FOFA #365 – Quarter Turns for Everyone!

Oct 5, 2007 · 47731 views

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Just WHAT does the exultant phrase “Quarter Turns” mean? Boy do we get that question a lot. Earlier this year in January, American Idol finalist Clay Aiken’s squeaky clean image had a bit of a […]


  1. Ah quarter turns indeed.

  2. Joey Sanchez says:

    I own the Lucas Entertainment porn that he did! Hot stuff!

  3. sfimporter says:

    Sketchy drama, party of one.

  4. ~2QT2BSTR8_ says: fun fun……..(-.- )”
    …waited for months~!
    quarter turns; o yeah

  5. This is it, the last comment in the comment a ton
    It was a good comment a ton i think, but I kind of got busy and didnt keep up the whole time

  6. “revolving on this mans penis for 60 mins” my favorite part of this episode! lol

  7. michael says:

    Well, honestly – I think if Mr Paulus rotated on some non-celebrity, he would not make such a fuss now. Let´s hope for him he makes enough money out of his cum rag.

    What do we learn from all this? If you are famous, bring your own cum rag and don´t forget to bag it safely on your way out…

  8. brain-fork says:

    This was a fun episode… the quality of the call was crappy, especially at first.

    In addition… It sickens me the level of delusion some people develop. One of my former friends is exactly like the moronic “Claymates.” She would defend to the death this stupid Japanese pop band that she’s become obsessed with. It’s despicable behaviour and anyone who exhibits it should be locked up in a psych ward.

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