FOF #611 – Your New Fetish

Sep 17, 2007 · 1985 views

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Nobody’s sent us a picture of themselves (with or without their iPod, Feast of Fools t-shirt) at the infamous bathroom where Sen. Larry Craig got caught rap-a tap tapping his toes. We’re still waiting! Either […]


  1. OMG none of you bitches need plastic surgery, gawd! oh and by the I NEEDS THE TOM WELLING VIDEO! lol, great show today boys.

  2. Cliff Dix says:

    I agree. Do not change one lovable thing about yourselves. No plastic surgery required for the FOF.
    Thank you guys for giving Glen the birthday shout out. I hope he hears it. He will just have to turn up that hearing aid a little bit louder. By the way Glen is so old, he walked into an antique store and they kept him. Happy Birthday Glen! I LOVE YOU!!!

  3. Ventura79 says:

    Happy Birday Glen!
    Awesome show you guys! I wish i worked out at your gym so I could cruise Fausto and Marc!!! heheheheh

    Much LOVE !

  4. Great show, again, guys.

    Sorry, off topic, but any body heard about Condoleezza Rice sharing a home and line of credit with another woman? It was predicted here on FOF! Here is a link of the news:

    Not sure who glen is… but happy birthday to Glen nonetheless. 🙂

  5. a little love note for Sal-E, your sexy voice is a pleasure to listen to! How do you manage to keep such a great sense of humor?

  6. Gracias tanto por los dos, canciones hermosas. ¡Realmente las aprecio!! You are all sooo special!!! Bring on the Tom Welling vid. Me likey some Tommie!! Thank again!! Great show!!! I laughed sooo hard when y’all talked about the waxing. Wish I could go to LA and see you guys there; maybe even get a live wax!! HEHEHEHEEHE!!

  7. Sal-E, that is a good show, you dont need any plastic surgery, With all your make-up work and expertise, cant you just make it look like anything you want it to?
    LOVED the fetishes that was amazing you guys. I have not yet figured out how to make a video for youtube but if I did I would so sit on a cake for you guys

    Post 6 of 20 in my month-long comment-a-thon

  8. great show guys! had me crackin up laffin as per usual.

    i heard Fausto say that Chris Crocker didn’t want to come on your show after all…well fuck that motherbitch, shows how much he cares for the community. according to my watch his fame is at 14:56, he should just get his mug of STFU already, i’m through with him personally even if the livejournal faghags community aint…le sigh!

  9. tommy says:

    the funniest thing i found about the whole condi rice story was that the woman she’s sharing a house with is named randy bean. uhhuh. the rice and bean residence. o.O

  10. Mike I love that you’re doing a post a day! Work it. Glad you liked the whole fetish thang… I’m still waiting for someone to make a feast of fools cake sitting video.

  11. SAL-E says:

    We all have a Fetish in some shape or form………..Some of us know what it is and like to share it with others and some just need a little help opening their eyes into this little world that we create for ourselves. Everything has it’s Time and Place. Be patient……………read this now and you will think of me later………..just remember to smile.
    And Remember: Don’t knock it till you’ve Tried it!

  12. Jake says:

    My fetish is Noses, there are certain shapes of noses that toally turn me on. dont ask me why
    but its true.

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