FOF #676 – Armor Plated Pitbulls

Jan 4, 2008 · 1985 views

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You think your dog is fierce? Andy, a hunky medieval fetishist and metalworker, loves his pit-bull and spends most of his time making armor for humans, squirrels and dogs. For around $500 he’ll create a […]


  1. As I went back to listen to this and adjust some of the show notes I must observe that we gave waayyyy tooo much information on a couple of subjects. Clothes pins???? and that’s just to start.

  2. But where it goes is hilarity! Great show

  3. RcktMan says:

    Wow… that was one crazy show. But I loved it!!! 🙂

  4. Barbara says:

    Walking home from the store yesterday I was passed by the man who broke into my home.
    He was arrested and charged with felony burglary. The charges were reduced to misdemeanor possession of stolen property without my consent. He did 7 weeks of a 1 1/2 sentence because of prison overcrowding. Us older people need to be taught self defense. They don’t do anything to criminals in California unless they really hurt someone. To save money the Govenator wants to reduce probation from 3 years to 6 months. They don’t supervise the presents people on probations anyways.

  5. That’s terrible Barbara… I’m sorry to hear that.

    OMG Sal-E! That wedding story was wrong. I’m wrect! Oh hey… where do I send these cords? I have three of them. You had mentioned that you were making wig from cords kinda like a medusa wig? I’m looking forward to it.

    Marc, never too much information. Well, maybe about the post office. Maybe media mail… but, never enough about the clothes pins.

  6. You can send Sal-E or anybody things to
    Feast of Fools
    5315 N Clark St
    Chicago, IL 60640-2113

    Please don’t put Sal-E’s, Amanda’s or anybody else’s name on the outside mailing address.
    If you need to send something private to him or anybody else other than Marc and Fausto, place it inside an envelope or package addressed to Feast of Fools

  7. Great Show guys!! Hope you all liked the Calendars!! April is your anniversary month right? Love you guys!! You all have a place here in Boston when you guys come up. BTW Willemina’s drag name is Crystal Crawford!! Willemina, I almost choked on my coffee when I heard that!!! LOL 😉

    Sal-E I sent you the Cat stuff cause you are just PURRRRRRRRR-fect.

    Happy new year!!

  8. Mo says:

    I don’t think my pit bull would react well to armor…
    I looked up that feast of fools beer and one of the decriptions has something like intense, interesting with the raspberry presence, very drinkable .

  9. I picked you up a case of beer a few hours ago…

  10. Maia says:

    Wow, today was a laff riot. You guys are too much. I do hope Ms. Vernon makes it on the show someday — her public is waiting!

    My friend Raul wished me Feliz Cumpleanos on new year’s day, which was very confusing… so Sal-E, you’re not alone!

    Barbara, I’m sorry to hear you ran into the scumbag on the street. That would give me the creeps. Please tell me you will get a big, mean-looking (and perhaps armored?) dog for the new year!

  11. That’s more like it Scott! I do appreciate your 2008 Life Goals list, and I’ll be using it. Eagerly anticipating the cool refreshing taste of the “Feast of Fools.”

    I’m not sure if anyone picked up on the guy who makes the dog armor plating, but check out how hot and hunky he is (he seems gay to me for some reason):

    FYI they just announced the winners in the Gay Bloggies:
    (Still waiting for our prizes though.)

    And last but not least, here are some hot pics of the Drag show we went to see after taping the show:

  12. Rhea says:

    Learning self-defense can be empowering, but to be honest, it’s just easier to hand over my valuables if that’s all they wanted from me, especially if they’re wielding a gun or a knife.

    On the other hand, if someone just wanted to pick a fight with me, I would fight the dirtiest fight ever. Biting, kicking, screaming, foreign objects… and then I would run as fast as I can!

  13. Nothing wrong with learning how to kick some serious ass!

  14. Bad news.

    Its cold. Its dark.

    Its rural Vermont.

    I drank all the beer.

  15. Jonzu says:

    We’re so glad you all liked the comics! Happy new year to you! We love the show. It’s so nice to curl up together and listen to your exchange on dildo doorstops, grooming habits, etc. It’s just like family! On the bloggies: You’re the winners for us! Whatcha’ going to do with the $1K?

  16. Buy stuff for the show, we always need new equipment.

  17. I’m only part way through the show but I got too curious about the beer. I am a beer fan so I had to look it up. Here is the review by beer advocate. “‘Magic Hat Brewing Co” supports safe sex and community arts! I’m thinking about taking a trip to Vermont (in the summer)to have some…

  18. I thought I knew what I was doing with those links, but clearly I did not… sorry

  19. I fixed it for you. You were using ‘ instead of <>

  20. Good to hear you got the Wonder Woman stuff – did you also receive the magazines? Sent those about a week later.

  21. The Dutch one with the Gay Podcasters? Yes, we got them and they are in our archive. But that was a while ago. Maybe there are some new ones coming. Iif so, thank you so much and I will keep a look out for them.

  22. No I meant those. I don’t trust the US postal services so much – send books there sometimes for work and they get lost or stuck at customs for weeks sometimes – so thought I’d check. Coolio with a virgin cherry on top!

  23. I quite enjoyed your time on the gay bloggies, especially the music video. I thought you deserved first place, but I am biased, I guess.

  24. haha finally someone who feels the same way about Bryan boys fashion sense! thank you Sal-E i love you!

    ugh i think bryan boy would get on my nerves just being around me…

    damn i feel like getting my friend one of them suit of plate armor for bulldogs…too bad her dog recently ran away =[

    but anyway…great show! and you won in my book fausto! =]

  25. bowdownza says:

    fausto- yeah he looks like a giant hot bear but he looks like he might also be one of those guys with a set of balls hanging off the back of his truck.

  26. Curtis says:

    lol – what did I say? Did I comment more than once or something about having the competitors from the bloggies on the show? I didn’t mean to if I did. So good to have new shows again.

  27. It’s on it’s way Curtis! Hold your horses. On second hand, release the KRAKEN!!!

  28. Justin says:

    Great show! I need to have a pen nearby so I can remember what to say for my comments… Oh! Yes! I want to be shirtless for the pride parade this year too! I just started going to the *gym* again, Fausto….. 😉 And I’m considering training up for the Chicago Marathon, Marc…. And I need to learn to dance and apply makeup Sal-E….. 🙂
    Actually we should just put makeup on our abs for the pride parade like they did in 300!
    Ooooh! OR I could teach everyone self-defense! It’s a helluva workout!!
    And I feel bad that I just heard this today, because I would have offered to operate the camera if you needed help for your call-in show. Feel free to ask any time!

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