FOF #642 – Tricks and Treats

Nov 2, 2007 · 1985 views

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Boy did we have a great time at Chicago’s Lakeview Halloween Parade! The streets were filled with hundreds of hunky, freaky, brassy and sassy folks who strutted their stuff. Marc and I were joined by […]


  1. Cassiano says:

    Fausto! You should try “If I could Turn Back Time” with your tambourine.
    It will be FANTASTICO!
    I love the way you open the shows.
    “FoF is brought to you by generous support of beautiful, naughty, sexy listeners…”
    You create the right mood for the best gay fun show ever!

  2. Rob says:

    Sorry to hear about Halloween in the Castro, the city should be able to handle it.
    Sounds like you were being “punished” for last years events. Hardly a solution. It’s just not right.

    Great to hear Curtis today, the splish splash episode with Curtis was one of my favorites.

  3. The Halloween Parade was a blast! What was funny about this one in B-Town was that they blocked off Halstesd, but partioned it so that the parade would go up then back down the same street… but a few groups built floats or brought a van! So the parade was cut short once they got to the far end because they just couldn’t turn around!

    I love the costumes Fausto and Marc!

  4. Nice show guys! Sounds like you had a blast at the Halloween parade. sad though how the Castro is being a dictatorship now? HMMMMMMM…….Curfues and blockades…. I hope they get their Halloween Fun Back for next year!! Talk to you guys soon! Stay safe!

  5. Cliff Dix says:

    Love your costumes and the Halloween Parade video. How many unsuspecting people were sucked dry by Marc and Fausto that night? We may never know.

  6. Neezil says:

    Guest are great but my favorite shows are always just the two of you and the regulars hanging out together and shooting the shit. Nice show.

  7. Jessie says:

    I Loved your costumes and I am sooo glad you guys got your video camera! One of my favorite things on the feast of fools is the videos that you guys post that let us listeners in on the visual fun!

  8. Ventura79 says:

    I cant have enough of SACA LA PRESION! i want it as a ring tone LOL

    Loved the show, I had read about those poor clams! DUMB Scientists! I hope next year the Castro District gets their shiz together and has a kick arse Halloween cuz i would LOVE to be there!

    Great show!


    p.s. marc I love it when i get my insults at 2-3 in the morning!

  9. PupDon says:

    I didn’t go out for Halloween. I’m lame. The street fair in Weho is always so crowded that you can’t even move. So I hung out with a friend and watched movies. So I lived vicariously through you guys. Thank you. Looks like we had a lot of fun. And that video is awesome. Your costumes get better and better each year.

    Funny story about the Quahog clam. Back in the 90’s the Pittsburgh Zoo had a radio commercial that said something like “Every morning the Quahog clam wakes up just hoping someone will look at him… will this be the day? He’s waiting so patiently” or something like that. So when you got to the zoo there were all these signs that said things like “Have you seen the Quahog clam?” or “This way to the Quahog clam” and “Quahog clam, you’re almost there”. Well, as you all know from today’s show, a Quahog clam is just a freakin’ clam. Nothing special, it’s just a clam. Sure they can get really old but they don’t look any different. So the thing is that it was a big joke. All this excitement and you get there and there is this huge tank with all this marine life and this big sign saying “HERE I AM” and it’s this little bitty clam.

    Well, the joke backfired and people were outraged. People were demanding their money back and yelling at the zoo people. It was a mess. I, however, thought it was hysterical. And every time I watch Family Guy and they say Quahog I think of that little clam.

  10. groggy says:

    If a local government can’t provide safety for people during a parade, that meens something is very wrong. This is exactly their job to do that, and if they can’t, their either incompetent or unwilling.

    I really liked your costumes! I hope there will be more movies with suspiciously friendly Koreans. Too bad there are no Halloween in my country (Poland). Here it is the time of grief and remembering those, who are gone forever. Like the Autumn wasn’t depressing enough.

    The problem with parents telling their children that being gay is ok is that not all of them think it really is OK. There are still some countries (like mine) where many people think that this is a disease and that it should be cured. There are parents that actually rejected their children for this or even humiliated them. I have read a story in a newspaper about a girl which was lesbian and her family somehow found that out. She was attacked by her father and brother on the street. They stripped of her clothes and shouted ‘show us how a lesbo does it’. It isn’t common, but still this happened.
    So this new approach – tell your kids you’re fine with them being gay before you get killed – could work on imagination of some intolerant parents…

  11. Throbbin says:


    I think one of the problems with the Castro Halloween is that there IS NO parade. It’s a block party that has become too dense crowd-wise, fills up with a small but rowdy percentage of out-of-towners who are there to gawk at the fags and get drunk. Add to that the gangs who have targeted the Castro in the last year or so and that the event happens at night and we have a natural stewpot of trouble waiting to happen.

    We need a solution. We don’t need 600 police in the area to keep things under lockdown. We need an event that moves people around the area and out. An actual parade starting in the Castro to honor the history of the area that moves out to a large open space like Civic Center would be a good solution. Book an act at the parade termination point to draw people out to the parade, show off the costumes and HAVE A GOOD TIME, and Halloween will work perfectly here.

    And then I can stay in the Castro and keep drinking all night 馃檪

  12. RcktMan says:

    Forced feminization? I’m game.

    Oh lord, what am I getting myself into? 馃槈

    Seriously though, I wasn’t in the “Halloween Spirit” much at all this year until about two days before Halloween. I would have loved to have been dressed up in SOMETHING but I just didn’t have any good ideas, and no time to execute anything. Next year will be different.

    I had such a great time with Fausto, Marc, Amanda and Ooga (who looked an awful lot like Grimace from the McDonaldland characters if you ask me)! And then there was that cute boy from Circuit that apparently liked me… but didn’t have the guts to tell me so! Arrgh! Just my luck 馃檪

  13. Lots of Spartans huh? They where everywhere at the club that night. And Jack Sparrow..lots and lots of that guy.

  14. I wish all these hunky men dressed up like semi-naked Spartan warriors all the time. It was really hot.

  15. Good show ! Just visited the German website ” wolltraum” (it means wooldream) you mentioned on the show. They really sale strange but funny clothes.

  16. mapgrrl says:

    I dressed up as the Catholic Superstar ( Molly Shannon) asn went out with my friend who was dressed at the purlpe Tele Tubby during San Francisco Halloween in the Castro a couple years ago. It was great fun to see all of the costumes, but the crowds were enormous. Im sad to hear that they shut it down. Shutting down the public transit was a huge mistake…all of a sudden thousands of people had no way of getting out of there at 11pm. We had to walk for miles in costume, in the cold foggy hilly streets to get home, it was tough.

    SF should capitalize on the increased tourist revenues, have lots of police there to keep revelers safe, and have public transit going all night so that that they can clear everyone out of there when its time to go home.

    Ill be your 1st lesbian cake sitter if I can find a camera.

  17. Those poor Koreans. I kind of wish one of them had actually let you guys drag them off, though. I wasn’t able to make it downtown for the parade, but I’m hoping to next year. Maybe I can find a Korean of my own. XD

    I think that what happened in San Fransisco is such a shame. Not only is it blatant discrimination against gays, it’s a stupid, pointless way to quell violence while making people more upset at the same time. Why not put those police officers to some real use, and have them police the festivities instead of preventing them?

  18. Ah ha ha ha! Just kidding… but I do really want to win a prize pack!

    Great show today guys, sorry to hear about Castro… very disappointing.

    You’re costumes look awesome guys! Can’t wait to see/hear the footage!

  19. Persikov says:

    Was I at the same Halloween parade as y’all? It was fun hanging out with friends, but it was hardly a subversive, or even very “gay” affair. At least half the adults were costume-less, and there were tons of small children with store-bought costumes and dogs wearing skeleton sweaters. If the event were cancelled, it would be no great gay tragedy.

  20. Persikov says:

    Oh, I did see Sal E at Hydrate and he was looking great. Get him back on the show!

  21. *glee* you guys said my name(twice) on the show :DDD you are very welcome for the donation~

    and the Halloween parade looked fun.( i saw the video first) your costumes were great..and those Koreans… that one guy was all over Fausto XD it was great. fun times.

  22. CAKE SITTING! Mapgrrl, is that a promise? I love seeing the gals in full force on the forums and the site!

  23. Persikov, what were you wearing at the Parade?

  24. Persikov, I don’t think you were at the same parade. We kinda had our own thing going on. We found the sexy guys and gals and walked right up to them and engaged them. The people not in costume barely registered (except for the soon to be forced feminized Rick). Next year, you hang out with us and have a good old gay time.

  25. Persikov says:

    The truth is out: I was one of those costumeless adults. From my blog-

    And for me? I thought about going as “army guy” (wearing camo pants, white t-shirt, leather jacket) but it just looked sad. My roommate said “you look like you’re going as a bum pretending to be a vet to get cash.” Ouch. Actually, that would have been a sort of creative costume, but it wasn’t the idea. Instead, I wore a purple shirt that had a tree with a crow sitting on it. It was a “scary” Halloween gesture, but I honestly don’t think anyone noticed.

  26. Xavi says:

    Great show!

    RE: Halloween in the Castro. I speak for myself only. I can’t remember the last time it was fun, I can’t remember the last time it was even gay. The castro hosts at least two block parties, Pride (Pink Saturday) and Castro Street Fair. These events are majority gay and always a lot of fun and happen every year without incident. Cancelling those would definitely be a gay tragedy. Halloween in the Castro was no longer gay, fun, or even very Halloween-y (more people out of costume than in costume). RIP (‘cuz I’m sure it was really fun at one time) and good riddance.

  27. Katers says:

    Yea, I didn’t do anything for Halloween either 馃檨 I stayed at home. Sigh.. No parties to go to! I LOVED the halloween montage. I figured it might be a little boring, since it was so long, but it was SO funny… I loved the costumes, guys 馃槨

    And if you Ctrl + F5, it will do a forced refresh with makes it download everything new 馃槢 So you can say that next time hehe. That should fix the pictures on people’s profiles.

    …but I do wish my profile would say my correct age 馃檨 Not sure why mine won’t change!

  28. Katers says:

    * I loved the costumes, guys

  29. I find it horrible that the Halloween festivities were cancelled in the Castro. I think the government has too much power when they start interfering with peoples holidays. Just my opinion though, great show guys!

  30. Loved the costumes. It’s been a while since Curtis has been on nice to here from him again.

  31. DKMPLS says:

    I think Curtis should run for elected office. He’s so well informed about gay issues. And if that doesn’t work, I support a coup d’茅tat and have Mr. Jensen installed as Queen.

    Sadly, I think the gay community has been comodified. We’ve been tricked into giving up our radical revolutionary roots of the sexual revolution and exchanging them for dreams of hetero privilege, like marriage and white suburbia. When they couldn’t keep us in the closet, they turned us into consumerist sheep, so we’d become culturally impotent and irrelevant. Its the new repression. If you can’t beat them, brainwash them. I’m afraid we’ll need another crisis before we’ll unite again.

  32. maybe we should do what George Bush did and create a crisis. What should our new crisis be? Weapons of mass destruction has already been taken. Ant ideas???

  33. Thanks for covering this story about the cancellation of Halloween in the Castro. It was good to get more of the facts (for example, that the shooting last year only started after the police started to harass people). I agree and disagree with Curtis Jensen’s assessment that the problems are due to a lack of leadership–it would seem that the gay leadership is in collusion with (i.e., participating in) the gentrification and heterosexualization of the Castro. Gavin Newsom’s actions as mayor of San Francisco are deplorable in this respect. May a thousand Halloweens bloom all over the Bay Area!!!! SACA LA PRESION.

  34. SACA LA PRESION! Thx for the show and Thx to the always intriguing Curtis

  35. Barbara says:

    A cake sitting gal. I can’t wait.

  36. Chococat says:

    Why didn’t they just soundproof those booths on Singapore Airlines? People would pay extra!
    Although, I think by requesting passengers not to have sex in the booths, they are tempting fate.

  37. Kenny says:

    Around here (Georgia), it’s not vampire fangs that make the costume, it’s Bubba teeth! And to quote NPR, Singapore Air Lines probably wants you to know that sex can happen if you’re quiet enough. It’s all reverse psychology!

  38. Marlin says:

    Think of all the things that clam could have told us, if we had sent him to Guantanamo!

  39. Ross says:

    I hope San Francisco learned it’s lesson this year & lets Halloween back in to the Castro! Bad things may happen in a large crowd, period. Especially if liquor is involved. They just need security (ie extra police protection) to ensure it does not get too rowdy.

  40. Rick says:

    Fausto, you are definitely correct that the NYC Parade is scary. I went a few times recently and the crowds were enormous! It was not very enjoyable at all. I am sure the Chicago Parade was much better. I really enjoyed the Parade video as well.

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