FOF #679 – That Girl

Jan 9, 2008 · 1985 views

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Tracy Tyler is single again! Our enchanting chanteuse and interior designer Tracy Tyler joins us on today’s show to share the juicy details of her love life as a modern trans woman. Just what happens […]


  1. Tracy is a great guest. I hope to see her on the show more often. She is the kind of person that I wish was living next door, and the friend that I would love to have.

  2. Tracy is a fantastic guest. Furthermore… she is a Really, Good, Trans.

    I had no idea that she wasn’t a ‘genetic’ giggly, wondrous, intelligent girl. This new caveat is wondrous and just makes her more fabulous.

  3. Kaleb says:

    oh wow… I was sitting on a packed bus today listening to the show. Right about the time Tracy yelled “GET OUT” I had to stifle myself. And then she kept saying it, which just made it worse. I’m sure there are now a bunch of random people that think I’m insane for suddenly laughing on the bus.

    Awesome show today guys… that was the best story I’ve ever heard.

  4. The “get out” bit is even funnier in person. The facial expressions and the hand gestures are a riot.

  5. Kaleb says:

    I can only imagine… I wonder what it was like when the guy was saying it. I bet it wasn’t as funny in any case.

  6. What a pleasure having Tracy on the show. I love her. She’s such an awesome guest. And recapping the story about the hot Czech encounter, OMG I almost fell off the elliptical trainer this morning. I’ve found that I can workout to your show and accomplish two of my favorite things at once. Again, awesome show this morning and I’m looking forward to listening to tomorrow’s show.

  7. Rob says:

    I listened to that story 3 times. Hysterical. “GET OUT !!!”

    Thanks for a great show guys. Love Tracy. What a great sense of humor……and that laugh is infectious.

    Why do we think he wanted to see it a second time? Hmmm…

  8. I’m sure it wasn’t funny at the time but this formula works: comedy=tragedy/time

  9. Kaleb says:

    The way I see it; there are three reasons he would want to see it again

    1) he was debating on whether or not it was really a big deal.
    2) he was generally curious about the anatomy of a tranny.
    3) he’s secretly bi/gay

    Also, I disagree with Fausto about vaginas being refered to as things. Technically a vagina is a thing so “it” would be a correct term to refer to it. However, it could also be considered as a place seeing as it’s technically located in the body. In this case, using “it” would still be a correct way to refer to it. That being said, I think “her” would be a better pronoun to use when refering to a vagina as it clearly has female characteristics (duh!).

  10. Rob says:

    A friend of mine had a similiar experience in San Francisco. He’s a very petite Philipino guy, but really passes as a female when dressed up.

    He met this guy at a bar (Halloween) one thing led to another and they were fooling around in the guys truck. Things were going great until the guy got off in her wig. My friend was mortified, tore off the wig, and screamed “do you know how much this thing cost ?”. The guy freaked out, pushed her out of the truck, and drove off like a bat out of hell.

    My friend was really upset at the time, but mostly about the wig.

  11. Wesley says:

    Loved the show; it’s so funny and fresh!

  12. WOW !!! That Tracy girl is a hottie !!! she seams like a total blast, give her more air time !! I ohh soo envy the eastern european guy…..

  13. kennidi says:

    Tracy is one of my best friends, so its so nice to see her on here! We both go out and get into our troubles so its so funny to hear her talk about her stories, cuz that bitch can make me laugh all the time! It’s so nice to see her tell it all! I LOVE YOU GIRL! KEEP IT UP!

  14. RcktMan says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Tracy! She’s the girl I want living across the hall from me, because you know she’d be pouring a cup of tea, knocking on the door and saying “GIRL you would not BELIEVE what just happened!” And that “Get OUT!” story is going to be FoF LEGEND now. I can’t wait to hear what other stories Tracy has for us. 🙂

  15. Fishsauce says:

    I love Tracy! What a fantastic and refreshing point-of-view to bring to the show. Her honesty and humor really shine through, and I would love to be her BFF. Please bring her back for more!!

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