FOF #649 – Got the Feeling for Reeling

Nov 13, 2007 · 1985 views

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It’s that time of the year, time to get your tickets to Reeling, the fabulous Chicago Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival. The second oldest film festival of it’s kind, Reeling prides itself in putting […]


  1. I got “the feeling for reeling” but unfortunately I live in Arizona. Let me know when “Naked Boys Wrestling” hits it’s national tour!!! Alexis is so cute. I love her raspy voice.
    Thanks for a great show!

  2. Kris says:

    I got the feeling for reeling, too, but like the hot gentlman above me, I cannot attend for I am in Virginia. But as always, another great show. Makes me want to move to Chicago!

  3. Cliff Dix says:

    Alexis should come back again. She is fantastic. And all those who are in Chicago should go and support our LGBT brothers and sisters. The best part about a film festival is getting to meet the talent behind the films and hearing their stories. You are not going to get that with Netflix.
    When we went to the ATL Gay Film Festival, Glen was standing in line getting some popcorn and overheard the straight couple behind him. The wife was wondering why so many people were there on a Thursday night. She had no idea what was going on and then she saw super tall RuPaul walking across the lobby. She recognized Ru and squealed with excitement.

  4. groggy says:

    Well, I got the feeling for reeling, too, but I’m on another continent, unfortunately.

    Alexis, you’ve got great, warm personality (how can anyone think that you are mean??). Don’t worry about the breakdown! You tried to answer the questions truthfully and you weren’t pulling the answers out of your butt, and I loved it (I share your view on what happens, after we die).

  5. Loved Personality! I wish I could be there for all the festivities. Would love to see “Curiosity of Chance”! Love you guys, see you soon

  6. Maia says:

    Great show! So nice to hear some lesbian representation (lesbisentation?) on the podcast. Alexis is adorable… I’m imagining her sneaking into the theater half-way through a movie to hold hands with her date, who Fausto and Marc fixed her up with.

    Kate and I are planning a Friday night movie date, and I’m having a huge dilemma. Do we see:
    – Itty Bitty Titty Committee, and then ask Guinevere Turner to sign our VHS tape of Go Fish?
    – Quearborn & Perversion, about lesbian and gay life in Chicago, 1924 to 1974? I’m really into Chicago history, and I know I would love it.

    I’m thinking I.B.T.C. will probably be released on DVD, so we could watch it later, although then we wouldn’t get to see foxy Guinevere Turner in person. But maybe it would be our only chance to see the Chicago film, because it might not be distributed?

    Alexis, if you’re reading this, please help!

    Caught between Titties and Perversion…

  7. Calok says:

    OMG YOU GUYS/GALS TALKED ABOUT FURRYS! IM A FURRY! I LOVE FURRYS! if any one wants to know more about furrys ask me 😉

  8. Robbie says:

    Listening to this makes me homesick! I miss having all these great movies just outside my door back when I lived in Chicago. It’s just not the same over here…

  9. Steve says:

    I ‘Got The Feeling For Reeling’! Kenosha isn’t that far away.
    And I whole heartedly agree with Cliff Dix, Alexis was wonderful and must come back often.

  10. Maia, I’ll go see whichever one you are seeing, but Queerborn and Division sounds great!

  11. Maia says:

    You have yourself a date, Mr. Felion! Now let me break the news to my girlfriend. 😉

    I’m really leaning toward Queerborn, too… what a great name! I love documentary stuff, and I’m in a Chicago-historical mood lately. I was just listening to this week’s This American Life podcast about Harold Washington and it was sooooo good. Reminded me of how much I LOVED “Boss” by Mike Royko, about Richard Daley the First. That is such a great book — I think everyone living in Chicago should read it. All the corruption and racism and scandals… oh, the drama!

  12. G says:

    I wish I could go. All of the shows sound great, and after the RuPaul interview I think I need to see some Starrbooty! I’ll have to wait until our festival later this year!

  13. I love that the Feast of Fools finally referenced the Bear Community. As a bear admirer and husband to my own bear, it was a major turn-on to hear about Marcs fascination of the showering shaving bear! Found some interesting reading on the bear community listed below:

    By the way, did I mention that I love bears?

    Bear community
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Bear community is a subculture in the gay community. “Bears” are usually gay or bisexual men with hairy bodies and facial hair; some are heavy-set, but that is not a requirement. Bears often exhibit an outwardly masculine appearance. Some Bears place great importance on presenting a hyper-masculine image; some may shun interaction with men who display effeminate style and mannerisms.

    Note: The terms Bear, Cub, Otter, Wolf, et cetera are usually capitalized to differentiate between the “animals” referenced and their human counterparts.

    There is much debate in the gay community as to the definition of a Bear; some say anyone who identifies himself as a Bear is one, while others argue that Bears must have certain physical characteristics–such as a hairy chest and face or having a large body–and a certain mode of dress and behavior.

  14. I’m going to go to that Bear Party too!

  15. pups says:

    It’s a delight to hear you snorting first thing in the morning Marc. A real wake up for me!

  16. StevieB says:

    Bears. GRRRRRRRR. Marc if you lick enough Bears you’re gonna get a hairball. So watch out!

  17. The bear party sounds like it would be fun. Oh and you guys kinda have what a furry is a bit wrong. As that only some furrys dress in costumes. And they tend to have nothing to do with Disney. I could go really deep into it if anyone wants to know.

  18. Are you saying Furries don’t dress?

  19. Benjamin says:

    Marc, I snort all the time too. I just noticed that you did it when I was listening to the show from the 12th. (I’m a little behind. Catching up!).

    Snort Solidarity!

  20. Purple Puddle Nut: Deep into furries? that’s hot! lol

  21. oh yeah baby! nice n deeeeeeeeeep.

    I just meant that only a small part of the furry life style is dressing up, and not many of them really ware the full body suits. Some just wear ears or a tail. Some don’t at all. Some are just into the role play style of it or the artist side (thats code for yiffy or furry porn.)

  22. Ventura79 says:

    Brad Rowe is such a hottie, he played the Billy’s straight crush on that movie Billy’s Big Hollywood Kiss, and hes been on some soaps!!

    Great Show, you guys have NO IDEA how jealous I am that I dont live in Chi Town to go to all these events!

  23. Ace&Bubba says:

    Great show guys. It sounded like marc was a little into that bear he saw at the gym he sounded hot to me! Anyways great movies I am looking forward to watching them all when (if) they hit DVD. Thanks for another awesome episode.

  24. I wish I could go see the films… damn my being so far from chicago.

  25. bowdownza says:

    Naked Boys Singing The movie???
    Marc didn’t you want some proof that the apes are taking over???
    We are never going to get our gay oscar making sh*t like that.
    Otherwise this was a great show. Please have more guests!!!

  26. Great show. I enjoyed Alexis very much. Very real.

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