FOF #678 – Gigi Calling

Jan 8, 2008 · 1985 views

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Marc had a terrible scare on his way home from the gym several days ago. Driving back from the gym he got stuck in traffic caused by an extremely violent street fight on North Clark […]


  1. ronnie75 says:

    The live/call-in show was a great idea, but the delay and the technical difficulties were frustrating to listen to. I much prefer the old format.

  2. Cliff Dix says:

    I agree. I liked the idea of it but hopefully there is another way that will work out. Too many problems this time. I still love hearing Gigi and the guys and I want this to work.
    I heard that pink for girls and blue for boys was reveresed 100 years ago. Boys wore pink because it was a watered down version of the very masculine red. Whereas, girls wore blue just like the virgin Mary.

  3. Gary T says:

    Agree. Great idea, but the echo was too distracting.

    I still don’t understand why you would call your belief system Satanic when it has nothing to do with Satan. It would be like calling a group of people who get together to watch Ugly Betty the “Ax Murder’s Club”, to get the shock value. I would think if you truly wanted to educate people your goal wouldn’t be to shock them and drive them away, but what do I know.

  4. I think that this format was a flop. There was a 3 second delay and it was quite obvious and irritating compared to your usual stellar production. You need to find something that has a less hap-hazard conferencing setup, I’m not sure if the earlier live-cast was better or worse about letting you know who was in queue and talking but the area-code identification was not working.

    Otherwise, I adore Gigi Deluxe. Thank you so much for having her back on the show, she is a delight.

  5. Wow, I was totally looking forward to today’s show and I was happy with the content, especially with the Survey Guy calling. It would have been great if we could have heard everyone. I have to agree with the other comments thus far, that call in service was terrible. But you all did your best and I still love ya! I’m always proudly wearing my Pentagram, but that’s more for my own sake than anyone elses. When you realize who you are and what you are, you become less concerned with other’s opinions and more with your own opinion of yourself. That’s the real key to happiness…OMG Listen to me…I sound like I should be looking into the mirror and repeating, “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and gosh darn it people like me!” LOL. See you all next time!

  6. Tony says:

    OMG. You Don’t take a survey during the show! Those guys are RUDE.. but I died of laughter at the whole thing.
    The delay is really annoyink dahlinks! Time for the next tech idea.

  7. ibox2000 says:

    I’m a fan of talk radio (ex. — long live Lowell!) and I applaud you for giving it a try, but this is just annoying. More than one person talking at the same time. The latency. The sound quality. etc.

  8. RcktMan says:

    There was someone in the chat area attempting to give suggestions on how to fix the delay problem, but that would have interrupted the show, and Fausto and Marc were simply trying to keep the discussion going. I found it kind of funny that this person tried to say it was FoF’s problem and not an issue with how the site is set up. Kind of turned me off to them, actually. The delay really made it hard to concentrate on the discussion. I finally just gave up trying to contribute.

    I’m with everyone else — love the concept but this isn’t looking like the place to do it. On to the next trial!

  9. Yes, we were told that “You were getting some pretty nasty reverb which will be eliminated by making a simple pan adjustment on your mixer.”

    As you know, we’re pretty good at audio so, why don’t they make this more clear?

  10. Maia says:

    Shout out to wonderboy in my hometown of Fairbanks! Sorry it’s so deathly boring up there in the winter. 🙁

    Why the Japanese tourists all visit in the winter, I will never understand… I read somewhere that they believe that a child conceived under the northern lights will grow up to get perfect SAT scores. True?

  11. bowdownza says:

    more constructive criticism:
    – Maybe just one caller at a time.
    – it was a bit isolating to listen to you describe and interact with callers using video feeds. We can’t see that.
    -Don’t ever answer phone calls from telemarketers during the show. (EDIT EDIT EDIT)
    -Always call the police while witnessing violence.
    – GiGi is a great guest and I loved her song at the end.
    -anyone can license san rio images so basically if you have the cash you can make almost anything and slap the hello kitty name on it. (check it out)
    – I think it is great that you are trying out a new format while you have an already successful show format. I love that the show changes over time.

  12. Kaleb says:

    The show was great, I love the idea of a call in show. However, the technology offered by the site seems to have some major drawbacks.

    Also, about the Hello Kitty merchandise: nothing will ever compare to the Hello Kitty AK-47.

  13. RcktMan says:

    By the way.. the pic of you three on this ep and on the home page is HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT! 🙂 Did I say HOT? 😉

  14. I’m not sure how it was for the other callers, but I kept hearing my own words echoed back to me in my phone’s earpiece about three seconds after I spoke them. That’s why I sounded so hesitant when I was talking about my opinion of Satanism. Still, it was cool finally being able to take part in an FOF show.

  15. Duane says:

    Not sure I’m liking the new technology. I know this is a test but this, in it’s current format, is not something I would like all the time. I felt the callers took away from Gigi’s time. She’s a fantastic guest with a lot going on who could have shared a lot more. The delve into the Satanic religion could have been handled better between you, Marc and Gigi without any outside help. I love you guys and I love that you’re trying new things! But I don’t want the Feast of Fools to become a call-in show. I like the format the way it is, or was, you know what I mean 🙂

  16. I Pooted! says:

    Apparently this Hello Kitty Vibrator has it’s own myspace


  17. Jake Snow says:

    I was laughing hard when the telemarketer called cause I was just thinking how it would be funny if something funny and random like that happened and it did! Thanks for keeping it real 😉 Wish the guy played along.
    As for the new technology, I love the idea and have been silently wishing that something like this would happen. Yes it is frustrating with the delays and everyone talking at once. Perhaps if it was only Marc and Fausto interacting with the listeners like some of the practice runs were. Those seemed to work fine. I think you should keep on trying, practice makes perfect. You have already learned a lot by trying it out. Now that the larger listener audience knows and understands what you are trying to do, maybe more can participate and also be mindful of turning their speakers off and etc.
    Most importantly Marc and Fausto, thank you for staying in touch with the audience and trying to include us in on the podcast!! *muah*

  18. Well they don’t call it a “BETA” for nothing! I agree the audio was terrible, and managing the calls was sub-par.

    Anyone know about streaming video just by itself? I’m going to the Apple Store next week to find out about how to do it just on it’s own without using a third party (the way Apple does it for it’s MacWorld expos)

    I enjoyed the call-in tests, but the technology leaves a lot to be desired. We’re continuing trying all this stuff out, including different services like NowLive, TalkShoe and BlogTalkRadio. If you guys know of any other call-in services that exists out there, I’d love to know about it!

  19. Thanks for the continued effort you guys make. Have you tried emailing Keith and the Girl to see what format they use? I know they frequently have call ins on their show. I can already tell that 2008 will be a great year. With Feast of Fools it just keeps getting better and better.

    The bloggies must have been fixed because you were so on top of that one.

    Here’s an interesting site if you don’t already know about it:

  20. moonsammy says:

    Mark, you were right to try and call the police. Also, if you ever witness an accident or see someone who looks like they need medical assistance, you should call the police. I was shocked to find out from a friend who is a lawyer that if you go to the aid of an injured person, and that person dies, you can actually be taken to court by the family of the victim! seems insane.

  21. patrick says:

    hey guys, while i still loved the show, i gotta say i’m not a big fan of this format! the nasty technical boo-boos for one thing, and for another, the fact that it’s interactive for just about everyone except me! ;-(

    i’m looooving marc’s facial hair action though! i’m feeling tingly all over just imagining him… uhm… oh crap! sorry, fausto! 😉

    and one more thing… YOU SO WON THE GAY BLOGGIES!!! and we all know it!

  22. TalkShoe seems to work well. Jack Clark, the host of “Blast the Right” uses it for his live call-in shows, and he seems to get great results. The audio quality is equal to what one will have on the phone, but that only seems to matter when you try to put music into the show.

  23. PureeTofu says:

    The show sounded okay, however I didn’t view it live via the webcast, just heard the podcast.

    Personally I think it might work better to eliminate the video (allows for more bandwidth for audio, not to mention video delay is the motherbitch). *Said based on feedback via forum*

    Also, if you can get a “grunt” to prep the phone calls beforehand, getting people to make sure they are in a good calling environment, know who they are, etc, and have everybody in the show ready for the caller.

  24. MMJ says:

    Not a fan of this format. Maybe a call-in once in a while, but not regularly. It’s just not as interesting to people listening as a podcast…because we cant SEE what you are doing. The delay and other audio problems were definitely annoying. Love the usual format!

  25. PureeTofu says:

    Fausto you kill me about the analog channels being turned off:

    *** Some clarifing notes about HDTV / Analog Switch ***

    If you have cable or satellite TV these convertor boxes will not provide you any benefit. They are only to be used for watching HDTV channels on an analog TV that doesn’t have an OTA (over the air) tuner installed.
    Nearly every television sold in the past three years has an OTA tuner in it already, though the FCC is offering $40 coupons for tuners to offset the cost of getting one. These coupons are good only for tuners not new TVs and the tuners will not give your old TV high definition picture but rather downgrade the HDTV OTA signal to a standard signal (no ‘snow’ on your screen, but same resolution, or quality, picture)

    Feel free to message me if you have questions about whether or not you should get a tuner, no need to spend money you don’t have to!

  26. SAL-E says:

    Great show Except for the delays……..I was ready to pull out some hair.
    But then to hear my gal pals laugh always cheers me up.
    Love ya GiGi……………………..

    and as for notanangel79…..
    I like your tail……………….
    I can’t wait to get mine!
    Love ya

  27. totally loved the fact that i could hear the echos of your replys before you actually said it, it was fun saying the replies along with the podcast

  28. The audio was a bit tough, but I applaud your efforts to try different things. GIGI is a great guest, but I somehow missed “Breakdown 2008” with her. I would love to hear her answers. The picture used for this episode is great. Marc looks awesome in his recent pics. Keep up the great work!

  29. Phil-
    You didn’t miss any breakdown questions with Gigi. She did them way back in 2006.

  30. I HAD SOooooo Much fun on the show!! Thank you so much for having me on again, and Thank you guys for all the wonderful feedback & comments!XOXO!
    When you are ready to have me back let me know, just like Blondie says: “call me, call me any, anytime”.
    I’m glad you enjoyed the video I made- and for those who didn’t see it- here it is!P.S. Mark you look so hot with that porn star mustache-love it!
    Click To Play

  31. I just got approved to compete in the “Are you a M.A.C. Original ” Contest- Vote for me and make me happy!!!!
    Click on my pic and Vote! Vote! Vote! XOXO!!!!!!
    Gigi D.

  32. I just got approved to compete in the “Are you a M.A.C. Original ” Contest- Vote for me and make me happy!!!!
    Click on my pic and Vote! Vote! Vote! XOXO!!!!!!
    Gigi D.

  33. darn the link didn’t work 🙁

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