FOF #641 – Powerhouse Diva

Oct 31, 2007 · 1985 views

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There is a presence is in the room today! The spirit of Janis Joplin is haunting us in a very good way since we’ve been joined by her modern day equivalent- the rockingly awesome Jen […]


  1. Ventura79 says:

    WOW!!!! that voice!!!! u guys have made me an instant FAN!!! thanx for intoducing me to artists such as a Jen Porter and Chris Garneau!!!!

    Jen, expect an email from me!!!!


  2. Ventura79 says:

    and just because u mentioned it Fausto! one of my favorite Madonna moments!

  3. GRW144 says:

    I can’t tell you how much Jen has made my day. I couldn’t get her Moving On album fast enough! Her words, her amazing voice, and her true wit are the perfect combination.

  4. Superboy says:

    I’m gay, but I might want to switch for Jen. Got me the whole album too GRW! Listening to it on my iPod as we speak.

  5. Rob says:

    Great show guys, loved the interview, loved the music, loved Jen, loved everything.
    Hmmm…flying down to St.Marten in January? Not a bad idea.

  6. Sing on, sing on Jen!!!!!! I really enjoyed the show today, y’all. By the way, it’s not the attention span of the thirteen year old girl that’s dwindled to 3.5 minutes……it’s the average under-read, sitcom-addicted, American Idol- watching, happy meal-eating American. The media outlets have dumbed us all down. If more people would turn off corporate owned radio and start listening to live music and/or music of independents, it would force these orgs to regroup and give us what we NEED! Everyone: listen to some LIVE music and then READ A BOOK! Check out your local library while it’s there to enjoy. Thanks!

  7. Duane says:

    Wow! Jen is amazing!! I’m listening to Moving On right now. She is truly a Powerhouse Diva! Thanks guys for bringing her out (so to speak).

  8. Xavi says:

    Wow. Raw talent pure and simple. Great show!

  9. Rhea says:

    I remember taping songs off the radio as well. Still have those cassettes. And yes, they do sound awful. Thank God for iTunes and CDs!

    Jen Porter, you’ve got yourself another new fan here. 🙂 Her enthusiasm is infectious, and I am so going to buy her albums.

    Another terrific show, Marc and Fausto! Without podcasts like yours, I wouldn’t know about awesome artists like Jen Porter and Baby Teeth. And crazy fetishes like sploshing! Thank you for making the world a little more colourful.

  10. I work in an independent brick and mortar record store so the discussion about the music business and its falling out hits home. Yeah the business is totally a mess. We pay as much money wholesale for a disc that best buy and itunes sell their music for. Independent record stores were the backs which this business was built on. But I have to say there is still good music coming out and being sold. One exciting thing though is we are thinkin of startin to carry LPs again. Wired reported this week about LPs becoming the new CD, the rebirth of a physical album and big outrageous album art…. Im excited about the future of music because whether or not big business is involved music will alway be a part of the human experience.

  11. oh yeah and Jen is great love her laugh…. her voice is pretty nice too 🙂

  12. RcktMan says:

    Wow wow wow wow WOW! I remember Jen Porter from back in the days when I had a gig at Gentry… I think I opened for her a time or two, in fact. She was one of my favorites. She always had such a wonderful energy about her, and her talent seemed limitless.

    And now here she is, still doing what she does best, and sounding better and hotter than ever! Jen, you are amazing!!!

    What a great show. As others have said, this is exactly why I love Feast of Fools and shows like it– giving the listeners a chance to hear great artists they may not have heard before– or in my case, had forgotten about over the years. iTunes, here I come!!

    I loved the quizzing on the keyboard part, and both of Jen’s raw and honest performances — LIVE and in person. What a joyful show. I’ll be listening to this one again, I’m sure!

  13. GRW144 says:

    After three rounds of listening to Moving On, I have to stop and comment again.

    Jen… I want to thank you and give gratitude for “Pictures of You”. I was in my car when the song came on and I was so absorbed in the CD when I suddenly started reliving the finally moments I have shared with some of my loved ones as they left this life. Each time, I had to tell myself, “This is the last time I’ll ever see you” as my whole world collapsed into their quiet peace.

    I thank you for Allen Jacobs, Joey “Tasha” Martin, David Mitchell, and Mark Brown. Their lives are forever pictures in my heart.

  14. Great show! Seriously, this was such a fun show, with such great music and enthusiasm from Jen and the boys… awesomeness!

    I was priviledged enough to see Jen at Gentry last year, shortly after I moved to Chicago. The music scene here is one of the reasons I translocated myself to this city, so when I was wandering Boystown for one of the first times and saw that there was a not only a cabaret bar, but a live diva just wailing on the piano, I had to stop in. My plan was just to stick around for a minute, have a cocktail and head to the next bar, but I became completely captivated by her sound! 5 drinks later her set was finished, but I wasn’t satisfied so I bought a copy of Move On from her right there. Love that album!!

    Seriously, I love Jen’s sound, and I think she’s a great testament to what an independent musician can accomplish. Yes, you can actually make a living doing what you love!

  15. DKMPLS says:

    Thanks for the show. Jen rocks it hardcore!! I’ll be purchasing her music for sure…

    I really appreciate all the indie music you guy put on your show!

  16. PupDon says:

    Yay Jen!!! Awesome show. What a talent.

    I had to laugh at your comment about being a major in communications. My major from Slippery Rock U (yes, that is a real place) was communications and my minor was english writing. So yeah, I work in porn. It was gonna be rock star or porn purveyor. LOL!

  17. PupDon says:

    Jen’s comment about the fake horns in songs reminded me of something I heard in a Stevie Nicks interview once. She has this great bluesy song called “Whole Lotta Trouble”, and when she was recording it she figured the horn section would end up being all fake synth horns because she never dreamed she could get a horn section. So the very day they were working on that song, there just happened to be this musical group recording down the hall that was made up of a very talented horn section. So she went over as they were packing up and asked if they’d do it. They said they would love to and within an hour had learned the whole song and started laying down the tracks. I can’t imagine that song with fake horns and I always thought how lucky she was that it worked out that way.

  18. Like Stevie can’t afford a horn section

  19. patrick says:

    great show! great guest! i just recently created an fof playlist– featuring the music of, among others, rachael sage, baby teeth, christopher dallman, chris garneau, ellen rosner and that other great jen, zias… jen porter’s definitely going to be my latest addition. her voice is simply unbelievable! thanks for introducing us to these great artists who, without this show, we’d be oblivious to!

  20. Great voice and personality – on that cd cover she looks like the love child of Jodie Foster and Debra Messing (Grace from ‘Will &…’)

  21. ColJH says:

    Oooo I love her!

    Best Break Down 2007 song ever!!

  22. MultipleX says:

    Listener(s) in St.Maarten Fausto? As far as I know I’m alone here! lol. I just loved her voice.

  23. Yep, your the one! I hope you go see her and have a picture taken with her!

  24. Kenny says:

    This podcast was my introduction to Jen Porter. Wow! What a dynamic performer. I think that I’ll be putting her CD’s on my Christmas list for Santa Claus (aka my boyfriend). Fausto, that Breakdown 2007 bit will have to be recycled over and over on future podcasts.

  25. Marc and Fausto thank you so mush to introduce Jen Porter to me! She is just delicious and interesting.
    I wish i was closer to Chicago!
    Heaven to me is so intense……Wow!
    Jen you’re voice is a major turn on!
    Bring Jen back to the show…….pretty Please.

  26. Marlin says:

    This was one of the funnest shows is weeks, I loved it! And that version of Heaven to Me she did live for you sounds even BETTER than the album version! I want to touch that tambourine too!

  27. GRW144 says:

    just a thought here…. but considering Jen is a “local”, would she give some thought to dropping by FoF at least once a week? Believe me, she’s generated enough of a fan base within the past 7 days!

    Also…. how about creating a JEN-LIVE album during the show??? MY GOD… just to hear that laugh after each song… KILLER!!

    OK… I gotta get back to my 10th re-listening of this podcast. Addiction to JEN,… is that possible? UBETCHA!

    BTW… Jen’s contact webpage on her website isn’t working, so hopefully she’ll get this message~~~~~


  28. sOrange says:

    Wow! What a great voice! It was wonderful listening to the show. All of you sounded like you were having a blast. Keep it up!

  29. Henry says:

    talk about a voice! wow. i am excited to hear fausto burst out from the top of his lungs from here on out.. “Breakdown 2007!”.. definitely talented, Jen has to make a return to do another show. Hearing you all having a good time is always wonderful!

  30. This was a great show. I loved Jen Porter’s songs and the jukebox “sing-that-tune!” sequence–that was really amazing!

  31. Mdvanii says:

    What a beautiful, beautiful guest!
    Jen, you just another fan!
    kisses from Greece!

  32. Mdvanii says:

    edit: you just *got* another fan ;
    albeit a retarded one, lol

  33. M says:

    Thanks for introducing me to Jen Porter! I’ll be buying her music right up!

  34. I loved this Jen Porter episode! She has such a beautiful voice!

  35. Hey guys,

    Thank you so much for introducing us to Jen Porter. What an awesome performer with an incredible vocal range. She is FABULOUS!!!

    We have gone onto iTunes (following your links, of course) and got some of her music.

    Of the many reasons why we love The Feast of Fools, one of the main ones is when you introduce us to independent artists whom we would never have heard of otherwise. Our iPods are full of artists that you have featured on your show. Chris Garneau, Reuben Butchart, Levi Kreis, Cathy Richardson, Nedra Johnson, The Wet Spots, Christopher Dallman and now Jen Porter amongst others.

    We would never have heard of these people otherwise and would be much poorer for it.

    Thank you for opening our world to so many more wonderful opportunities and of course, a whole lot of laughter and cheer.

    You guys make a world of difference and we Thank you.

    Kisses and hugs from Brisbane, Australia
    Mel & Shaun

  36. Benjamin says:

    Just listened to this episode again – I love Jen. Her album is next up on my list to buy – I\’ve been saving pennies and leftover quarters.

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