FOF #630 – Live From Akbar!

Oct 16, 2007 · 1985 views

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The wait is over! Here it is, the taping out live show from the Akbar in Los Angeles. What a great night it was for us. Performing before a live audience always is such a […]


  1. Clay says:

    That was wierd… the first time I clicked on the play button… it was all sped up and sounded like chipmunks. But I closed out and went back… and it’s fine.


    Wired and Weird

  2. Ventura79 says:

    Hilarious show u guys! I really hope to make it to Las Vegas next year for the awards and to hang out with the cast again!

    LOVE YA!

  3. Buzz says:

    Guys (and Gal):

    It was a pleasure sharing the Southern California life with you all once again! You made my weekend as well as we spent it at Disneyland!

    Thanks for everything you guys are doing and keep up the fantastic work or you’ll suffer my 200,000 volt stungun next round (you thought the 100,000 stung? heeheehee)

    Remember, you’re all welcome to visit us again anytime! For my S. Cal friends- I’ll be doing a demo at Piston’s bar in Long Beach this Friday night! May be electro or fire 🙂 Hope you can join us!

    Love -n- kink and hope to see if you guys get to Vegas!
    The Buzz

  4. PupDon says:

    Wow, this really brought back memories. That was such a fun night. Is it just me or the part where Buzz zaps Fausto with the stun gun can you guys hear SAL-E in the background yelling “AGAIN… AGAIN!!!”

    What a pleasure it was to spend time with you in LA, and Disney. And to all the new friends we made with all the FOF fans around.

  5. “Like a mouse running down my leg.”

    Ronnie, you are the funniest bitch I have ever met.

  6. Quixote says:

    Thanks for remembering this “gay wrestler” from the Gay Games interview. Absolutely changed my life – it got me hooked onto FoF. You guys are too funny. I couldn’t make it through law school without!

  7. Ronnie was hysterical, and so was Sabrina. Definitely one of the best live shows ever.

    I nearly wept with joy when Marc correctly answered the question, “Have You Never Been Mellow?”

  8. Great show guys!

    I loved the opening song… just awesome!

    I would have loved to lick that cake off of Steven! grrowl!!!

  9. Quixote, I was so sad that you didn’t stick around after the show. I so wanted to take a pic with you.

  10. Oh Ms. Ronnie’s voice. How I’ve missed her. I’ve been going trough serious sassifraction withdrawal.

  11. RcktMan says:

    Wow what a great show!!! I wish I could have been there, but now I feel like I was.

    The opening song was HYSTERICAL! I had a total flashback to the “What’s the Buzz” days when FoF would play the song on the show. MORE ORIGINAL MUSIC ON FoF!!!! MORE SINGING! I love it– and Sal-E has a GREAT voice!

    And of course, Ronnie… My GOD you were funny. You were better than most stand-up comedians I’ve heard or seen in recent years. You had no reason to be nervous… you kicked major ass.

    All-around, though, the entire package was great. Congratulations on a successful tour. You all deserve it.

  12. RcktMan says:

    David– I HOWLED when Marc said “I’ve never tried!” Excellent Olivia Newton-John reference.. and such a quick wit. That was a great moment.

    Oh and I can’t forget Fausto– wonderful and brilliant as always. Without you, we are truly nothing.

  13. I agree, RocketMan. I’m a huge Olivia Newton-John fan, and to hear Marc pick up on the reference…well…it was just a feel-good moment. *Sigh*

  14. Maia says:

    Loved it! It’s fun to hear these “taped before a live audience” shows — thanks for spending extra time in the editing room to bring it to all of us who couldn’t be there. The whole gang sounded beautiful!

    When everyone was chanting “cake! cake! cake!” and Fausto said “Do it backwards” — I thought he meant to chant “cake!” backwards. And I was AMAZED when the whole crowd immediately began chanting backwards, without even missing a beat!

    … then I realized that “cake” sounds the same forwards and backwards.

    … and then I realized that Fausto was talking about Steven’s sploshing technique.

    But for a minute I was really impressed. ^_~

    Loved this podcast… hope we’ll hear more from your California trip.

  15. Cliff Dix says:

    Steven can sit on my strawberry cake anyday.
    Loved the opening song and Marc’s Telly Savalas talk-singing.

  16. Rob says:

    Best part for me was Marc’s singing. Pretty sure Fausto said it and I agree, he is such a reluctant celebrity !

    Loved Ms. Ronnie’s airline stuff. All just too much !!!

    thanks for the great show guys.

  17. Michael says:

    Hilarious show everyone. The song at the beginning was awesome!!! All of you did an amazing job. Thanks again. Much love.

  18. Quixote says:

    Marc, so sorry I had to leave – I would have loved a photo with you guys! (P.S. George Takei is a guest of honor at the Lesbian Gay Laywers Association Annual Dinner here in Los Angeles – I’ve been waiting to meet him since your show with him last year!)

  19. I lauged so loud in my car listening to Ronnie. She really split my gut. I’ve been needing some sassifraction, and she delivered! Thanks for going the extra mile(s) and putting on a great show.

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