FOF #663 – Remembering Your Muse

Dec 6, 2007 · 1985 views

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Today we’re talking to Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and writer Achy Obejas about her little new book, “This is What Happened in Our Other Life” a collection of poems about love, desire and exploring her […]


  1. First of all I just love saying her name its so much fun. Sister-centric! So the Lost and Found is a cruisy lesbian spot… I thought she was talking about lesbian orgies in the lost and found in like sears or maybe Lowe’s. Thanks for the show.

  2. Avatar Barbara says:

    The Lost and Found still exists !! I was there when it was raided by the Chicago Police in 1973.

  3. Avatar moonsammy says:

    I have been voting fausto on gay bloggies, and been wondering, does it help the cause if you give a thumbs down to the other participants?

  4. Avatar Persikov says:

    Wow! One of the best guests yet. I loved her laugh and her insights… and I went to the U of C and am currently at UIC – her comments about different Chicago universities are absolutely right on (and hilarious).

  5. I rememeber hearing a mild bit about todays guest, when I was working at a Cuban reastaurant her in Milwaukee. My boss and some of her friends always told me it was something I might want to read into. So good to hear her on the show.

    I’m still voting Fausto, hopefully it’s doing some good.

  6. Avatar Maia says:

    Love it, love it, love it! This show was right up my alley… anyone who uses the adjective “perverse” regularly is my kind of person. I was wondering why her name sounded so familiar, and then realized she translated “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.” Wow, indeed. Achy is amazing. So prolific!

    The on-the-spot poetry translation was hilarious. What your translation lacked in music, Fausto, you made up for in steamy lesbian passion. Thanks for that.

    Barbara, I’d love to hear your stories about lesbian life in Chicago in the 70s. We drove by the Lost and Found a couple of days ago, and were scratching our heads at the sign that advertised “Fish Fry — two doors north” … wondering if that was a secret code, or do they actually serve fried fish??

  7. Avatar PupDon says:

    Why is her love like a carton of eggs? ROFLMAO!!! Marc, you kill me!

  8. Avatar Duane says:

    Thanks for another great show! I really enjoyed you interviewing Achy. When I read the notes for the show I thought things might become a little dry but I was pleasantly surprised. Achy is a very charming person. I found her to be intelligent, talented and very real. I probably would not have sought her out on my own but I am now considering her book as part of my Christmas shopping! Thanks guys 馃檪

  9. Avatar lis says:

    Great show. So glad to hear someone speaking out some truth about the Cuban situation and the political myths about Cubans in Miami. I’ll be looking out for her writing. Great translation Fausto!!!

  10. Moonsammy, every thumbs up counts and of course every thumbs down counts as well. It’s round based, like American Idol. I need your votes to make it to the next round!

  11. I just listed to this one last night and I really enjoyed it.

  12. Avatar Zoomer says:

    I just listened to this one recently too — what a great show, very interesting!! It’s a nice change of pace when you have smart, funny lesbians on for us girls to drool over. Don’t forget about us. 馃檪

  13. We love the lezzie-ladies Zoomer!

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