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Feb 12, 2008 · 1985 views

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It’s hard to believe that we are into our fourth year of podcasting! With so many shows under our belt we decided to assemble a clip show to commemorate the good times. Welcome to the […]


  1. Yves says:

    YaaaY I’m the first to comment! It was so nice to go down memory lane with today’s show. I truly miss V-Mar. Such a fun gal!! OMG and I remember downloading the fake Ru-Paul episode and stupidely thinking it was the real her – lol.
    Anyway congrats guys for putting together such a quality show on a daily basis, I wish you many more years of even more success!!!!

  2. Congratulations, guys! I managed to listen to about half of the show before I got into work this morning, and I’m loving it

  3. Cliff Dix says:

    YEAH! 4 years of FOF! You may never know what
    a terrific service you guys are doing. Feast of Fools is more than just the number one downloaded gay podcast. It is a community. It helps our youth with accepting themselves but it also helps others who feel cut off from the gay community if it be by age, location, or whatever. FOF is an all inclusive place we can meet and feel safe and exchange ideas. FOF has introduced me to things I never even knew were out there. It has revitalized me and made me proud to live my life openly and honestly. I have found great people through FOF. Here is to Fausto and Marc and Amanda and Sal-E and everyone else who has put in time to make this show possible. You guys are the best. Love from the bottom of my heart.
    P.S. Since I started listening in Spring of 06, I have listened to the Riding on the Bus with Rosie 3 times. It is my favorite.

  4. gabe says:

    oh shanay, your baby! i got named-dropped in the post. that makes me very giddy. i’m only half-way through the episode and can’t finish since i’m at work!!!


  5. gabe says:

    oh, and happy 702 episodes feast of fools. no one has made me laugh harder (sometimes, embarrassingly, on the bus) than the feast of fools podcast. we are all grateful for your hard work.


  6. Love the show guys you really make an efort to do the show I just have a laugh every day lisening to your podcast You really make a good part of my day. Hope theres more to come the best wishes. I was great to hear former host form the show. Besos y abrazos desde mexico.

  7. PupDon says:

    Wow, is all I can say. Congratulations guys. It seems like just yesterday you were in Weho singing “Can you believe we’ve made 400 podcasts…” and here you are at 700 and still going strong. You guys start my mornings Monday through Friday. Here’s to you and the most excellent Feast of Fools!

  8. Congrats on your 702nd show, guys! We love you. I’ve been listening since December 2005 and I look forward to see what directions the FOF heads to in 2008! 馃檪

  9. RcktMan says:

    Congrats on 700 and beyond! The clip show turned out spectacularly! I laughed like a fool, even though I’ve been sicker that a kitty who ate a cheeseburger lately. Once again, Feast of Fools brightens my day.

    Next stop, 1,000! It’s just a blink away, boys… I’ll be there to celebrate the next milestone.

    Luv ya.

  10. Henry says:

    Wow, how wonderful it was this morning to pop in a pair of headphones and be reminded of all the laughs which have brought a smile to my face for the last few years. Thank you!!
    It was nice to hear familiar voices that have not been heard in awhile. You all deserve the best for all the hard work you invest into this podcast.
    Keep up the hard work. You have reached many milestones and only continue to expand while progressing forward.
    Much love,

  11. Rhea says:

    Once you find the best podcast ever, you hold on to it and *don’t* *let* *go*.

    Thank you FOF for brightening up people’s long work days, and for celebrating the weird, the wacky, and the worthy causes. May you celebrate many, many more milestones!

  12. Cliff Dix hit the nail on the head when he posted how your podcast helps people who are cut off from the gay community. You’ve changed my life. Thanks to your podcast skies are always blue. Congratulations on reaching 700, and on putting together such a great 702 clip. I can’t wait for FOF #10,000.

  13. Cory Root says:

    So when I came home tonight, I asked my boyfriend if he listened to the new FOF and what he thought of the show. He knew exactly what was going on in my head when he replied, “I think they just said that Miss Ronnie has left the show?” Were all the comments about people coming and going hints that our beloved diva Is gone? We’ve been missing her lately and wondering what was up. If true, I’m sad but hope you’re all still friends.

    Otherwise…Loved the show. Longtime listener, first time commenter – whewhoo!

  14. Corey this is what we send to people when they ask “Where’s Ronnie?”
    Ronnie’s moved on to other projects and won’t be a guest on the Feast of Fools for the time being. But, you never know what will happen.

    Please understand that we fully understand what you are going through. We miss Miss Ronnie too. She really was a fun guest on our show, but we are really trying to focus on the future.

    It may sound like the old show business cliche that “The show must go on” but we really are devoting our time and energy to bring you great new shows. We aren’t going to dwell on the past. There is a lot to look forward to, we have a lot of great shows and guests lined up for you to enjoy.

    You may be asking yourself “Why haven’t they made some sort of announcement about this on the show?” The reason is the same as above, we need to remind the listeners of what they have, not what they use to have. We are in the words of Ronnie, “Flipping’ that shit!” – we experienced loss and now we are looking forward to gaining new experiences and having new guests on the show.

    If you look at Ronnie’s FOF profile, you’ll see that she rarely participated in or read the forums, so the best way to keep in touch with her is to contact her via her MySpace at and tell her directly what you feel for her. I am very certain that she would love to hear from you. Please tell her we said “hi.’

    Thanks for understanding,
    Fausto Fern

  15. water-based:

    10,000shows/250 shows a year = 40 years-3 years=37 years

    37 years more or less is how long you’ll have to wait until show 10,000. But rest assured FOF will get there. It may not be Fausto and Marc at the mic but the show will be around for a long long time. That’s a promise.

  16. Hennie says:

    The gay robots bit had me laughing so hard I nearly crashed my car. Now I

  17. You got me smiling Marc! I’ll be 81 and buffed out on future technology!

  18. Mateo says:

    This was a great show! The whole skit about Riding the Bus with my Sister was hilarious! This show makes me miss Victoria and Miss Ronnie I hope they’re both doing well. Keep going guys!!

  19. Andrew J says:

    Hats off to YOU guys! You’re the ones that make the magic happen!! All it took with Christian was one simple message on MySpace and he agreed to go on the podcast (let that be a lesson to everyone out there – if you want someone on the show, contact them directly and tell them!!).

    What a long post you wrote about Miss Ronnie and others leaving the show. I also miss Miss Ronnie, but I kind of like the fact that you haven’t “announced” that she isn’t on anymore. I mean, it’s kind of obvious that she isn’t on, you know? And if you say something about it, it feels so final, but if you don’t say anything, then every day I can look forward to the possibility that this is the day she’ll be back on! Plus, the show makes me smile either way.

  20. Pete says:

    great show. though i’ve only been listening for about a month, this show brought me up to date on all the show essentials like flip that shit and quarter turns. george takei’s story was hot. oh my, indeed.

  21. Andrew J says:

    Pete – the George Takei show was AMAZING! You now need to go listen to the whole thing:

  22. I fell off my chair laughing at the “Bubasha Clemmons” bit — OMG !!!!!!! how funny was that —- I even had to pause the podcast to catch my breath because I litterally thought I was hyper venelating and might need to go to the ER —- LOL — I laid in bed last night laughing myself to sleep thinking about it LOL soooooooooo funny!

    I will echo what Andrew said above — It’s Fausto and Marc that make the show so magical. They are two of the most intelligent and hilarious people I’ve ever met. They are the catalysis for EVERYTHING funny that happens on the show. While some of their guests may be entertaining and enjoyable in reality it is Fausto and Marc that are controlling the interview and taking the conversations into territories that ONLY THEY can get us into. Not to take anything anyway from any past guest, but Marc and Fausto are the real divas of the show and “we guests are NOTHING without them”. 馃榾 —-


  23. Tracy- I’m ready for you to move in!

    It was Berbacia Clemons pretending to be RuPaul

  24. Am am lagging I know but a belated congrats on the 4 years. Regarding leaving comments: I often listen to the podcast on-the-go and by the time I get back home and behind a computer, the incredibly witty and specific feedback that popped into my head has evaporated. Just leaving a generic message that you guys were great (again) and the guest as well (again) sometimes seems a bit *blah* to me, so then I don\’t. Which I admit is Evil of me, but I am probably not alone in this. And occasionally I fall behind with listening and end up way behind the curve anyway…
    Btw Berbacia Clemons as RuPaul was one of the first shows I heard and up till now I completely missed that it was an impersonator… Did the real RuPaul ever hear that show?

  25. MouseGirl says:

    Fausto & Marc: You guys are great as usual! I’m sorry that you have to do your own tribute show. If I knew anything about production, I would do it for you! I love all of your guests. Tracy, Amanda, Sal-E, and too many to name! Keep the show going for 702 more!

  26. Thanks Mouse Girl! It’s nice to finally see your cute face and your sweet doggie too.

  27. Zoomer says:

    I had to extend my workout just so I could finish listening. I agree, that robot skit is a classic. You guys are so funny — people at the gym are always asking me what I’m listening to because I’m always laughing and/or smiling. Keepitup babies! Finally got my mug ordered. I’m sure everyone’s gonna want one where I work!

  28. Richard says:

    Congrats, Marc & Fausto on 702 fabulous shows!! It’s just admirable all the hard work you guys have put into this podacast all these years to make it intelligent and informative on all the issues that matter to GLBT folks without being just completely campy and silly. And finally, a red FOF t-shirt I can wear at Gay Days! =)

  29. Aw, I’m sorry Ronnie has moved on. 馃檨 But if things are getting better for her, more power to her. Good luck to her where ever the lovely woman is!

  30. So many great moments, so many great episodes. Here\’s to 702 more!!

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