FOF #607 – Angels, Babies and Children

Sep 11, 2007 · 1985 views

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Without you, we’re nothing. One group of our audience we’re especially fond of is our teenage listeners. For them, the Feast of Fools opens up a whole world of possibilities, free from prejudice and fear […]


  1. Can anyone find me a good copy of the video (Britney at the VMA) we can link to?

  2. RcktMan says:

    This one is the only one I’ve found so far: … get it while it’s hot!

    Great show today, and I want to give a special thank you to Barbara for her generous offer! I already donated, but I can spare a little more. It’s a lovely and timely dedication to someone that means so much to you.

    And I’m not a teen anymore by any means… those days are LONG over. But this is what the Feast of Fools means to me: community. It’s young, old, gay, lesbian, bi, trans, straight, men, women, all races, all backgrounds, many countries, most continents all in one wonderful community. Each of us brings our own special recipe to the feast… and we’re all the better for sampling what we all have to offer. I think that’s pretty doggone special.

    Thanks for all that you do.

  3. Henry says:

    Wow, go Barbara!!

    I wish that I could fly out to Californai and meet you all; however, that will not stop me from making a donation (from Georgia) to get you there! I hope you have fun! Eat an In and Out burger for me, god – i miss those!

  4. Cliff Dix says:

    That hot Eric Balfour movie is Lie With Me –
    Super Sexy!!! And he does look like Tony Ward.
    By the way, I am such a nerd. I am reading The Hobbit right now.

  5. *contented sigh* I love Miss Ronnie.

    Thanks for being such a cool lady Miss Ronnie. And congratulations on having the dedication, strength, and control to lose that weight. You look gorgeous hun!

  6. OMG, I havent even listened to the show yet but I had to comment on the amazing show notes pic of Miss Ronnie! you look fabulous bade…to quote you “you’re making me salivate in places I didn’t know I could” You’re my Shero Diva!

  7. I hadn’t seen the Britney performance before today. If that is her idea of a comeback, then I have one word for her: retirement. Of course, everybody is talking about it, so maybe she achieved the level of publicity she wanted. We’ll see how long it lasts.

    Loved this episode as always, and I love the way that this show reaches out to people everywhere. As another podcaster says, the world is getting to be a small campus. We’ve got to learn to get along.

  8. Oh, and thanks for the reminder about that Eric Balfour movie. Ever since I saw him in the deleted scenes of “Be Cool,” I’ve been hot for him.

  9. Ventura79 says:

    Fausto I have a good link for Crazy Spears performance over at my Blog..

    I loe the show, Miss Ronnie, you always make me laugh, your sassafraction stays with me ALL DAY LONG! and I would PAY to see you run over Paris Hilton, that would be CLASSIC!
    OMG Tony Ward and Eric Balfour are two of my FAVORITEST HOTTIES out there, I feel in LUST with Eric when he was on Six Feet Under ..and Tony, OH TONY, that dirrty, im gonna f*ck you and leave you look is all he needs!

    aaaaaand Barbara, you and Mardie will one day be together again and the whole universe is a better place because of people like you!

  10. I haven’t finished the podcast yet cause it was a busy day,
    Just wanted to say that I saw a CSI Maimi which had santeria as a central theme, It was really interesting!! unlike any others I have seen before.

    Made me think of you Ronnie, love ya!

  11. hey Fausto, I got 74 cents on my dresser you want it?
    Hey after its doubled its $1.23?????

  12. I wanted to wish Marc a quick and complete recovery from the health challenge he is having at the moment. Healing is yours, Marc. I look forward to hearing you on the show very soon!

  13. (-.- )”

    is Marc getting better from his cold yet~?
    Fausto.. Ronnie’s body is so HOT *ouch*

  14. The older I get the more cynical. I would like to propose two Britney related theories. I hope people don’t feel these are inappropriate considering it is at the tail end of 9/11.

    1) She was set up by MTV. Everyone was waiting to see the train wreck and who better to deliver it. There is a youtube video documenting that shoe trouble was to blame for her performance.

    2) This bitch is smarter than all of us combined. She’s probably already made a fortune off doing nothing for the last few years and counted on the fact that we could continue. Shit I’ve listened to that song “gimme more” more than a few times and already know the words better than she lip synched them that night. Plus this performance and that song has been downloaded millions of times since.

    My final piece of evidence comes from the soon to be debuted website website itself. Britney asks us to suggest names for her upcoming album but makes five suggestions of her own. Take a close look at number 2.

    1. Omg is Like Lindsay Lohan Like Okay Like
    2. What if the Joke is on You
    3. Down boy
    4. Integrity
    5. Dignity

    Am I alone hear? Check out my website.

  15. Hey Babies,
    Ok so here’s my real take all this Brittney madness.
    1. Is she fat? No, was she in shape for THAT outfit?
    Absolutely not.
    In the grand scheme of things dose it matter
    Absolutely not.
    I believe the real issue here isn’t the fact that she
    Wore that outfit as much as it is the fact that
    The general public has overlooked so much in terms
    Of her as an artist that when the time came for her to
    “Deliver the goods”, so to speak that all of her antics
    Automatically came to play and she is measured by them
    yet again.
    I wish I could I say that I feel sorry for her but in all honesty
    I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t seem to possess any
    Form of common sense.
    For me, I always tried to hold artist to their art and not their
    Personal life, however in this case, Brittney has made it our business.
    Should she continue to remain in show business I hope that she takes it
    Upon herself to grow as an artist and when I say that I mean, she grows
    Up and makes an effort to be able to stand on talent and not on image.
    With that being said mind you these are only my opinions, and while we as
    A nation have young men and women dying overseas, in the grande scheme
    Of things I could really care less what she does.
    And for those of you who have commented on my weight loss thank you for
    acknowleging the efforts all I can say is that losing weight was a goal of mine, for no
    other reason than I wanted to be able get back into shape and stay healthy.

  16. Just donated… hopefully it’s not too late for Barbra’s offer… It’s still before midnight here on the west coast.

    Hope Barbra’s doing o.k. with Mardie’s absence.

    I agree completely, (The Incredible Shrinking) Miss Ronnie. Brittney IMO didn’t have that much talent in the first place, so for her not to polish up the craft before she “deliver the goods” shows her immaturity and a lack of professionalism with regard to her job as a artist, not to mention how it shows the limitations of her talents.

  17. Ventura79 says:

    Ronnie, you could so could have ROCKED that outfit Britney wore, and made it look AWESUM!

    But you make a HUGE INTERESTING POINT, and for that I LOVE YA!

  18. Here’s the video Ronnie was talking about:

  19. Matt says:

    OMG!!! They mentioned ME!!!! I wish I had been warned. I almost fainted and would have caused a huge accident on the interstate. Ok so I didn’t almost faint, but I did squeal like a little girl upon hearing myself on the always fabulous Feast of Fools!!! Omg thank you guys for answering my question!!!! I love you all so much. Oh and in case you didn’t know which one of your gay babies this is exactly, I was the guy named Matt who asked about being gay in college. Ok, thanks again!!! Oh and Miss. Ronnie you are my diva idol I hope one day I can bring on the Diva-tude (Dive attitude)as wonderfully and Fabulously as you do!!! Love you all so much, stay wonderful guys. Your one and only Fabulously Fagalicious gay farm boy in Missouri. *throws kisses*

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