FOFA #185 – Whores for Horror

Nov 1, 2007 · 1985 views

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Besides the last U.S. Presidential election, what are some of the most scary experiences of your life? Today Fausto poses this question to Marc Felion, Victoria Lamarr and our friend Alan Gentry. We being today’s […]


  1. Cliff Dix says:

    Missing Victoria. Loved this classic Halloween show. But just the mention of Dolly Parton sent me into a dizzy Dolly daze. So I had to fill my office with Dolly music all day while eating everyone’s leftover Halloween candy.
    Can not wait to hear and see what FOF did last night!

  2. Cassiano says:


    The Blue Wolf’s photo is the best part of the post… his hair remind me The Thundercats a little bit. So gorgeous!
    I listen every show and I’m addicted!
    As Cliff says, I can’t wait to know what you guys did last night!

  3. Some people have emailed us about our reference to George-this show was from 2005 when he first came out so please forgive us for our ignorance. We now know better.

  4. Ventura79 says:

    I had already heard this show and I LOVE IT! I cant have enough of Victoria, please find her and have her do a show!

    I love how the voices sound so DEEP! mmmm DEEPER AND DEEPER!!!!

  5. Chad says:

    Oh V-Mar, how I miss thee.

  6. This show was…. interesting.

  7. Gary T says:

    I love V-Marr’s laugh.

  8. xmaryx says:

    Is it possible to have stem envy? Because that pumpkin sure is packin.

  9. It was nice getting to hear this show again. Judy Garland’s ghost was spooky!

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