FOF #571 – Skip Your Way to Fitness

Jul 18, 2007 · 1985 views

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Did you know that skipping is a great aerobic exercise? It’s true. So what if you look a little gay skipping down the sidewalk? With or without a jump rope, you’ll look fabulous losing all […]


  1. Cliff Dix says:

    The giant Homer ring toss is hilarious. Come on Pagans lighten up. It would be interesting to see a video of how they painted that big Homer.
    Also free speech means just that. You should be able to say whatever you want as long as it doesn’t harm anyone. When you start telling someone they can’t say something that could lead to you being told to shut up. I know there are lots of idiots out there spewing hate but that just means we need to talk louder.
    On a different note, the town I was born in Fitzgerald, GA is the Underwear Capital of the World. At least that is what the billboard outside town by the underwear factory said.

  2. Maia says:

    Yay, Marc is back! They’ve been working you too hard at your day job…
    The Kwik-E-Mart video is adorable! Did you end up taking Marge home?

    I thought of you guys this weekend because we passed a pollo al carbon place as we were driving along Fullerton… now I can’t remember what the cross street was. Kostner? I think it was one of the K streets. On the south side of Fullerton. But we also saw a pupuseria and I was trying to remember THAT cross street too, for our own restaurant list, so I may have mixed them up…

  3. Since Akron took the initiative to be progressive enough to embrace the gays, they should also hire FOF to kick off the campaign.

    I’ve been known to be quite vocal and critical about Akron but this one thing I think they actually got right.

  4. Maia, Is it a REAL charcoal grilled chicken place or just someplace that sells chicken (not charcoal grilled.)

  5. Maia says:

    It looked pretty authentic, though we didn’t stop to check it out so I can’t say 100% for sure. But it had “pollo al carbon” hand-painted on the windows!

  6. Mac says:

    Advice on meeting guys in a small town: honestly as rediculous as it sounds, go to your local mall and hit up all the higher end retail stores, you’ll be able to find PLENTY of men for your picking. But don’t look for anything serious while you’re young. Now is the time to get all the promiscuity out of your system so you can settle down at a ripe age otherwise if you get into a relationship to early it might backfire on you

  7. I think its Mr. Chicken out that way-Mr Pollo.

  8. As much as I love the guests on the show, sometimes it is great to hear just Marc and Fausto bouncing off of each other.

    I Loved the “Kwik-E-Mart” video. I think Fausto and Marc both looked thin and sexy on screen. The workouts are working, guys!

    Also, I think the more that Fausto messes with this “Opra and Gayle” thing, the less likely he will be to ever get the chance to jump on her couch and profess his love for Marc on TV. Then again, who knows?

  9. I think it’s funny, and I’m pretty sure they think it’s funny too.

  10. Grace says:

    Fausto, your song from the beginning would make a great mini bite!
    Just like “the wake up song” that i still listen to every once in awhile.

  11. Ok guys. I know a little on this. My good friend was in the cast of
    “Legends!” and I went to go see it. Afterwards, I went backstage and
    met some of the cast including Joan Collins (sidenote: she looks
    ancient up close…not very appeasing to look at to be honest). I know
    for a fact that the two ladies did NOT share a dressing room. We can
    not have two divas powdering their ‘new’ noses together, now can we?
    Just thought I would let you boys know 🙂

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