FOF #665 – Freaking Jerry Springer

Dec 11, 2007 · 1985 views

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  1. Zara says:

    Haven’t listened to this show yet, but it sounds like a good’un 😀 Amanda rocks! Fausto to win the Gay Bloggies for sure- keep voting everyone!!!!

  2. Cliff Dix says:

    FAKE! Jerry Springer is fake. Glen and I went to the Jerry Springer show in October 2006 on our first trip to Chicago the home of FOF. We also felt dirty afterwards. How did two soft spoken guys from the South get so caught up in it all that we were screaming at somebody’s 300lbs momma to “Take It Off” What we found interesting was the people on stage would be fighting and then there would be a commercial break and they would just stand there. If it was real I assume they would keep fighting.

    When I was a kid a guy would sell ice cones from his truck. If you ate a grape, you would poop purple.

    One more thing, when Amanda was talking about Hannakuah, a car passed by me with a huge menorah on its roof. Quite weird. I was also fortuante to receive an Amanda Steinstein hug this summer and I can tell you that would make a fantastic Xmas present.

  3. RcktMan says:

    LOVED the show! There are only two times where I’ve felt so dirty that I had to scrub myself clean in the shower when I was done…. one was when I went to Man’s Country the first time; and the second was… well, it hasn’t happened yet, but I would bet it would be if I went to see Jerry Springer. But hey, it’s all for fun and you guys sound like you had a great time!

    Reading Cliff’s Hanukkah menorah on the roof of the car story– I have an Amanda story to share! Last year Amanda and I went Christmas shopping together — it’s true! We parked the car and hit a few stores and got it all done in no time flat. We totally power shopped. We rock that way. Anyway, at one point this car or station wagon drove by– NO it was a pickup truck, and it had this huge menorah in the back and it had speakers playing Hanukkah carols. Amanda shrieked “OH look! it’s the Menorah Truck! HEYYYYYY!!!!!” and waved at it as it went by. Then we got dinner at a Thai restaurant.

    It was fun!!!!

  4. Barbara says:

    Rick, I went to Man’s Country in the mid to late 70’s with my friends Carolyn and Cathy Ford. They were singing in what I guess was the main room. I helped them transport and set up the equipment. Cathy ( the straight one ) almost fainted on stage. I thought it was a riot.

  5. Happy Holidays Amanda! Totally love you!

    I’ve never been to a taping of J.S. but, I’ve often thought that the silkwood shower was definitely part of the process. They should install a decon unit for use by audience members as you exit.

    Oh! and if you do go with the glitter caps for poo, you can call them, “Designer Doo Drops”… maybe not. It sounded better in my head…

    Cliff- a big Menorah? Wow! We have limo’s here in Indianoplace with chicken heads on the hood, dancing pigs and ckaes on the roofs but no Menorahs.

    I hope this notion doesn’t hit the gay community. I don’t think I want to see a Mr. Bendo in Leather Strapped to someones car going down the street… or maybe I do.

    Thanks again for a great show!

  6. OMG!!!!! GUYS GUYS GUYS, JERRY SPRINGER!!!!!!! Next you will tell us you are in the market to look for a shiney new TRAILER!!! But seriously, A friend of mine about 5 years ago actually was a guest on that show, his nick name in real life is Pooch, his character was supposed to be this man who fell in love with a drag queen who didn’t know she was a he! So I am watching this show and thinking “WHAT THE HELL” (Pooch is very much into the leather scene and a very obedient pup.) I had to ask him what the deal was and he told me “They paid me 100 bucks to play the part of a straight man” “So I did, and it was a free Vacation” So Amanda is correct to think that it is all staged!! Love you guys!! See you soon!!

  7. PupDon says:

    Dammit Amanda, now I’m craving Taco Bell!!! So much for my diet.

  8. I dont know much about the Jerry Springer show, just saw some videos on you tube about it. It is so trashy, can`t believe it is still on TV.

    Can you really swallow those gold pills ? Don they harm your health ?

    Anyone who is still looking for a Christmas present ? On the same site I found a golden vibrator, named ” Little Golden Fu*k Design.

  9. PupDon says:

    OMG, I’m listening to this at work and don’t you know of all the times for my co-worker to walk up to my desk but for the part where Amanda says “What was the best color you ever turned your feces”.

    No wonder everyone avoids my desk. Oh, and now I’m craving Taco Bell AND marzipan.

  10. DCRyan says:

    so I finally sit down and further procrastinate by finally looking at the blogs of the other jokers on the gaybloggies. Now I totally get what Marc is always talking about when he mentions blogs were people just post a bunch of youtube videos. I can’t believe they are even touching you in the competition much less beating you, THEY DON’T EVEN CREATE NEW CONTENT.

    Yesterday Al Gore made an awsome speech for the nobel prize so to borrow a bit from him, “Too many of the [Feast of Fools Fans] are still best described in the words Winston Churchill applied to those who ignored Adolf Hitler’s threat: “They go on in strange paradox, decided only to be undecided, resolved to be irresolute, adamant for drift, solid for fluidity, all powerful to be impotent.” OK OK if you don’t follow this means all the other bloggers are Hitler, and if we ignore their threat, global calamity will ensure……or Fausto will lose, which is way worse.

    So Today we must all stand up and be counted in tribute to all the countless hours of work that Fausto, Marc, Bomba Atomica, Amanda, Sal-E and all the rest have dedicated to US, the fans.

    “We have everything we need to get started, save perhaps political will, but political will is a renewable resource. So let us renew it, and say together: “We have a purpose. We are many. For this purpose we will rise, and we will act.” — Al Gore

    A-Woman, I say, AAA-Woman

  11. Mikey Dee says:

    I’m sitting at my computer LMAO!!! I can’t wait to see Amanda on JERRY. So I heard she showed her white jewish titties??? jk…but didn’t Fausto show his white Puerto Rican ten inch cock? If you guys ever want to stop recording in your mom’s laundry room you can come to my tool shed!!! ….in my worst nightmare!

    love yas!!!

  12. Mikey Dee says:

    Oh and just to say, the craziest color my shit has been was a rich, ocean blue…I think ate the icing on one of those giant cookies. yum.

  13. Maia says:

    You guys have totally outdone yourselves today — what a riot! Best show notes ever. The professional actors on Jerry Springer are no match for the professional star power of Amanda Steinstein!

  14. You guys should post the video of Amanda asking the question. What was the theme of the Springer episode?

  15. the theme was “Lost Love”

  16. Jake Snow says:

    Oh I LOVE it when you guys do little skits for the opening of the show. Keep them coming!

  17. the name of the dog that fell backwards?!? oh my …

  18. groggy says:

    Thanks so much for having Amanda again! I missed her so much!

    Where did you get the news about this toilet paper in Poland? How come I haven’t heard of that?

  19. [nObLe] says:


  20. [nObLe] says:


  21. [nObLe] says:

    Amanda you soooo should have gotten your jerry beads because usually when someone with huge titties flashes, the producer guy yells “Go on the pole” and the audience joins in and then you could have been on the pole!!!!!! That show is my church!! or if fausto or marc had shown their ting a lings 😀 then they would have gotten beads too and you could have gotten on the pole and thats where you show your ass

  22. Loved the show, good to hear you had so much fun at Jerry Springer!!

    My comment is all about the gold pills….supposed to make your shit sparkle? SPARKLE?! What if you have Diarehea? I am not a big gold person, is there anyway I could get some silver, or a nice copper?

    Does this make anyone think of their youth, when your pet dog ate your crayons, and the dogs shit looked like a “Jimmy Hendrix Technicolor Nightmare,” just the first thing I thought of listening to it.

    Sorry for the late reply to the show, WI boy is filming in warm FL. I can’t wait to get back to my snowy paradise!!

  23. Michael says:

    Hey guys, great show. I get to see Jerry Springer every day. He comes into Starbucks for coffee in the morning.

  24. nObLe dearest…I didn’t flash anything except my shining wit at the Jerry Springer show. One of the girls who did flash was invited to the pole, where she jooked on the stripper/actress who was in one of the stories, but she didn’t know what to do with the pole.

    Rick, you never told me…did your mom like the stuff from Bloodbath & Beyond?

    That truck we saw hauling around a menorah and blasting klezmer music was from Chabbad, which is as close as Jewish people get to evangelical. I guess a few cities have them. I find it’s just a nice relief from all the damn evergreens ‘n red bows.

    PS: Yesterday I worked with a guy who was an intern on the Jerry Springer show several years ago. He assured me that every single bit of those stories is fake. The *actors* may indeed come from trailer parks in Greater Metropolitan Nowhere, but they are given names and stories by the producers.

    PPS: I don’t need gold flake pills because I fart stardust.

  25. bowdownza says:

    ug… you brought me back. When I first moved to chicago I went to the springer taping and felt exactly the same way. Me and my friend actually left halfway through. And I was a hardcore 2x a day jerry watcher. I got rid of my televvision not so soon after but because of that.
    I think more than the actor/guests I was more appaled by the audience and their enthusiasm. I mean after 20 minutes I started to feel really bad about myself while everyone else just seemed really into it and they were not getting paid for it that is the truely frightening part.

  26. you know, the first time I saw black boobies I did think “oh my god black women have black boobies”

  27. Great show! It has been a while since I heard Amanda. I really enjoy her.

  28. brian says:

    tremendous, absolutement tremendous

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