FOF #601 – Buck Like an Angel

Aug 31, 2007 · 1985 views

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If you make a living from having female genitalia, but look like a guy everywhere else, should you be referred to as a man or a woman? Dude, it’s what ever you want to be […]


  1. This was my first time hearing of Buck Angel and I loved the interview you did with him

  2. I’m with bigdog. Que interestante.

  3. Cliff Dix says:

    Buck Angel-blows my mind. I first saw a video of him last Spring on the Howard Stern Show. I showed it to a straight co-worker. He said that Buck Angel would be the best kind of friend. You could go out have some beers, shoot some hoops, and then f**k him. I guess my co-worker isn’t that straight after all.
    Here is the video- NOT SAFE FOR WORK

  4. that was very interesting….. i guess biologically Buck is a woman since he has a vagina.. tho i suppose it would also depend on how much estrogen his body produces…and he he still has a menstrual cycle.
    i will admit if i saw him naked i’d be grossed out, but i have no problem with what he is, and what he has done as a person. so yeah, more power to him i guess.

  5. Maia says:

    Buck is an angel! He sounds like a complete sweetheart. What an awesome interview…
    I love the fact that he took his wife’s last name.

    Looking forward to the cake video!

  6. Maia says:

    I would’ve loved to hear Buck answer Wesley’s question: “Did you have sexual relations with that woman?”

    Especially seeing as how cigars are involved… 😉

  7. matt says:

    Porn stars aren’t exactly the smartest people in the world.

    2257 just means taking a picture of their face with 2 forms of ID

    Fisting isn’t illegal. NSFW:

  8. Dude, I think what Buck Angel is doing is awesome! If I was more comfortable with myself I’d love to do porn. He totally is a trail blazer.

  9. PupDon says:

    What an excellent show guys! I’m very fortunate to know Buck and he is as smart, funny and friendly in real life, and way sexy too! I really enjoyed the show, thank you for having him on.

    And Matt, I know some porn stars that would run circles around the knowledge of most people. A lot of porn models do porn to pay their way through college, to build a retirement package so when they are in their later years they won’t have to be working at Target to pay the bills, and for many other reasons. Buck has totally created his own empire when it comes to his image, websites, appearances and such. It’s not easy to build an entire company from the ground up.

    Plus, the 2257 rules can be interpreted in different ways by different people so until you talk directly to a lawyer I wouldn’t believe everything you read. It’s been a huge headache for the adult industry for years and has caused many people to close down their sites and lose their livelihoods. Believe me, it’s a lot more involved than just holding a few IDs.

  10. Superboy says:

    She’s hot. I’d do her, I mean him. Really I would.

  11. I second that, Superboy…. I know that buck considers himself a man, but he would be someone that I’d go “straight” for — well, as close as I’m willing to go.

    Anyways, I think he’s great and very intriguing show — I never thought of the healthcare side of a transgender person. Yet another point that America has a ways to go in terms of tolerance.

  12. Wesley says:

    Woo, drop it like it’s hot, gurl!

  13. Superboy says:

    You look pretty cute yourself Mini. I hope thats just a chosen name and not a nickname 😉

  14. MoocherX says:

    Finally, someone with a pussy who looks more butch than the women I see in Kuwait down the local supermarket.


  15. MoocherX says:

    Superboy… if it’s not a nickname, I’ll be first in line. As my ass is certified for one-way traffic only, the appeal of trying something of a ‘more comfortable fit’ actually appeals on occasion 😉

  16. BOB N DC says:

    Great Show… I met Buck Angel briefly at the 2006 Black Party. He is a bit intimidating when you see him, but a really nice guy.

  17. Malou says:

    amazing interview, very very interesting! I thought I had seen (or heard) just about anything, but yet again I must take that back. Buck Angel makes for a very interesting subject of conversation.

  18. Wasn’t Buck a delight? I really think he should try to get on the Disney channel or become some sort of character actor. I’d can totally see him rescuing some kids from the bad guys in some sort of John Hughes film.

    As far as new laws stiffing porn, I can imagine it must be pretty hair raising. In Brazil national television shows people having sex, and here they can throw you to jail if you don’t have all the proper legal documents.

    Thank goodness for xtube!

  19. Jake Snow says:

    Oh I loved this show! I love Buck! I saw him a few years back on the Howard Stern Show and I’ve been a fan since. I have an even greater respect for Buck now since I heard him talk about safe sex practices. I havn’t watched his films so it was quite interesting to hear about him wrapping it up. You guys did a great interview and he should be on the show again sometime!

  20. Thing like this usually dont interest me but, I absolutley loved the interview. I could have listened to another hour with him. I hope you have him back on the show soon.

  21. xio says:

    Super cool! I loved the show.
    He came up in a random conversation with my friends!

  22. Great show… I’ve been waiting to hear Buck Angel on the show since you mentioned him a couple of shows back.

    Can’t wait to see him sitting on the cake, lol!

  23. PupDon says:

    I don’t buy porn very often just because working with it all day makes you a little immune to it. I’d much rather read some erotic stories when I’m in the mood and alone. However, I had to buy a recent film that Buck made just because it was so strange that I had to see it. It’s called Cirque Noir and it starts out with these fetish clowns and one of them has a split tongue that he gives the most amazing blow job with. It was odd seeing the scenes with Buck because I know him and one of the performers he’s with so it’s not so much like watching porn when you know the people in it. LOL!

  24. Dolpark says:

    The bareback porn discussion was interesting. Why is Gay porn responsible to educate or provide example? This standard is not applied to Straight Porn. Porn should be about hot sex, fantasy, pushing boundaries, expanding our sexual minds and horizons.

    Let’s be real, while Buck’s (and apparently Lady Bunny’s) paranoia about HIV leads them to suck cock with condoms, does this really apply to many more gay men? Get real guys. If HIV were to disappear tomorrow the threat of other STDs would not be enough to compel us to want to fuck with condoms. Despite rampant STD rates at the time if you had suggested condoms to a guy before 1983 he would have laughed in your face.

    And speaking as an HIV positive man, I can tell you that most HIV positive guys bareback with each other. It’s one of the only positive things I got out of being positive. I of course protect any neg guy I might have sex with but I do prefer and seek out HIV poz partners so I can fuck bareback. There’s even a name for it: serosorting – or sorting your partners by HIV status so that they match your own. There is little or no evidence to support “superstrain” infection which was dispelled by the medical community after the media frenzy a couple years back. Serosorting is even supported and encouraged by the San Francisco Public Health Department with full knowledge that this means the guys fuck without condoms.

    I encourage you to have safe sex if you are negative, always protect yourself, but negative men need to understand that barebacking in porn or real life is a viable option for poz-on-poz sex. This is almost without exception what is happening on bareback porn. It is tacitly understood by most actors in bareback porn.

    Even mainstream gay porn has started to show lots of cum eating and oral cum shots.

    I think now that HIV is not a death sentence in the way it was in the 80s, and is now a chronic disease (filled with inconvenient and expensive drugs with unpleasant side effects mind you) the fear based safe sex messages do not work.

  25. Dolpark says:

    Also find Buck’s hypocrisy to be sad: HIV infected guys should be denied care and judged, but he smokes cigars…. lame.

  26. buckangel says:

    Thanks so much for all the great feedback on the show. i really had a great time with the interview and hope to come back on the show again. I usually don’t post after doing shows but I had to after reading Dolparks comment on me being paranoid about HIV. That is just a really stupid statement to make from someone who is HIV. I am sure your life is just a bowl of cherries being HIV. I believe I do have a responsability as a film maker to show safe sex. I am one of the few in my industry who do. So you need not worry about showing barebacking as most of the gay porn out there is barebacking. Don’t you think some of us should show the other side? I am saying that to people who are not positive yet. I am sure if you could choose not to be positive you would, or am I wrong?

    As for the HIV on HIV sex. That is your issue and I am not sure that you are right on that. I will make some calls to my friends who work in that field and get you my own stats.

    It is not the standard of gay porn that is the point. It is not the standard of straight porn either. My point is to show safe sex as a positive thing and not something that is looked down on or as a hassle.

    Yes you are totally right about the cigars. I should not be smoking it is a bad habit, but then again you shouldn’t be putting your cock up someones ass with out a condom.

    Buck Angel

  27. Dolpark says:

    I hate to get into a back and forth…

    I was simply reacting to what you said about bareback porn and your position about porn. I would actually make an argument too that the “mainstream” gay porn industry treats bareback porn as a dirty secret, preventing it from particiaption in the GAYVN awards, and such. The Mainstream studios (Falcon, Raging Stallion, Titan etc…) absolutely reflect your (Buck’s ) attitude. The use of condoms is treated as sacrosanct by them all. I don’t have a problem with the use of condoms, I do absolutely agree that it’s a great thing for it to be out there, for safer sex to be eroticized, and for negative men to do everything they can to protect themselves. Your position (and that of the mainstream Gay porn producers) seems to be that bareback porn is inherently immoral and violates some sacred trust or responsibility to only show a safer sex message and act as some kind of educational platform. I just think Bareback porn ought to have a respectable place at the table. It’s Straight counterparts certainly do. Your fellow AVN winners were not barred from awards because they performed bareback in straight films.

  28. ellis says:

    wow. this has to be one of my favorite interviews! i never thought i’d get to hear you guys interview buck angel.
    although i guess i’m technically considered “too young” in the eyes of the law to really be talking about my reaction to buck’s videos (what with my whole 16 years), i think what he’s doing is amazing. but i’m so dissapointed that he is the only transman out there doing porn! its’ like…finally someone is making the ftm body sexy, so why aren’t others joining in? it’s far too often that our bodies are stereotyped by the media and society into being some sort of medical anomaly (and nothing is sexy about the term “medical anomaly”). maybe if there were more guys like buck working what they’ve got in the adult entertainment industry, people’s opinions would start to change. where are all the trannyman fetishists? haha.
    but on a more serious note, i know how hard it is to even come to consider yourself attractive as a transperson, so for buck to not only have that level of self-confidence but to take it to the porn industry is great. keep it up (*badum chhh!*)
    – ellis

  29. Ryan says:

    wow this was a very informative show i’d never heard of Buck Angel before and found the interview to be very interesting

  30. “I should not be smoking it is a bad habit, but then again you shouldn’t be putting your cock up someones ass with out a condom.”

    I think the issue here is having universal access to health care so we as a society can focus on preventing unhealthy behavior instead of dealing with it afterwards.

    Sick people, regardless of their disease deserve your sympathy and the ability to receive treatment. It may be harder to sympathize with, but it shouldn’t be hard to morally support the sick and needy. It’s shameful that the United States doesn’t have health care like most Western nations.

  31. Oh by the way Buck, where’s my G-rated cake sitting video we can post on the site? I’m waiting!!!

  32. Sorry I was late to getting to hear this but, awesome show! Buck sounds like quality people.

  33. Chi-chi says:

    Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake!
    LOL… loved the show…Buck are the best. Thank you Marc and Fausto for all your efforts!

  34. James2968 says:

    Fantastic interview guys. Buck seems like a fascinating person. I hope you have him on again.

  35. Somebody should explain to me why it is supposedly okay for Poz guys to be barebacking with eachother. As I understand it, that means you run the risk of combining different strains and making yourself resistent to treatments… not very healthy I imagine.

  36. Curtis says:

    There’s very little evidence of that (strain mixing). I have friends who participated in a study of partners who had unsafe sex with each other and their strains were tested at the beginning of the study and again throughout the study. My friends fuck each other without condoms only and the strains showed no evidence of any change.

    Most of the poz guys I know do bareback with each other, and none of us experience any change in the effectiveness of our therapeutic regimes. Believe me we talk about it all the time and we’re aware of what’s going on.

    It is so important though that negative guys practice safe sex. I couldn’t be more serious about it. You do not want to have the annoyance of the daily multiple doses of very expensive drugs, and the often horrible and unpleasant side effects, and the stress of having a serious disease even though it isn’t really fatal in the traditional sense. I do feel like I “get to bareback” but that’s the ONLY upside, and that is so not worth letting down your guard if you’re negative.

    If you are negative you should treat EVERY partner no matter who they are as though they are positive and then you wont slip up. I don’t think a guy telling you he’s negative, even if you’re in a relationship with him , is reliable enough to let down your safe sex guard. Even negative guys in supposedly monogamous relationships should continue to practice safer sex.

  37. I just listened to this podcast and I quite enjoyed it.

    I like the telephone interview podcasts very much. Perhaps cause it’s like Fresh Air in a way.

    I wish you had them more often, but I understand that it is difficult to get guests sometimes.

    Keep up the great work!

  38. bodin says:

    fab interview fof! it was really interesting listening to buck and he’s a really funny guy! snaps for buck, marc and fausto

  39. Thank you so much for having Buck on the podcast. I loved listening to him and getting to know more about him. Thank you Fausto and Marc for having him on the show!

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