FOF #685 – Peaches Christ Will Save You

Jan 17, 2008 · 1985 views

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WWPCW? What Would Peaches Christ Watch? A campy horror film with lots of gratuitous sex, violence and wild women on the verge of insanity, of course! Brainchild of filmmaker Joshua Grannell, Peaches Christ is well […]


  1. Stephen says:

    Thanks for reading some of my questions. This show was the fiercest!

  2. Thx for the show. Peaches was an interesting guest. I am going to check out Beyond the Valley and Showgirls(again) but I really want to hear the much talked about FoF alternate Showgirls audio track. Couldn’t you record an Mp3 then have us start it at a certain point in the movie like with Darkside of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz. Wish I was in San Fran would love to see a late night show with lap dances and popcorn.

  3. Mateo says:

    Peaches was fantastic! It’s really great to hear from these classic Divas! I crave more fabulousness! Keep it up!

  4. PupDon says:

    What an excellent show! Looks like I’m gonna have to make a road trip to SF this summer!

  5. Joe P says:

    I enjoyed this show so much! Thank you for having Peaches Christ.

    My sister bought me “Showgirls” on DVD for Christmas a few years ago, and I just got to watching last summer again and I realized why I feel in love with the movie the first time. My favorite line in the whole movie is when the guy dancer says “I have a problem with pussy” to Nomi. Oh yeah, I can’t forget the whole ice cubes on the tits thing to make them hard. That movie is just so wrong and delicious!

    A couple of my other camp classic favorites, which everyone of my friends keeps making fun of me for, is “Glitter” and “From Justin to Kelley.” I highly suggest both of them. It’s like the only person in “Glitter” that really isn’t acting is Mariah Carey. That movie is such a mess and it makes me laugh hysterically every time I watch it. The movie pretends to happen in the early 80’s but that had a real problem making sets and costumes historically accurate. It was like a 00’s movie with semi-80’s music, which also makes it a laugh. All that said, the ending still makes me teary-eyed and the soundtrack is surprisingly good.

    “From Justin To Kelley” is a must for any Idol fan. The movie is total cheesiness. The whole movie makes a good movie to make a shot game out of. It has a lot of bad acting and bad lines, but some excellent quotes. Being a fan of Kelley Clarkson makes it a must, because her part was the only part to watch. Despite the cheesiness of the songs some of them are kind of catchy. It even has a gay alternate ending!

  6. nst101 says:

    Hey guys, loved the show today! I’d love to go to Midnight Mass! It’s just another excuse to visit San Fran (besides dropping off my paperwork at HQ and picking up my toaster oven).

    I wish the queens here had half of the verve that Peaches Christ has. A lot of them here in Des Moines are divas that just lip sync and don’t put any more effort into it. There was a queen named Pretty Belle at the only gay bar in Cedar Rapids IA (where I moved from) who put a lot of effort and energy into her show. I always loved her shows because it was funny and full of energy. I actually found out, after I came out, that she was one of my best friend’s cousin!

    Again, thanks for a great show again guys, I loved Peaches Christ and can’t wait to get to San Fran to see her sometime (:

  7. Joe P says:

    Hey, nst101, the drag scene is just like that here in Cincinnati. It is really a shame we don’t have a lot of the fab queens they have in San Fran and other big cities. There is one exception here and her name is Penny Tration. I always enjoy her shows, she is a great MC and really puts her all into the show.

  8. Excellent show today! Very fun!

  9. I loved doing the show and I hope ALL of you will come to SF and attend a Midnight Mass show. Thanks so much to Fausto and Marc for having me on the show. I’ve already gotten another University gig inquiry because of this very interview.

    Also, I’m always looking for new movie suggestions for Mass so feel free to let me know about your favorites!


  10. One of my favorite things about Midnite Mass at the Bridge Theater besides being able to tote in my 3 mini coolers on a luggage rack self contained bar was the fact that so many cool and interesting people, a complete cross section from people who hung out at the Stud to Bears, would show up somewhere other than a bar on a Saturday night. Highlights of my visits over the years include being sprayed with a garden hose by Peaches during Carrie and hearing Peaches declare the neighbors called the cops with noise complaints that last time they showed Mommie Dearest and telling the audience she wanted us to be twice as loud this time.

    Peaches was an amazing, interesting, and very funny guest, please definitely have her on again

  11. Rhea says:

    Someone pass the Kool-Aid, I now belong to the cult of Peaches Christ!

  12. OMG..Peaches Christ is a dream come true…Not only does she share the same idea of what makes Freddy such a great character as I do but she has made it possible to combine my love of drag queens, my hunny bunnies love of exploitation and our combined love of John Waters films into one beautiful, sassy solution to our “where shall we go on vacation?” dilemma. To San Fransisco for MIDNIGHT MASS, that’s where! She’s one of those people you hear about and then kick yourself in the ass for not knowing about sooner. Oh and as far as bad, exploitative movies go…Beneath The Valley of the Ultravixens and Up! are my two Favs by Russ Meyer..and definately Something Weird videos such as A Smell of Honey, A Swallow of Brine… or anything by Herschell Gordon Lewis. (He did Bloodfeast-the movie shown in John Waters Serial Mom). Yeah this episode was a treat for me. Thank you Mark and Fausto for having her as a guest. Hopefully she’ll come back again soon! The queens here in St. Louis don’t hold a candle to her and never will.

  13. Peaches was a fantastic guest. I loved the discussion about what made older movies glamorous and how so few of todays people ever watch them. I guess we’ll have to wait until the super-digitally-remastered blu-rays come out.

    otherwise, nst101, you know that the community is just as important as the drag queen for putting on a good act. If all these queens are just up there lip-syncing without effort, you should be up there putting effort into your gentle heckling. (and I mean gentle… because some drag queens will straight-up cut a bitch).

  14. timr says:

    what a great guest. loved the show.

    it seems that there are three types of camp films (to paraphrase and extend what your guest was saying): accidentally camp like showgirls and mommie dearest; purposefully camp like john waters’ and russ meyers’ films (and charles busch’s); and finally, the classic camp films, which were not meant to be camp, but which, with time and changes in the social context, become hilarious for gay men (though surely those writers, directors and actors were winking at the audience more than we can even imagine today).

    one film i would add is Madam Satan by Cecil B. DeMille (of all people) from 1930. Pre-code and absolutely insane at times – a sexy costume party on a zeppelin with some wild characters. If you can find it, watch it.

  15. If Peaches Christ is our modern day messiah, who’s going to be the modern day pope?

  16. Sounds good to me! John Waters has previously been dubbed the “Pope of Trash” by William S. Burroughs. Also, when we were planning the Midnight Mass show with John Waters last summer, there was going to be a poster made of John as “groom” and me as “bride” in a spoof of a wedding portrait. It never came to be but I would have loved it. Maybe we can still do that!

    Also, for any of you that are serious about coming to Midnight Mass this summer ’08, perhaps you’d like to sign up for my FAN CLUB on my website I send out hilarious newsletters full of nifty information including news about advance ticket sales for fan club members, as well as, special hotel deals from our main hotel sponsor.

  17. After Heklina, I was prepared to be less that impressed with Peaches. Boy did I change my mind. Great show.

    And here’s a film to add to the list:

    The Group

    “It’s 1933, and eight young women are friends and members of the upper- class group at a private girl’s school, about to graduate and start their own lives. The film documents the years between their graduation and the beginning of the World War in Europe, and shows, in a serialized style, their romances and marriages, their searches for careers or meaning in their lives, their highs and their lows.”

    I love it when Larry Hagman gets on Candice Bergen’s case about being a “sappho”. Not as campy as it could be – but good.

  18. kennidi says:

    I just listened to this show after Peaches added me to her myspace. With my busy schedule, I have skipped over this show, so I am so happy I listened to it! Since I love cult films, I wish it was more of huge thing all over! I was a theatre major and studied acting for many years so, I love some of those classics that modern Americans dont like! It was nice to hear about Peaches and her journey…Loved the show! I love John Waters a lot and a fan! WAY TO GO PEACHES! Much Love!


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