FOF #658 – Alexyss Power

Nov 29, 2007 · 1985 views

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Alexyss K. Tylor is a woman on a mission. Having been kicked out of her home as a teenager by her mom for being in a lesbian relationship, she’s made it her calling to help […]


  1. Best Vagina Monologue Evah! Great show guys and hope Alexyss let’s us know how to access her new youtube account
    *Pulls Feather from Ass Gives Feather back to Jeff*

  2. Thanks patch… so, I’m sitting here wondering how she laughs so much. Oh my! Manifest that Destiny Alexyss! I’m looking forward to you music videos! Yay Penis Massage With Drumming!!!!

  3. Holy Hell… I almost lost my mind when I found out Alexyss was going to be on the FoF. Now, I’m dying for her to come back.

    Biggest surprise for me: How insanely brilliant she truly is, and just how little you get from a youtube clip of her.

    By the way- She has the cutest laugh!


  4. bradley says:

    that was all kinds of awesome.

  5. groggy says:

    When gay teenagers grow up in a society where homosexuality is seen as something bad and evil, it may push them to doing things that are bad for real. Because if they live with a feeling that they are as immoral as the worst criminals it dissolves an important moral barrier. In their view they have become outcasts of the society, without any effort of their own.

    They may see then that the rule about homosexuality doesn’t have sense, so maybe other rules also don’t. On the other hand, they can start believing that they are in some way ‘evil outcasts’ and as such they simply could disregard all principals of the society they live in. Being left without the support, without anyone to turn to, they land on the other side of the social barrier. And this is just one step ahead of distroying your life.

    These people need to know, that just a fact of being homosexual does not imply their being immoral, bad etc. Because there may be no support from a family, schools should teach that as early in children’s life as possible. Growing up thinking that ‘bad’ is your nature is causing irreversible damage to ones psyche. Once you are convinced you are on the other side of the barrier and social rules do not apply to you, it is very hard to get back.

  6. Mo says:

    What an interesing guest – I’ve never heard of her but I’ll have to seek out the videos.. I’m glad that Aleyxss has kept pushing through the boundaries & I’m looking forward to finding out more!

  7. gabe says:

    listening to alexyss tylor makes me happy. thanks fof!!!


  8. Aleyxss is so authentic and loving; she brightened my day. I’m glad to be introduced to her, and I’m looking forward to searching out more of her work.This was a great show in string of great these past weeks.

  9. Justin says:

    Great Show! Alexyss is Brilliant!!! This show led me to watch a video of her on You Tube and I just have to say she is brilliant!!! Keep up the good work guys; you have replaced my radio at work.

  10. I love her laughter and heart.

  11. DCRyan says:

    Wow, I can’t believe I won, and on the show I’ve been looking forward to the most.

    To celebrate I have changed my profile picture to the pic from Halloween when I was Tom Cruise from Risky Business….except way drunker and way less scientologist. I know my legs are really white but I don’t like to suntan 🙂 If you want the video of me doing the slide and dance then message me, it’s pretty funny.

    Thanks for the kind words fellas, you know I think you are fricking foxy too!! Alexyss was amazing, even better than I dreamed she would be. Keep on keepin on Alexyss and spreading the gospel of acceptance. As Ronnie says she had a great energy and she seems to have this great intuitiveness.

  12. SAL-E says:

    Love her cuz she is REAL and sometimes uses big words and still gets her piont across. When I first saw her I was like: HELL NAH……………………..I LOVE IT! LET THEM HAVE IT………………I love it when she is about to loose it and then pulls it all back just before she was about to spin her head. AND HER MOM………….LOVE HER!
    What better side kick! LOVE THEM BOTH and know that I can sleep better at night knowing that there is someone out there telling you all about all the crazy crap that really takes place in the real world whether or not we are ready to hear it. WOW, I want a talk show now………………..
    Love ya

  13. Did anyone catch her “warning to gay boys” that she talked about stirring up trouble? I watched it and know she is coming from a place of love, but it did make me cringe a little, how ’bout you?

    I saw her “response” video to it too, and I thought it was cool of her clarify where she was coming from. It to came off strange, but I can tell from her interview on the show today where her heart is, and I keep reminding myself about what Rupaul said about needing to have thicker skin and not get offended to easily.

    I do agree with her that it is within her business to talk about gay sex. And, I appreciate much of what she has to say. Particularly, about getting caught up in a man’s penis power. Been there…

  14. When I heard you were having Alexyss K. Tylor on the show I jumped up and down I love Alexyss!!! Fausto and Marc you did it again!

  15. I loved this guest. Jesse, where are you finding the “warning…” video? Everywhere I’ve looked the video’s been removed.

  16. I wish I was good at coding and could embed easy links and stuff, but here is her new you-tube account.

    I wonder why she was kicked off. Someone said it was because her videos weren’t set to check age, but I wonder. None of these new ones seem to have that feature. So, I wonder how long they will stay up.

    Unfortunately, not all of her old stuff is there. I really want to see the transgender episode.

    What was that anal show she was talking about? I need to listen to today’s show again.

  17. I’m so used to seeing clips of Alexyss that present her as a caricature to be mocked that I was completely blown away by her appearance on the show. I am such a convert now and I really love her and her message and the fact that she’s putting her message out there. Right on sister!

  18. RcktMan says:

    WOW! Alexyss was absolutely wonderful. She is SO genuine and REAL, and has such a powerful and radiant energy about her… and it’s ALL positive. I knew she’d be a great guest, but she really exceeded my expectations.

    Alexyss, you have a lot of fans here at Feast of Fools. What you are doing is so important and so necessary. I really admire you for having the courage and the strength to say what you are saying. KEEP IT UP and come back to see us again soon!

  19. origionally when i first heard of home-girl, i was lost. I heard of her off of Fox in the City, and that was mis-interperated. I thought origionally she was a joke. then i did some research, and listened, not i understand. Alexyss, you are a goddess among paupers, i now understand.

    The word you speak actually makes logical sense. The penis does have powers, the vagina has powers, sperm has powers. wheather i am sleeping with male or female, it leaves a mark.

    I personally identify as gay, yet occasionally make “fun” with a woman. Now i am not DL, but appreciate the magic a woman offers.
    there is a certain power to be had.

    Bless you for speaking the way you do, thank god for that honesty and blatant truth!

    I will follow you and read your books, for the fact that they fill me with knowledge!

    Keep it preachin’

    Pussy Power, Penis Power, Sperm Power, and Milwaukee so good make you wanna slap a man, and most important FOF Power!!!

    Madd Love from Milwaukee!!!

    Joshua W/Sean Tyler

  20. Benjamin says:

    This is definitely being added to my list of favourite shows. What a great guest! What a great message. That honesty and openess is fantastic, and so very encouraging.

  21. lis says:

    Yep. This was an excellent show, on my FOF ratings list it’s right up there with George Takei, Gaye Adegbalola, the Wet Spots and some of Ronnie’s brightest moments. Good job guys!

  22. HexiJosh says:

    Great show. I had never heard of Alexyss before this and am now completely in love. I hope she gets her youtube videos back up so I can hear more of what she has to say. Love her laugh too!

  23. odiseus35 says:

    Loved the messege, and I truely believed that there are Powerful vaginas running around. I’ve knowned about it for a long time. It’s not as if been gay excludes you from its energy explotion. I have a mother, a sister, and tons of girlfriends and I think that although men have the title and possitions of power, “the power” is driven by the vagina.

  24. Maia says:

    Go, Alexyss! What a positive and candid message of acceptance and self-respect. I appreciate that she tells it like it is; our society’s tendency not talk about sex is so demonizing and shaming. I love that she just puts it all out there — even in front of her own mother!

    This woman should not be on Oprah, she should BE the next Oprah.
    Take the message of empowerment to the masses! We need it desperately.

  25. Rick says:

    I loved this show. I attended a seminar on AIDS in the black community and the guest speaker was Danny Glover. His message was similar to Alexyss’. Thanks Fausto and Mark for introducing us to her and her unique point of view. I disagree, Fausto. My ass has received quite a few cake recipes!

  26. patrick says:

    what an awesome show! her laugh was so hearty, genuine and unself-conscious it was evident she was having so much fun with the interview! intelligent, funny, well-prepared interviewers + great, interesting, honest and forthcoming guest = happy, t-shirt buying listeners!!!
    marc and fausto, try to pace yourselves! it’s been one fantastic show after another after another after another these past weeks… how on earth are you going to top yourselves?!! (and by ‘top’ i mean ‘outdo’ of course, not… oh well!)

  27. Alexyss truly is a gem of a woman, and we were thrilled to have her on the show. I was surprised by how approachable and sincere she was with her message and the sweetness behind her celebrity, and of course, what a great voice!

  28. bowdownza says:

    This is my favorite kind of F.O.F. show.
    I was slightly skeptical of Alexyss upon first hearing her show. People who talk in non stop monologues usually turn me off but in the interview she really won me over. She is like a cross between Dr. Ruth and Sister Souljah but alltogethor a true original.

  29. I didnt new alexys but she is telling so much true she is so real being watchion some of her videos just love her

  30. xio says:

    Guys trully one of the best shows ever. It hit really close to home. I fall right in love with Alexyss (love the name btw). I had this great comment when i was working out but i forgot what it was.
    So great show can’t wait for her to come on again. I will tune in to here show via the internet.

    @ patchouli_stink; that’s exactly the same thing that went through my head when i heard it. Good stuff.

  31. I often thought of Alexyss K Tyler as the street-version of Oprah on the edge-ucational path to reach out and spread her message. I revel in her message and want to share a small collection of my favorite quotes:

    “I can respect an honest hoe and an honest sissy. You got your id badge on and I can make a decision if I can socialize with it.” – Alexyss

    “The gay community in the black community is not separated from the church community and so called straight black community. All of these communities are entertwined because we are all dibbling and dabbling, we dippin’ and sippin’ in and out of each other’s pot. And because we don’t want to know that or people tell me to mind my business, that’s why we all meet up at the clinic…we still doing the same shit when it all began.” – Alexyss

    “Prejudice in the black community does not excuse or justify a man living on the DL and sleeping with a woman that trusts him; not using a condom with her, and infecting her with the HIV Virus. Black men have to learn to be responsible for their actions, even if they are ashamed, because women are dying.” – Alexyss

    “Gays just ‘sweat’ at the sight of dick.” – Alexyss

    Some Gays “can’t stop putting a man’s nut up in his butt and a man’s balls in your jawls – yawl!” – Alexyss

    Beware the three wise men bearing gifts: “hot dick, nuts, and his self.” – Alexyss

    I am praying for a DVD of her best work.

  32. [nObLe] says:

    When i first heard of Alexyss and saw her video as a kind of like “look at this crazy person talking about vagina power and pussy power and piloting the pussy” but after hearing the show today a lot of what she is saying makes a lot of sense. Especially when Alexyss talks about older men on the down lo hooking up with younger men and fausto saying something along the lines of [at the end of the day you’re just a fuck]. That deff. hit home because i have experienced that a few times in my life. I am going to look for her other shows that she mentioned.

  33. I think everyone hopes for a few more shows with are said lady.

  34. Joe P says:

    Another great show! I didn’t really know anything about Alexyss before the show. I heard you play her sound bites of her show before and honestly I thought she was a bit cooky. But this show was so entertaing but also enlightening about the power of the penis and vagina. She is a wonderful lady and I love that she is trying to educate the public about sexuality by just telling it the way it is and that she’s not afraid to step on anyone’s toes.

    On another note, I am getting to the point of memorizing your Steamworks commercials and I am starting to chant along with you guys! The Spanish portion is especially fun even though I have no idea what it says or means. I say it like, “Soccer-de-deprecion. STEAMWORKS!” lol

  35. Is says “Saca la presion” which translates as “release the pressure.” The expression “release the pressure” is funnier in Spanish. I don’t know why exactly but I’ve been using it on Latinos at work for a long time (I’ve been plugging Steamworks for years) and it really cracks them up. I think may be a double entendre at work here as the verb sacar means to take out, or to stick out.

  36. travisty says:

    Great interview! I got a kick out of Alexyss from her YouTube clips, but your interview showed a much different side to her. It’s refreshing to see that she’s not just another one dimensional YouTube celebrity.

  37. Loved Alexyss!!! I think I will be like Scrappy Do “P-P-Penis Power”!!! Very well spoken woman. Her sweetness really showed through.

  38. gabe says:

    i wonder how many downloads this particular episode got??? i imagine it must be up there with the fagbug!

  39. Thom says:

    I really enjoyed listening to Alexyss before, but after this show, she is officially my hero.

  40. Chrispy! says:

    i’ve never heard of her but she was great. she is genuine and passionate about her work. who cares if she’s not as educated as some of those women would like, she gets her point and message across just fine; in fact, it’s loud and clear and perhaps speaking like the other women want her to may actually detract from her message. who wants to listen if you have to pull out the dictionary and translate everything? you go Alexyss and keep up the great work.

  41. MaxMiami says:

    I can believe that this is the best podcast in the world. How many hosts can make their guests crack up. There were point when it sounded like Alexyss Tylor was rolling on the ground in laughter. The show was hilarious as always. Marc & Fausto are the greatest!

  42. Tallguy says:

    I loved her video clips when they came out. I loved the interview. She has a great laugh and a great look out on life. This was a great show and interview.

  43. I absolutely love her!!! I heard of her videos through another podcast, who’s host is nowhere near as wonderful, sexy and brilliant as Marc, Fausto and Co. nor as FOXy as his name would imply, but it wasn’t until I heard her on FOF did I truly understand her. I thought she was for shitz and giggles or just out of her mind. I could not believe that someone would give her a show. But now, I understand. She’s a fucking genius, and she had me fooled. She had me fooled because she spoke to me, so colloquially that it felt comfortable for me to laugh a her rather than celebrate her. Come to find out that is what she was hoping to accomplish. Knowledge to girl talk its genius! Someone should kick Oprah’s tired ass off TV and give her national show. Alexyss K. Tylor you have a fan for life!!! and while dick has never made me want to slap somebody, I will admit that slappy raunchy sex has made me do some interesting things.


  44. I really enjoyed this interview.

  45. Andrew J says:

    Awesome, awesome show! You guys really made her laugh, it was hilarious.

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