FOF #550 – In and Out

Jun 11, 2007 · 1985 views

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In and out, in and out. We’re not talking about the infamous illicit video that made the rounds on the internet that showed America’s sweetheart Paris Hilton an instant celebrity, we’re talking about her erratic […]


  1. Barbara says:

    It was reported on my local ABC station out of LA that Paris would not drink anything because she did not want to be seen on the toilet.

  2. Hah! I love it.

    Prison-Paris: “This jumpsuit has horizontal stripes. I don’t do horizontal stripes, it’s so low-rent…” and not wanting to drink anything for fear of the toilet, fabulous. She’s gonna dry up in there! Oh Fausto, thanks for commenting on my site this morning. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the show after my 9-5! Take care guys.

    Reality’s Receding Edge

  3. Andrew J says:

    I’m with Fausto. The logo definitely looks like someone “doing the old Lewinsky”. I saw that immediately when I looked at it.

  4. So now I’m going to break into the trans discussion. Yes I agree you do need to work on yourself, but you usually know yourself well enough to know what makes you happy. For me, I didn’t change anything on the inside, all I knew was when I was looking in the mirror it wasn’t me looking back. So I started taking hormones about 2 years ago and I look in the mirror I’m happy. Unfortunately it does matter how people see you and not just how you see yourself. There are things you can do to make you appear more male while not on T, such as different ways of cutting hair, certain clothes that hide more then other, binders. Also please remember that gender, gender presentation and sexuality are 3 completely different things. You can be a trans guy and be femme (my partner is). It also is a lot easier to transition with a friend by your side, Some one to run to and tell when you get your first chin or belly hairs. Also make sure to do it legally, please please please go though a doctor. Other then that, just be yourself, and everything will work out in the end.

  5. ellis says:

    i’ll chime in with ThePaganJew about the trans discussion. for me, at least, transitioning is not about becoming “someone else”. what i want is to make physical changes so that i can be comfortable that when people look at my body, they are seeing me. and much more importantly than other people’s opinion, i want to look in a mirror and recognize myself.

    i think that this is what most people are after: self-contentment. this is why we work to lose weight, do our hair the way we do. people want to be satisfied with what they see in the mirror. some people just have a longer process to go through to get there.

    and since most of the physical changes of transitioning are permanent, it’s not something that a person just jumps right into without any forethought. i’ve been considering my options for two years and, being 16, i still have two more years to consider my options before i’ll be of legal age to begin physical transition. this is the frustrating part of being trans at a young age, without parental consent it is fairly difficult to make any progress. maybe this is why the rate of suicides amongst trans youth is so high.

  6. Rich says:

    Mark: The Swedish movie you were trying to recall is My Life as a Dog. Awesome film.

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