FOF #656 – ‘Ving Break

Nov 27, 2007 · 1985 views

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We’re back ya’ll! Excuse me pardner, but we still have a lil’ Texas twang twisting our tongues having spent the past Thanksgiving weekend in the Lone Star State. Despite the terrible weather, Marc and I […]


  1. All I can say is damn I wish I was an old white republican legislator

  2. Marc, you can turn me gay anytime you want! I hope Trent Lott is not exposed as gay. I really don’t want to have anything in common with him. Ew.. Maybe he can have had some wierd fetish like he wants BN to lay in a tub filled with ice and then lay on a slab like in a morgue or something.

  3. Oh Wow! I won!!! Happy day! But that wasn’t on the Strawberry Quick episode.. that was on the one with the steamworks pride party ad you guys did.. but, hey I won… again…. YAY!

  4. DCRyan says:

    I love love love when you have your family on the show Fausto…just want to let you know that I think all the fans really appreciate that you are willing to share almost all aspects of your life with us, I think it is part of why everyone who listens to the show feels so connected to you and Marc. We love you V-Mo and Beatriz!!

    OK now can I just say how excited I am about Alexyss being on the show, you boys pulled it off again and I cannot wait to hear that show, I’m guessing she will not be as evasive at Taye Zonday…just a guess.

  5. Oh and hey… your sister is hot! She should do more modeling. Such classic features and great teeth!!!!

  6. Sorry had to stop writing my boss came by… but my Brother is kinda hot.. and he’s single to. He also speaks a number of languages.

    Oh I feel a musical coming on.

  7. post a picture of your brother Jeff! Shirtless please.

  8. groggy says:

    I just wanted to say, that I WILL listen to all your podcasts. Right now I’m on number 559, and I’m moving back in time gradually. One FoF podcast a day is just not enough for me!

  9. Loved listening to Beatriz! Next time she is on, it would be great to hear how she deals with homophobia as a teacher. I’m year off form teaching myself. So, it would be interesting to hear her thoughts. Has FoF ever done a show with GLSEN?

  10. You’ve got such a sweet family Fausto – I just want to adopt them all and make them wear clogs!

  11. Maia says:

    In my lesbian utopia, everybody wears clogs. 😉

    It was fun to hear a podcast-on-location — Beatriz and Victoria are both adorable. Fausto, you have such a fun-loving family! Where are the fundies, though? Get them on the podcast and freak ’em out. I wonder how they would react… My fundamentalist relatives are disappointingly polite in person, although my uncle did send me a very creepy letter one time.

  12. why did yur voice sound so funny fausto you hear so macha. Havent lisen to a podcast with youre family is really interesting I like it and well i think everybody feels crappy in high school but you get some good times too.

  13. PupDon says:

    But Fausto, I do!!! I do listen to every podcast. Ever since December of 2005 I’ve heard every single show, including all the ones on the best of DVD and any ones I was able to download from before Dec 2005 when I first started listening. I’m OBSESSED!!!!

    Okay, maybe not obsessed. Just a puppy of habit. And you’ve become a habit. Like crack. Or pop rocks.

  14. joelpr says:

    Hola Fausto and Marc! Great show today! Loved listening to Beatriz again. Hello to her!! 🙂

  15. RcktMan says:

    I know things are slower down south… but you all sounded a little slower than usual in this show! 🙂 Maybe it’s just my browser and/or my computer…but it sounded weird! (It sounded perfectly fine on iTunes though.)

    OMG I am SO EXCITED Alexyss will be on! She is AMAZING. I have a feeling that is going to be one hysterical show.

    And of course… LOVE Beatriz and Victoria. I said on Flickr, and I’ll say it here… Fausto you have a beautiful family. Victoria is a stunning young lady (just like her mom)!

    Love and hugs to Patricia too… even though she wasn’t there.

  16. Great profile photo Joel! Looking good! Joel is going to start a spanish language gay podcast for the Puerto Rican audience.

  17. Eliza Sea says:

    You guys were in my home town! I grew up just outside of Corpus in Portland (and I know exactly where Port A is!!). You made me homesick. 🙁 I wish I had gone home for ‘Ving so I could have hung out with ya’ll!

  18. Love your show guys! I listened a while back, and for some reason lost my mind and quit listening. (big mistake, don’t do it)

    I recently started listening again, and it’s always great to hear your family on the show. Keep up the good work.

  19. michael says:

    I love it when you speak Spanish – it sounds amazing. Impressive and wonderful ladies on the show today –
    I liked what Beatriz said about authority. She is not only beautiful but also intelligent and interesting too – and far from being “over the hill”! I hope to hear more from her and her funny and witty daughter.

  20. DKMPLS says:

    Beatriz was amazing. I loved hearing her views on raising children and how to instill long-term motivation for certain behavior rather than short term bribery. Very intelligent family.

  21. Hey loved Beatriz!… I can’t agree more with the way of thinking ’bout motivation for the kids!… I hope someday we adopt a kid and raise him/her a nice way!… like this girl is doing!

  22. Glen says:

    I was at the Austin GTG and Beatriz is VERY attractive!

  23. lis says:

    As always, really enjoyed listening to Beatriz and Victoria. Too bad Patricia didn’t make it to this show. You have a very cool family Fausto!! And this was another great FOF show.

  24. Sorry, I got a few shows behind with finals. Beatriz is incredibly beautiful and her personality completes the look. It was so fun hanging out with her and you guys. I sure hope we get to do it again!

    Shout outs to Chickengirl as well!!

  25. GreAT SHOW!
    I like it when yur fam is on fausto. cant wait for patricia to be back 🙂

  26. Ving Break? … Um No let.s try that one again.

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