KIR #7 – Let Sleeping Faeries Lie

Sep 4, 2007 · 1985 views

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Miss Ronnie comes face to face with the Bristol Renaissance Fair in Kenosha, Wisconsin. More videos after the jump.


  1. Cliff Dix says:

    JoJo and Sal-E are gorgeous! Love the powdered wig look. Ronnie is simply delicious in her sexy Enchantress outfit. I also love JoJo’s little monkey getting his tail. Is that like an angel getting its wings?
    And what about those sexy knights in leather?!?
    Love the KIR series!
    Cliff DIx

  2. MultipleX says:

    I love the lady at the stores reaction to Miss Ronnie.

  3. Absolutely fantastic! Everyone’s costumes looked incredible. I loved the powdered wigs. And just ignore those bitchy people who are, for whatever reason, walking into a REN FAIR with closed minds, they’re not worth getting upset over. I’m so glad you guys got such respect from the owners, though!

  4. James2968 says:

    Great videos and more fantastic interviews by Miss Ronnie. Miss Ronnie, when are you gonna get your own talk show on TV?

  5. We need to get Miss Ronnie a camera man so we can see her divine figure in all the frames. Any takers?

  6. Jake says:

    Can we say inspiration for my school’s annual masquerade ball?? i think so! Sal-E I love it, can I borrow ur costume concept?

  7. michael says:

    Looks like fun. I loved your costumes.

  8. Ronnie guuuuuuuuuuurl ur looking fabulous. Sal E looks fantastic too

  9. SAL-E says:

    I had so much Fun and can not wait for next year……..JOJO and I are planning our outfits already………
    REMEMBER this is a place where you can be who ever you want to be, Leave your problems at the door and open your mind to a time and place where you can be Free……….Yes, in this land you will see anything and everything, so bring your camera you never know what you will see. And it is something for the whole FAMILY too.
    Thank you to everyone for making comments on our little adventure. Hope to have some more of our outings on here.
    Love ya

  10. ellis says:

    wow. sal-e and jojo, you two look absolutely gorgeous! (and speaking of gorgeous, miss ronnie sure is looking GOOOOOD!) i’m sure you all put everyone to shame with those outfits. 😀

  11. I love you too much! Thank you so much for coming out to Bristol and legitimizing all of our hard work — it’s an exhausting show (9 weekends, with the finale weekend running three days), but meeting the FABULOUS FeastOfFools entourage makes it all worth it! It was tremendous to meet you at last — and I’m so glad you came!

  12. Miguel says:

    Sal-E you sexy Vixen you. And Ms JOJO is looking fierce! However I am so jealous that I could not be in the back seat of that car with Ms Ronnie. But the way she is slimming down, I think i can wrap my arms around her twice.

    Great job on the KIR! Lovin every episode. Maybe a collection of DVD format soon for sale could be in the future???? 😉

  13. Amazing!!! Just wonderful! Thank you for sharing the videos!

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