FOF #598 – The Island of Chris Garneau

Aug 28, 2007 · 1985 views

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We are all in love with Chris Garneau. The Brooklyn based songwriter and musician best known for his singles “We Don’t Try” and “Relief” from his debut album Music for Tourists joins us today to […]


  1. Mdvanii says:

    *all puffy down there*

  2. GRW144 says:

    Could it be possible that Chris is the love-child of Tori Amos and Rufus Wainwright?? STUNNING TALENT!

  3. I’m a little bit in love. Don’t tell in my man.

  4. Kyle C. says:

    Everyone needs to go buy his album!

  5. Yves says:

    So talented!. Love the Relief song, I bet it is the one for Grey’s.

  6. Kyle C. says:

    I think Chris said that the Grey’s songs are Castle-Time and Sad News.

  7. I can’t wait for the next album to be out… Firefly and the Island sound awesome!

  8. PupDon says:

    I haven’t had a chance to listen to the whole show yet, but I had to chime in. An EP (extended play) was more of a long single than a short album. That’s where they got the name extended play. I guess we could Wiki it, but that’s what I know about it. I’m rambling now, I’ll go back to listening to the podcast. 🙂

  9. RcktMan says:

    I only got to listen to about half of the show on the way to work today… but wow. Just wow. Something about him just really is so wonderful and moving. Maybe it’s his eyes… or his smile… or the way he switches from that breathy falsetto into his AMAZING and powerful true voice. Maybe it’s his lyrics that convey both angst and hope in just a few measures. Whatever it is, he’s really outstanding.

    Folks, we are about to witness a supernova here — our boy Chris is going to be a huge star. Just you wait and see!

  10. Great show, Chris has such soft sweet singing voice!

  11. Great Show Fausto, Love the mix of interview and music. The way you guys ended the show Brilliant!! He is a great guy, very personable. Keep up the great work! Love ya

  12. Superboy says:

    What a powerful voice! I started to cry while I was hearing Chris singing Baby’s Romance. Rick, in my eyes he’s already a big star. Thanks to the Feast of Fools again for introducing yet another great queer artist to me.

    Chris, will you marry me?

  13. Totally reminds me of Natalie Merchant in her hey-day. And that’s meant as a compliment.

  14. RcktMan says:

    I just finished the show.

    Chills. I just have chills. And tears. Wow.

  15. Thanks for the compliments guys! I thought Chris was fabulous as well. What do you guys mean by the way we “ended” the show? We always end our shows with music.

    I was deeply moved by Chris’ live rendition of Baby’s Romance. He’s just as kind and sweet in person as he comes across in the interview.

  16. RcktMan says:

    For me, ending with Relief was incredibly poignant– something about that song just gets me. All of his performances were just outstanding, but that’s the song that really drew me in to him– way back when you and Gregg Shapiro first played the song on the show. The intimacy of his performances, coupled with just getting to hear him talk and share a bit of himself for an hour, made that last 4 minutes of the show even more powerful.

  17. Mdvanii says:

    I really liked that the show ended with those sweet notes of music rather than a spoken see-ya-tomorrow.

  18. Fausto, Normally you guys end the show by saying “Thanks for listening, This Fausto Fernos (and who ever else is recording with you)” and fading out the music somewhere during the song to signify the end of the show, this time, with Chris, you had him play Relief all the way through with no fading. When Chris was finished you all were done! I actually kept listening to see if that was it or was there more. I Loved that!! He is captivating with his voice and personality. Very Moving, Thanks for sharing that with all of us!! Love you!!

  19. aerodane says:

    Hey, Thank a lot for getting Chris on the show – Always love your honestly engaged way of interviewing people Fausto. All the best Listener #100

  20. Chad says:

    What a great show!

  21. Chris PLEASE sleep with Fausto, as it was clear he was about to explode into a big ball of hormones throughout the interview. Marc might not mind if he can watch. Aside from the rampant sexual tension, good show guys and great music. And yes, I totally think Chris is hot too. At least he kept Fausto’s mind off that other Chris (Evans) for a while.

  22. Kyle C. says:

    Hey everyone, I have some extra buttons like the ones I gave to Chris on the show. If anyone is interested, I might be convinced to send you a couple! (I might be extra convinced if you have made a donation to Feast of Fools).

  23. Pak says:

    I don’t know whether this is the correct episode in which Fausto wondered who owns “Britain” in “The World” in Dubai. The answer is Rod Steward.

  24. Malou says:

    thank you for this great ep, chris garneau is absolutely adorable and I loooooooooove his voice and his lyrics are amazing. Usually his type of voice is sooo not for me (i detest james blunt for instance) but chris, you are fantastic! Come to Scandinavia!!!!

  25. Ventura79 says:

    i LOVED this show, Im totally a new fan of Chris…plus the looks dont hurt!

  26. Thank you for this wonderful show. It really was enjoyable.
    We have to say a BIG THANK YOU for bringing Chris Garneau to us.
    When I had first heard bits and pieces of his music, I had thought his songs too melancholy for my liking.
    You kept featuring him on your show so I started to get quite used to his style. It takes me a whilst to get used to some songs and to start appreciating them.
    Then when I liked a couple of them, I went onto iTunes (through the FOF website, of course – gotta support you guys!!!) and had a listen to the samples. Well, I bought a couple that I liked but the rest just seemed too quiet and unappealing. Well, that’s what you get from the little samples on iTunes that give you such a tiny snippet that you don’t even get a proper taste of the song. With such independent music, and us being here on the other side of the planet, there’s very little exposure to regular music from artists like Chris.
    However, with your show continually featuring his songs and therefore giving us more of the music, I’ve been able to hear the rest of the song and really appreciate it.
    So now, I have bought the whole album and am a big fan of Chris.
    This was even before listening to this show.
    I can’t hardly wait for his next album to come out.
    Thank you for bringing Chris to us.
    And remember, don’t underestimate the good work that you do. You really do bring goodness to all of us.
    If without us, you’re nothing……..well, without you, our lives would be much less enriched.

  27. Miguel says:

    Awesome show, however Chris truely has a beautiful soul with in. No to be offensive, but I think he needs to model for Abercrombie & Fitch more so then singing. To me, it just a little ruff but I am sure in time, he will wow everyone!!

  28. Loved this show! I was going to post this in the forums but couldn’t find a thread about Chris on there, so I thought I’d just put it in here. Anyway, I’m catching up on some TV episodes I’ve missed in the past couple of weeks and was pleasantly surprised when watching Grey’s Anatomy and heard Chris singing in the background! His music and voice fit perfectly with the segment and I got giddy as a school girl (not literally of course 😛 ) thinking that I knew who was singing because I was introduced to his music on the Feast of Fools..
    Sounds sooo sappy but its the truth. Thank you Fausto, Marc and Co. for a great podcast.

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