FOF #666 – More Holiday Music

Dec 11, 2007 · 1985 views

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Happy Holidays everyone! We had such a positive response from Monday’s spicy XXX-Mas Deluxxxe show, we’ve invited our pal Gregg Shapiro to play some of his favorite holiday themed music on today’s show. The holidays […]


  1. Mikey Dee says:

    All I want to say is that I’m starring in Two Girls One Cup the musical!!!

  2. The Number of the Beast on a Christmas show – that’s interestingly ironic…

  3. I told Fausto to skip the number but he insisted. I just wanted to go right on to 667.

  4. Gregg beats old men at holiday gatherings…. lol great story thanks for the show… its nice to know jews and gentiles hate the holiday gatherings equally

  5. Celine says:

    I’m up so late- I can’t sleep! I am so the fool for the Feast of Fools! I can’t wait to sing one of my favorite songs and sit on a cake!

  6. Barbara says:

    Wow ! Cookies made by Marc. I cannot wait. Thank you. I will share my bounty with my little sister in Florida. She votes daily for you guys but is too shy to comment.

  7. bfranks says:

    OMG I watched it… it was the most horrid thing I have ever seen in my entire life! 2 girls 1 cup ( is just wrong…

  8. Rob says:

    Does anybody know what day is the elimination day on the Gay Bloggies?

  9. Oh wow… Celine doing Madonna… that’s good. Perhaps True Blue. I’d want her to perform the video though…

  10. Zara says:

    Yaaaaaayy! Love Gregg! And a mention for me, huzzah! VOTE FAUSTO *thumbs up* nearly 80 comments we’re up to now, that’s quite a few boxes…. :)xxx

  11. Another fabulous Christmas podcast. Could relax quite well from my stressful exam time.

    Can you put up the link to Fausto`s recommend album Salsa Family Orchestra ( was something like that) nex time ?
    I am curious to listen to it.

  12. Got some weird mental pictures imagining Gregg with a raised cane…
    And ‘interestingly ironic’ is actually a good thing, Marc!

  13. Maia says:

    Wow, I think I like angry Gregg! I also like that he sticks up for the ladies — I knew it was love at first sight when I saw him wearing his Women & Children First Bookstore shirt at Alt-Q this year… Glad to hear that your partner’s son is home from the hospital — that’s great news. A welcome holiday gift, I’m sure.

    Can we post pix in the show comments? My very first favorite Christmas album was Sesame Street’s Merry Christmas. We had the LP, and the record cover folded out to show this great 70s-style cartoon panorama of all the Sesame Street characters doing Christmas things… the best is Bert as the Christmas tree: “I’m getting mud in my saddle shoes!”

  14. I have not had the chance to listen to any shows in a while, but I am very excited for this one. I just LOVE Christmas music.

  15. For the gay bloggies all votes are counted for this round until MIDNIGHT tonight. (Pacific Time) Then it’s the top three, and hopefully (thanks to your votes) I’ll be in!

  16. PupDon says:

    I think the sound on the Aimee Mann song is the drummer hitting the rim of the drum. But it does sound like a mouse clicking.

    Maia, I had that album!!! OMG, that brings back memories. See, that’s something that people are missing out on now. Look at that amazing art work on the insert of that album. Nobody does stuff like that anymore. Everything is so polished and stoic anymore. That was so colorful and unusual looking. Just like the artist who did the first Tom Tom Club album, with markers and watercolors. Really good stuff. Okay, I’m done ranting.

  17. Maia says:

    Pup Don… do you recognize this voice?
    “All I vant for Christmas is my two front teeth! Vun tooth, two teeth! Bwah ha haaaa!”

    sigh, memories… But if you’re despairing about people losing the craftmanship of making really elaborate things by hand, just go look at Curtis’s gingerbread video! Holy!

    Fausto, you have to win it! Otherwise, I think the whole thing’s a sham, and the dog can’t be trusted.
    Congrats to Barbara!

    p.s. Whoever made the Celine Dion profile, I love you! Poutine? Too funny…

  18. It’s easy to make your own ringtones though if you have a few samples, some music and workable wave/mp3 editor. I’ve completely holiday-ized my cell, with a Home Alone mix as a ringtone and a sleigh bell/stardust (?) mix for whenever I get a text message. It’s so much fun! 😀

    And this time – again – with the fabulous shirt that can be fetched out of Celine Dion’s claws at her mansion somewhere in Canada… I laughed so hard I’m glad I was the only one at school right then.

  19. Joe P says:

    Loved the holiday music! Especially Aime Mann’s (sp?) “Your A Mean One, Mr. Grench.” My favorite holiday albums of all time are “A Very Special Christmas,” volumes 1 & 2. Just a great mix of artists such as Whitney Houston, Madonna, U2, Debbie Gibson, Bon Jovi. I always listen to them at Christmas!

    On a different note, I suppose we can only vote once a week for the gay bloggies? I tried to down thumb the other bloggers as much as possible, but alas it didn’t work. 🙁

    Good luck with the Gay Bloggies, Fausto!

  20. I think you can vote, once per entry

  21. J.S. says:

    While I normally would say that honesty is the best policy, I have found that the voting is tracked via IP address, so voting from…say work, and then voting from home will allow you two votes, but you didn’t read that from me. Todays show was great. I have to admit that I wake up in the morning and have the show loaded onto my ZEN, then I listen to it on the way to and from work. It’s so damn entertaining…I almost swerved tonight while laughing, this would have been bad…as it’s icy all over here. 🙁 It’s cold…and I’m freezin….I need one of those Fabulous shirts to keep me warm…hmm..I think I know what I’m asking Santa for this year….Of course…maybe I’ll have to sit on his lap for one. Normally, I’m not that into grandpas , but for a FOF shirt, I think I can do it. >:op

  22. Mikey Dee says:

    I bet i could vote at school and from my friends computers!!! Since none of them love the show as much as me. muahaha. BTW I’m afraid of Greg Shapiro now.

  23. I’m so sure Celine Dion would create an account on here… she’s too pretentious.

    I’m glad you guys posted this as episode 666 and not 667… I mean, it’s just a number, no reason to be afraid of that.

    also to Maia, OMG! I HAVE THAT ALBUM!!!

  24. Thekory says:

    I have been putting thumbs down on those others jerks, but now I feel justified about it. Good luck Fausto!

  25. Richard says:

    And I’m soooo sure Celine had a pet bunny named PooPoo. LOL!

  26. Chrispy! says:

    no more Bob Rivers music? too bad! i’ve been a Bob Rivers fan for years and i just cannot make it through a Christmas season without hearing awesome songs such as: Something’s Stuck Up In The chimney, The Restroom Door Said Gentlemen, Walking ‘Round In Women’s Underwear, The 12 Pains of Christmas and more. i hope Bob Rivers and his group produce some more music.

  27. Michael says:

    Great Christmas show. However, I wanted to say, that the name of the disco group is Salsoul Orchestra, Not Salsoul Family Orchestra. I had it on an album and listened to it every year. Great album, but you have to buy the whole album to get the Christmas Medley. Good luck Fausto.

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