FOF #708 – The True Flavor of Love

Feb 20, 2008 · 1985 views

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It’s amazing what our lovely tranny friend Tracy can do with her voice! On today’s show Tracy Tyler surprises us all by demonstrating how she can go effortlessly from femme to butch. Listen in as […]


  1. Avatar kennidi says:

    The show was great! U guys made me laugh about me being a Trucker Tranny…lol! I think there are some non-drop-dead gorgeous trannys out there that people would say in the trans world is not passable….but being passable doesnt mean your gorgeous it means u pass in society as a woman. But there are what we call trucker tranny’s out there…why we call them that is because they look like men in womens clothes, the kind you see at a truck stop. But behind a lot of those TT is a kind heart, and some of those guys/girls live out a fantasy at night and are men by day. The world of Transgendered is a very diverse and colorful one! So many different types, it’s so hard to go into the whole context of them all. Just as Tracy said there are TransQueer who feel woman in some way but still feel man in other ways and bring the two together to live as one.

    The Pilar part was a great thing to hear. I’ve always been a proud supporter of gay marriages. I feel that anyone should have the same rights as others no matter what. It’s sad that I can watch my brothers get married but because of my life I cant…but one day our world will come to the answer that loving someone no matter what they are is the best thing of all. So, this documentary I think will shed a lot of light where people who dont understand the whole gay thing will see that loving someone unconditionally no matter what sex or color they are, is just like them!

    The show started off funny and ended really nicely…the music in the show totally reminds me of Idina Menzel, her voice sounds just like hers. Idina has a new album out that is STUNNING….Idina is the original Elphaba in Wicked and was Maureen in Rent!

    Love the show guys, U had me laughing earlier, what a great way to start the morning!

    Love ya,
    PS….im mad u took Tracy away from me last nite, I had something important to tell her, but I guess it can wait for today! LOL! I still love you guys!

  2. Great show again!
    The Pilar interview was provoking and interesting for me as someone who lives in the UK. It made me feel quite blessed for the opportunity I had with my partner of 23 years to have a Civil Partnership Ceremony last March. Even before that the company I worked for allowed my partner to be on its BUPA Medical scheme even though we had no legal right to it.
    We were very involved in the make up of the ceremony and it was in all practical sense the same as a Civil Marriage ceremony in the UK. We could have any readings or music we chose, echange rings and even change the vows to our own taste – the only proviso (and this applies to both gay and straight civil ceremonies) being no religious content, so we had a Shakespeare Sonnet and Us Two by AA Milne!

  3. Loved the show. I always like to hear about the process of movie making from directors. Very interesting!!!!

  4. Avatar [nObLe] says:

    lmao this is tracy’s best show. It cracked me up i had to stop listening to it because i was cracking up so much. good work Tracy!!!!

  5. Avatar RcktMan says:

    This show had me going through all kinds of emotions — I laughed my butt off with Tracy’s stories and vocal talents, I got a little misty during Pilar’s wonderful interview, and I even got a little angry while you discussed gay marriage and how difficult it is for people wanting simple equality to have the rights they deserve. This show had a little bit of everything — everything that makes this show so wonderful.

    And Tracy, your words of wisdom at the end really resonated with me. “People only criticize you because they believe you have potential.” You’ve brought such a wonderful new presence to the show. I’m glad you’re here!

  6. Thanks Noble and RcktMan — I too agree that this show took us on a rollercoaster of emotions much like a good movie does — that’s the magic of Fausto and Marc — 馃榾


  7. Avatar lis says:

    Great show everybody! I know some heterosexual men here in Spain who like to dress up as women and their big complaint is that they can never hook up when they go out dressed up, because they have all these trannie chasers making passes at them and it’s really hard to hook up with a femme type woman, which is what they like, they do not do butch women or as we call them here, truck drivers –camioneras. I found that fascinating. I’m very open and tolerant but frankly I don’t know if I could go out with a guy who has more dresses than I and who looks more femme and beautiful in make up than I do. But then it probably has to do with my personality as a very informal person who doesn’t like to dress up much at all. I don’t think I could date a guy who wears suits and tuxedos always either or a woman who is dressed up all the time, although I’m more attracted to the femme than the butch females, there is such a thing as too femme for me. By the way, one of these two makes a gorgeous woman, the other does look like Kennidi’s trucker-tranny description, but they’re both very sweet and lovely persons, I’m glad to know them and I love hanging out with them.
    Great inteview with Pilar. I’m a US citizen but very proud to live in Spain, the third country in the world that legalized gay marriage! Even though we do have universal health care. And even though I’m not a citizen here and my own contry would not recognize that marriage, I could marry a Spanish woman and get all the legal and fiscal rights this implies within Spain.

  8. Avatar Oscar says:

    fausto point a realllly good point about having health care and the race for gay marriage. there really is a hard correlation between the two things. its a major driving force

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