FOF #563 – Digital Ice Cream

Jul 5, 2007 · 1985 views

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Boy am I stuffed. Gregg Shapiro and I just came back from the quintessential Chinese “All You Can Eat” Buffet on Ashland Avenue. It’s located in a strip mall next to a post office. When […]


  1. Maia says:

    Mmmmmm… this is making me hungry!

    Does anyone in Chicago know wha happen’ to Korean Restaurant on Lawrence, between Western and California? Seriously, it was called Korean Restaurant. Open 24 hours. They moved last year, and I don’t know where they moved to! They had the best bi bim bop! Wah. 🙁

  2. We use to eat there all the time, but I can’t answer your question.

  3. Ok Fausto.. You make me giggle everytime you say the word “buffet”! Does everyone in Chicago pronounce it “BOO FAY”? I’ve always known it as “BUH FAY”. I’ve lived in IL, along with OH, IN, PA, NY, MI and now CA, and I’ve never heard your pronunciation of that word. (I don’t think we have them here in CA, Arnold banned them 🙂 Do any other listeners out there say “BOO FAY”? If so where are you from ? 😛 )

  4. Maia says:

    Really? Kate turned me on to that place. I wish I knew where they went… It’s kind of hard to track down a place that’s named Korean Restaurant! We drove past it when they had just closed, and they had the new address on a sign, but we didn’t write it down…

    sigh. Oh well. Alice and Friends on B’way makes a really nice vegetarian bi bim bop. But I miss the 24-hour atmosphere at the other place.

  5. Tyto Alba says:

    Swimmerpup, there’s nothing wrong with saying buffet the way Fausto does, it’s just more common for people to use the americanized pronunciation.

  6. Gary T says:

    Why doesn’t the Gay Aiken video download?

  7. They probably yanked it, or maybe too many people are trying to access it.

  8. Oh by the way, Steven Peterson has also gone to the “Spaceship Buffet” with us.

  9. PupDon says:

    Okay, what I want to know is that woman who blinded her boyfriend in one eye then years later did the same with the other eye. Why the hell did he stay with her???? I mean, what was he thinking? “Well, what are the chances of THAT happening again?”. Sheesh.

  10. Jason says:

    i agree with you pupdon, what WAS that guy thinking. i mean she stabs him once, and she gets in in the eye. as far i can count, she’s one-for-one. that’s 100% accuracy. did he think he was gonna miss the other eye the second time around? sheesh.

  11. OMG I so understand the buffet thing, when I live in Arizona there was this one that was just like that it was so awesome. I mean he is a good man for staying with her (the chopstick eye ball guy). Cause let a heffa think about about doing that to me, she’d be dead. Just saying

  12. Kate says:

    Gues I’m going to have to come to Chitown to eat there

  13. Fausto, be careful of those boo fay tables. One day you can slide right in and out from behind them with ease. And then all of a sudden for some unknown, crazy reason you can’t get out again…or maybe they moved the tables closer to the wall? Mmm, delicious never-ending food. But darn those tables that keep getting closer and closer. Oh great, now you’re stuck and have to stay there forever.

  14. Tyto Alba says:

    LOL what a strange and tragic phenomenon!

  15. What? That the concept of a NEVER ending Buffet Table?

  16. This is interesting, because we have at least two Chinese buffet restaurants in the Tri-Cities (MI) area with that same chandelier in them. It’s sooooo horribly over-sized for the room, and it gives one such a sense of foreboding when entering the restaurant. I just wish we had that “digital ice cream” machine in the one here in Bay City.

    Let me also say that I am a podcaster, and I am always looking for great music for my show. Feel free to submit music to me in digital (non-DRM) form, or if you have to send a CD, contact me for my mailing address.

    Thanks for the informative show today!

  17. If and when I put out a music album, you’ll be one of the first to get it in the mail!

  18. Wow, I SOO want to go with you guys to that Chinese/Asian all-you-can-eat “bufé” (that’s the Puerto Rican pronunciation) and I promise not to waste any food so they wont charge us the $20 penalty…. how Orwellian! I always eat EVERYTHING on my plate….

  19. Curtis says:

    I just wanted to throw in my two cents on the subject of sex reassignment surgery for prisoners issue. I first learned about this case nearly a year ago and I think it is a perfect illustration of how far we have to go as a society in our attitudes towards transgendered individuals and believing they have a real medical condition worthy of care.

    Prisoners are not, and I believe should not be, deprived of necessary medical care in prison. Being deprived of freedom of movement is the punishment. Prisoners are wards of the state, who we have the responsibility to care for them while they are in prison. The cost issue shouldn’t some into play since as you pointed out it costs more to fight it, and the cost for therapies to treat long term depression and other issues that arise from not addressing the root issue may likely be more expensive over the course of incarceration. Also the number of trans prisoners who would seek this procedure is not significant enough to fear that there would be massive demand for it. If we can pay billions to kill people in the middle east and around the world, we can certianly find the funds to care for trans prisoners.

    I think this issue has far more to do with our (societies) attitudes about the nature of transgenderism than it does with our beliefs about the nature of incarceration and punishment. If you accept the proposition that being transgendered is a REAL legitimate medical condition, and not just some self indulgent passing fancy or display of freakishness, then medical procedures that are part of caring for trans individuals should be paid for by the state when a trans person is incarcerated. If you believe that trans individuals are self indulgent and that being transgendered is not a real medical condition, and that procedures or therapies that address the condition are merely elective cosmetic surgery inline with nose jobs and pec implants then you probably believe that paying for sex reassignment surgery is not to be provided by the state.

    We would not deny therapeutic care or procedures for a prisoner with diabetes, heart disease or even mental illness, because we accept those as legitimate medical conditions. The particulars of the crime committed should have no bearing on the decision to provide or not provide the procedure. We do not deny a prisoner on death row medical care because we judge his/her crime to be more heinous than some other crime (we keep them alive until we can demonstrate our moral superiority over them by um..executing them ourselves on our time table).

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