Chicago for Mr. International Mr. Rubber. Same idea as IML but in Rubber.

    Thank you for the great show!

  15. Xavi says:

    I’m behind on listening (playing a lot of tennis so not going to the gym as much). Just finished listening to this one and wanted to respond to your interview with the barebacking porn star. Great show! I find the whole thing fascinating. While not anywhere near my sexual reality, the fact that someone enjoys a fist up their ass (or pretending to be a puppy, etc) is fascinating.

    Back to barebacking. I was impressed that the porn star took personal responsiblity for his actions, something that is missing from a lot of these discussions. Ultimately I equate smoking with barebacking. I think anyone who is critical of barebackers should be equally critical of smokers. EVERYONE knows both can lead to death yet people still choose to smoke (one of our favs, Jim V.) and bareback. My attitude about smoking is “knock yourself out. They are, after all, your lungs. Just not around me” (I’m grateful that California shares my attitude, smoke all you want, just not in public). The same goes for barebacking. Knock yourself out, just not around me.

    So, lets be equally critical about smokers! Cancer kills a lot more of our community than HIV.

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