FOF #695 – When Obama Met Hillary

Feb 1, 2008 · 1985 views

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Did I just see that? Yesterday’s political democratic political debate between Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama was unusually chummy, almost romantic. Although the two sparred over immigration and “The-Quagmire-In-Iraq” issues, they went so out of […]


  1. Thanks for the show. And yes Ari was a bore. Sorry 🙂 But I always love a show with just the two of you.

    My name is Jimmy and I will never make a bareback movie.

  2. Wesley says:

    The two of you are amazing. Feast of Fools is amazing.

  3. Gary T says:

    That would be hilarious if Christian made Shirley Phelps an Oscar gown. Although it may trigger the apocalypse. LOL

  4. Mikey Dee says:

    i agreee ari is a little boring..he would be better w/his shirt offf..or if he wore assless leather chaps. perhaps you can have him and shirl phelps dual on your next show. anyways lov yea!

  5. DCRyan says:

    Aww now I feel like I don’t comment enough, I need a spanking by both of you hot men…or i’ll just make sure to comment on the celebrity episodes.

    Anyhow, I agree with the earlier comment, I love the shows with just you two and I must say you were on point in the podcast today, I had several of my laughing-out-loud-in-public-and-having-people-stare-at-me moments. And I love the Easter Eggs, I’ve been looking out for one for a while.

  6. DCRyan says:

    Oh, and I’ve always loved the term “Fruit Fly.” It’s kinda cute and not as offensive. Though I realize the idea of a fly could be something like an annoying thing that flys around you, which is not exactly positive, but I like to think of it as a cute little fly that is flying around a piece of pretty fruit….OK maybe i’ve thought about this too much, but there’s my input.

    Oh can you pleeeeeeeeeease play Baby Teeth – Dream again in an upcoming show. Whenever I hear it start the show, it remeinds me of the first time I listened to the podcast when Baby Teeth was in the regular rotation.

  7. jimberly says:

    So, Obama got a MoveOn endorsement today, and one for the LA Times. MAJOR. What a fantastic way to end the week.
    Can’t wait for Ssssssssuper Tuesday!

  8. RcktMan says:

    I didn’t think Ari was boring at all. And neither was this show. You guys had me laughing more than a few times.

    I’m all for Christian making a dress for Shirley. Could you imagine a dual-guest show with those two? That’d be hysterical. Or creepy. Or both.

    Have fun at the Equality IL thing tomorrow. Seems everyone is going but me. Oh well. I have other plans anyway. 🙂

  9. BASboy says:

    Wow, I thought the PSA by CHI CHI LARUE was funny and hypocritical.
    She won’t make a movie of BB Porn, but she will sell all the old BB Porn that is in her library of companies she has bought. Wouldn’t showing the old BB pre-HIV movies be promoting BB sex?
    Personally for me the couple of times I have BB with people that said they were clean (even though I or they pulled out before shooting) was never worth the mental anguish caused when the first flu sign or such came around and you are wondering if it is more than just a regular illness.

    The rest of the show was fun, since I don’t get to hear you banter back and forth very much.

  10. Jace says:

    bitch. you know I love you. good show. I enjoyed it

  11. Lieber47 says:

    I really like this format a lot – the random news and witty commentary. I also like guests, but have missed this type of show recently.

    The Phelps family also decided to protest at the funeral of recently deceased Mormon prophet/church president/leader Gordon B. Hinckley because the Mormon church is supposedly too soft on gay issues. HA!

    Question. What channel is the superbowl on?

  12. Yagerma says:

    Let’s make this presidential election more interesting… Maybe Shirley Phelps should run as Romney’s VP runningmate. Now THAT would make for a set of interesting debates. That would be better than Quayle and Perot’s runningmate (Stockdale, I think)

  13. merboy says:

    In Spain they have hardcore porn on every night on local as well as satellite channels after midnight, and nobody bats an eyelid. One of the channels even shows gay porn. Spain is also one of the few countries to recognize gay marriage as marriage and not civil union or anything like that, and pretty much told the Vatican to go fuck itself. They also withdrew their troops from Iraq in opposition of the war.
    If you let people jerk off, it makes for a happier country 😉

  14. Lieber47 says:

    If you let people jerk off, it makes for a happier country

    I totally agree!

  15. As my tagline states — I have two baby girls with my life partner — i know that the podcast is meant to be fun but this edition went a little far around either having a baby or getting aids — which would you choose — we planned and paid dearly for someone to carry our little girls and wouldn’t have it any other way.

  16. The Christians in the Netherlands (or some of them anyway) God mad because Deep Throat is being aired by one of the government funded broadcasters. So their reasoning was: I am not paying taxes to get porn aired. My response: well I am not paying to give airtime to your evangelical crap, and yet…
    That said: Deep Throat is a really, really bad movie, only of vague historical interest. And a bit dubious because the leading ‘lady’ claimed to have been raped.
    Chi Chi’s PSA was very effective; I felt like slipping on a condom right away – and the only thing I was riding at the time was my bike!

  17. I was without the Internet for a month, so now I am working my way through a huge backlog of FOFs. I quite enjoyed this one.

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