FOF #693 – Cheezburger in Can

Jan 30, 2008 · 1985 views

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I can has cheezburger? The perpetually pondered question asked by so many cats on the internet when their owners are away has been answered, and the answer finally is “YES!” Now everyone can have their […]


  1. Every year we have this big rugby competition here in NZ called the “Wellington Sevens”, its kinda like the Superbowl meets Mardi Gras. Everybody gets dressed up totally in outrageous costumes and it’s summer so its like a massive party in the stadium. But last year this radio station here in wellington was trying to get people to dress up in the borat mankini and try and run onto field and strip sooooo i think the police are trying to stop it this year by baning the mankini *sigh* ;P

  2. Kaleb says:

    Awesome… This episode wins the record for most times I literally laughed out loud.

    Why would you can a cheeseburger? Wouldn’t that make it misshapen? How long could that possible last on a shelf? I agree Fausto, that’s just nasty.

    Japanese candy is freaky… one of my classmates is half Chinese and her family always sends her samplings of the food they have there. There’s one candy that is sweet and salty, which wasn’t bad, but became a bitter pit of hell in about ten minutes. In the center is some sort of mini-peach pit thing, she bit into it and broke one of her molars. There’s another candy made from durian(sic) that had the texture of raw dough and apparently “tastes like Auschwitz” (the exact words of someone that tried it). I tried it but, other than the nasty texture, didn’t have any qualms about the taste. The last candy I tried was fruit that had been dried out and compacted into disk form. I liked them but other people who tried it said it tasted like corpse … which makes me wonder how they know that.

  3. Cliff Dix says:

    That story about Fausto’s crazy neighbor in Puerto Rico was so funny. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t see and almost wrecked the car this morning. I love the way Fausto’s dad sent that note back to her and then Patricia had to cover for him.
    I went to a nude beach near Key West except it turned out to be a bunch of guys masterbating in the bushes. Yucky. Not at all fun or sexy like I thought it would be.

  4. woohoo Cloverfield! Hell whoohoo I got talked about lol. Here is the link to my blog:

    Great show! Always funny, you guys made my day.

  5. Durian is either loved or hated. Someone sent us some Durian candy once and he had a hard time finding someone to ship it. Many carriers will not ship Durian. To me, it smelled like rotting flesh. I had to throw it out in the garbage outside. II couldn’t stand the smell of even the candy. The raw fruit, they say is much worse.

  6. We got some Durian in the mail and HAD to throw it out IMMEDIATELY. It STINKS and smells like death itself.

    I guess Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolfman all seem pretty gay to me… they represent three gay looks: the aristocrat, the jock and the bear.

  7. I want Sal-E to dress up like this: can you do it Sal-E? I think you CAN!!!!

  8. Hey boys! It’s been a while. Great show today…as always! Miss you two…let’s do something soon!

  9. Rhea says:

    My co-worker asked me if I was okay this afternoon, when she saw that I was trembling in my cubicle. Not because I was upset– I was laughing so hard from Fausto’s regaling us with the story of Bonnie S. Loca.

    Keep playing that tambourine, boys!

    (“He is not gay… in no way… he is not gay… no matter what you say…”)

  10. Jake Snow says:

    OMG I found something better than hamburger in a can!!! I can haz pancake!!? It’s pancake or waffle in an aerosol can! I shit you not. The demo video is funny! The best part is that it’s Organic! You should see about having them as a sponsor…

  11. bowdownza says:

    ooooh I miss the public art in chicago.

    marc or fausto–Did you ever notice the eyes hanging at various intersections in Andersonville? There was one at catalpa and clark and one on summerdale, they were these tiny red woodblocks hung from telephone wires. One one side was painted a closed eye and on the other was an open eye. They were strung so the block spun around, alternating the open and closed eye. I like to think it was a direct response to those blue box survellience police boxes.
    Also Have you ever noticed the crochet trees around town. Those are great.
    I miss andersonville!!!!

  12. Andrew J says:

    Hey Fausto, I think you stole a line from Bitch and Animal’s pussy manifesto on this show: “That was so pussy of you to help me move to my new place.” If you didn’t steal it from them, then it’s pretty funny that you came up with the same line!

  13. Bowdownza: Andersonville does have some kooky stuff in it. The sidewalks get stenciled a lot too.

    Andrew manifest this: it was borrowed not stolen.

  14. Jonzu says:

    Hi Jake,

    We just had buttermilk pancakes from scratch this morning; our kitchen looks a mess, but the outcome was tasty. Not so sure on the verdict of the aerosol pancake however….

    I loved the suggested use for the leftover batter; perhaps the canned cheeseburgers can be used as bookends if left unopen?

  15. Jonzu says:


    I love the fairies when they sing in Mothra! Apparently they have some kind of telepathic connection with Mothra to summon her. Their song in the originally doesn’t make any sense in Japanese. In fact the lyrics are Indonesian; having been translated by an Indonesian exchange student while in Japan; and then the song was published with the Indonesian lyrics.

    If you want to see The Peanuts in their full size here they’re looking fierce in go-go boots; they’ve definitely got the moves:

  16. I loved the movie Cloverfield and I liked how you get to see the movie from the point of view of the characters.

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