FOF #546 – Prison Hilton

Jun 5, 2007 · 1985 views

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Oh happy day! Paris Hilton is in prison, and now the world is again safe. If we could now catch Osama Bin Laden, it would be a good week. We’re not sure if Paris Hilton […]


  1. Rene says:

    Just a comment on what Ronnie was saying about topping bare…

    Whether your being the bottom or the top, you still have a really good chance of contracting an STD if you’re doing it bare. Now, yes, topping reduces the risk, but it’s so marginal that it doesn’t really matter.

  2. Paris is sentenced to 45 days and she will probably serve only 23.

    Wow — I can’t believe I actually know this crap. I need a life.

  3. Tom_AT says:

    Speaking of loving the movie Rebecca Fausto, I think you might also love the musical 😉
    Two (here in Austria) famous musical producers turned this movie into a great musical which is a big success.

    If you like to get some more information on that you can visit thes homepage
    or watch the trailer

  4. Just to clarify, you mean it doesnt matter between being a top or a bottom, not between being safe or unsafe, right?

  5. Nick says:

    To clarify, Paris and Nicole are friends again (The Simple Life goes to camp is in its second week on E!) and aren’t they making a remake of The Birds?

  6. I’m sure every movie ever made will eventually be remade.

  7. Rick wrote to me about the movie we couldn’t remember:

    The movie you were discussing is Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rebecca” with Gale Sondergaard in the killer lesbian role. I would love to write some mini reviews of old “must see” gay movies for Gay Pride Month. Let me know if you are interested in possibly reading them on a few podcasts during the month.

    Sure thing Rick! Let us know.

  8. Lesson One: Let me take a moment and flip that shit: Partysmart will not help you at a GHB-induced “bug” party. Let’s get that message straight out there to the children.

    And, why aren’t you two covering the San Francisco city declaration to allow gay conjugal visits in prision (first in the nation). Refer to the NY Times for the story. Call the prison system and get the rule book. Men behind bars need love too. I have some Oz fantasies that need to be lived out!

  9. Cliff Dix says:

    I love the Carol Burnett sketch parodying Rebecca except I think Carol’s name was Patsy. Vicki Lawrence was the scary housekeeper. I also love when they did Sunset Boulevard, In fact, I love Sunset Boulevard. Now that’s a GAY movie.

  10. I loved the Linda Clifford’s music at the beginning of this show. There was only one other episode before this that played it, and I think it is so much more upbeat then the other stuff. In fact, because of Feast of Fools I now listen to Rachael Sage and love Wildeflower because of Feast of Fools!

    I just wanted to add to the information that was given on the show.
    For example:
    1. In regards to the three men in the Netherlands, Mark said that they wanted to infect people with the same strain of HIV so they can all fuck bare and not have to worry about anything. But FYI the virus is different in everyone and changes per person.
    2. When you take GHB it doesn’t make me go in and out of consciousness it makes me feel really drunk.
    3. Brad chooses to practice unsafe sex and that IS ok if that is what HE wants to do. After all it is with (I’m assuming) consenting adults and therefore IS ok. Some people like it.
    4. Did you guys ever see Colin Farrell’s sex video? Now THAT is a NICE cock!

    Love you guys!

  11. RcktMan says:

    1. Anyone who thinks he can’t catch HIV because he’s a top is fooling himself. I know firsthand– it happened to me. I thought I was immune… I was wrong.

    2. Bug chasers are real and are out there:, Manhunt, — you’ll find plenty of bug chasers out there.

  12. Xavi says:

    Paris who? Ugh…booooorrrrring. I fast forwarded the first 30 minutes. RcktMan, thanks for your comment and courage! The myth of “tops don’t get it” is still out there and your comment makes a difference. Thanks again.

    Speaking of barebacking…can we please have the same rage against smokers as we do against barebackers! What’s the difference? None, except smoking kills more in our community than HIV. People CHOOSE to bareback (usually, not talking about the Paises Bajos (Nether Lands) sickos) and people CHOOSE to smoke, at least choose to start. They both result in death yet people knowing partake. I don’t get it.

  13. lis says:

    On a more positive note, I tried the strawberry and mint sangria last night and it was a huge success! I used a young (bubbly and fruity) Spanish white wine, the strawberries were bought the day before and it’s towards the end of the season so they were very ripe and I used spearmint from one of my own plants – very fresh. Used brown sugar, which I also prefer for mojitos because I like that molasses and sugarcane hint. Thanks for the great recipe guys.

  14. lis says:

    Very late follow up… another twist on the strawberry and mint sangria, made it with lambrusco and it was also very yummy.

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