FOF #636 – Put the Rhythm in Me

Oct 24, 2007 · 1985 views

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On today’s show we’re talking to Devin DeSantis and Brian Crum two of the cast members of Altar Boyz, a musical revue that parodies Christian boy bands with catchy songs and delicious puns. The show […]


  1. I definitely want to see this show now. I was hugely involved in the scary christian scene that was convinced that they had to have their own version of eveything, including music, and that all “non-christian” versions were inherently evil… “if it is not of God, it must then be of Satan..”

    Anyway, I think it’s a bit of a cop-out to say that “it’s up to the audience” to interpret. Yes, there is a bit of interpretation when it comes to art, but the creator/artist have something in particular in mind. If the character is gay, and the play doesn’t really want to handle that issue, that’s one thing, but I think it’s a bit cheap to step away from the question and say “we’re not really supposed to discuss that.” I don’t know, that may sound pettty, but it would be nice to hear an opinion.

    I have to admit, the guys sounded super cute though! Now to convince the boyfriend to go with me…

  2. Avatar bradley says:

    the “put it in me” song sounds like it could be totally hilarity.

  3. Avatar RcktMan says:

    The “Put it in me” song was by far one of the funniest songs in the set. Very clever lyrics. The choreography alone is worth checking out… it’s really quite electrifying.

    And yeah the guys aren’t too bad either. They’re all great singers, that’s for sure!

    Haven’t heard the show yet (at work) but will comment further when I get home.

  4. Avatar Dr. Thom says:

    I was listening to this show on my way to work this morning, and I busted out laughing several times! And you’re right, those guys do sound totally cute. Their voices made me melt in my car. Mmm….

    As for Phi Tau’s comment, I understand what you mean, but you know, these guys are employees, if you will, of the show. They kinda have to toe the party line, at least in public. I’m sure the show doesn’t want to be known as “the gay show” and alienate certain people, for commercial purposes, you know. My guess is that after the tape stopped rolling, they said: “Oh yeah, my character’s totally gay.”

    Anyhow, I’m going to see the show!! I’m excited about it. And, I have to convince the boyfriend to come along as well…

  5. Avatar Dr. Thom says:

    …and as Part 2: I just talked to my boyfriend, who is a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory, who said that he waited on the Altar Boys today!! He said they were really nice and fun to wait on. So see, they’re nice in real life, too. Just FYI…

  6. Avatar Jake Snow says:

    wow, listening to those actors today made me melt. They sound and look VERY hot! They can put it in me any day.

  7. Avatar Ali2355 says:

    Umm. I just about peed when I saw this article. This segment is great. I love Altar Boyz and totally want to see this.

  8. Jesus Loves Me, but it’s not a mutual feeling.

    That’s for Fausto… I haven’t listened yet, I may add more later

  9. Avatar RcktMan says:

    Great show!!! Finally heard it! 馃檪 Devin and Brian were adorable… just as they were in the show!

    The WGN Lady’s name is Merri Dee. She’s been there since… GOD the 70s at least… but she is THE voice of WGN TV. Her official title there is “Director of Community Relations.” I always loved her voice. I met her once and she was just the nicest lady.

  10. Luvin it, Hot boys, and sassy lyrics, can you beat it? Now I gotta go get the soundtrack.

  11. Wow… that was really weird. Listening to the opening song really pissed me off for some reason … It’s either my hatred of Christian music (I had to deal with in all the time in high school and it sickens me) or my dislike of 90s boy band music. Could be a combination of both.

    The breakdown was probably the best part part of this episode! They’re just soooo cute! Also, DUDE!!! CURLY HAIR!!! DON’T STRAIGHTEN IT!!! Curly hair is the best! I wish I had curls!

  12. Avatar Dwyn says:

    Haven’t heard the show yet but I did see Altar Boyz when it was in SF and it was HYSTERICAL! An elderly couple in front of us (me and a teacher from my school) got offended and left which was pretty funny too. Can’t wait to listen to the show, I’m sure it’s absolutely RAD!

  13. Avatar bradley says:

    awesome. thanks for the tickets, marc and fausto!

  14. Avatar Henry says:

    This show had me engaged the entire time. The show was entertaining, fun, and informative.

    too bad that I do not live closer to chicago, i am missing out on some fun events.

    thanks for another great show! looking forward to the next.

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