FOF #713 – 9 1/2 Inch Tiara

Feb 27, 2008 · 1985 views

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   Most people look insane wearing tiaras. Even still, gay men and women all across the world compete in pageants that cost a ton of money to participate in and for what? The competition is […]


  1. dave73 says:

    This was a good show with Richard Biasi a.k.a. Regina Upright. I didn’t expect to hear the dirt on Aurora Sexton, though I believe you (Regina) were pressured to do so. It’s nice to hear about the behind the scenes look at drag, and the pagents as well. But I hate how Richard referred to one of my hangouts, Touché as toochie. Now I have stuck in my head toochie rhymes with coochie grrrrr.

  2. Good to hear Regina, and how true true true, Life being a drag queen is…. I still would like an answer to her question. “Why is it that when guys find out that you are a Drag Queen they then are no longer interested in you romantically?” That is something I have battled with for many years being in the Drag Circuit here in Boston. It shouldn’t be about that I am A Drag Queen, but a performer who brings an illusion to life for an audience to enjoy. Wigs off to you girl!! Stay Fierce!! Kisses

    Bill Y/ Crystal Crawford



  3. SAL-E says:

    Thank you for doing the show!
    I have been wanting to get more of my Friends on the show.
    And Yes, I do Listen to the show.
    I even wear my T-shirt and take my Mug to work sometimes.
    Love ya

  4. Sal-E you can always recommend a guest or bring someone along. Just don’t bring ANYONE last minute.. You know I hate that.

  5. Cliff Dix says:

    It takes balls to do drag so of course all drag queens have big dicks. I love hearing Richard/Regina dishing on the drag scene in Chicago. Very interesting. Also Marc, it doesn’t matter how old you are. You are looking good no matter what. I once read in a men’s magazine, you should always tell people you are 5 years older than you really are. That way they will think you look really good for your age.

  6. kennidi says:

    This so was great for a lot of people to hear! Being a transsexual, I dont feel like what Richard/Regina was talking about drag vs. trans in the drag world. I started off my adult years as a drag entertainer, and yes I recommend having mentors, I had many in my career and still do even being older. I feel like theres drag and there’s great drag…drag is someone who just takes a song and does it…doesn’t take the time to re-evaluate what they are about to do (IE: not knowing the words.) I love music with a passion and will listen to a song on repeat over and over till I hate it. But in a lot of ways drag is dying. Drag isn’t like it used to be and it isn’t even close to what it once was.

    Back in the sixties and earlier to do drag u had to walk into a place underground, and get made up and then leave with it all off. I’ve listen to queens back home talk about stories of cops beating them up for being in women’s clothes. Drag is about an illusion and I feel that you can give a good illusion as a boy dressing up and as a trans doing it. I am one of those trans girls that doesn’t get naked on stage, very rarely have I ever, unless a song called for it. I have never got naked to get naked for the hell of it. When I do a show I create a character of that song, being it be a real person like P!NK, Marilyn, Stevie Nicks, Kelly Osbourne or Liza or just the craziness I create for that song.

    I do feel that there are so many shows where I go watch it and Im bored to death because its just a girl either getting naked and not knowing words or a girl who doesnt put her time into the show. I have done a show with Regina, and I have seen her do a show…On stage and backstage that bitch works…until the end of the show and the makeup comes off and the boy clothes go on! When I do drag I over do my makeup, I wear costumes and I rehearse the words. I become that character the minute I step on stage. No matter if I have the boobs or not.

    I just wish drag would come back to the way it used to be…where it was an event to go to every week. Girls brought their A Game…even in pageants Ill go to watch 50 girls and only 10 have their shit together and WOW me. And sometimes a few of those ten dont make it because it’s a political game. I’d love to see some these big name queens set it down a lil or move over and let a new girl come into town. Its about growing the generation of drag and at moment if your not a big household name you will never get work. Some of those household names are still working and snatching pageant titles that they started at in the 80s. Last years Continental proved that there was a new bitch in town and she wowed everyone by making into top 12. So it can happen! Regina you are fabulous keep it up!

    Much Love,

  7. Regina, darling…

    Best. Drag name. Ever.

    And for the record, I own three tiaras.

  8. Marc sweetie, “fairy cakes” are the equivalent of Fausto’s favourite dish CUP CAKES!!! x

  9. Well, that’s disappointing. I wanted them to be so much more.

  10. “Why is it that when guys find out that you are a Drag Queen they then are no longer interested in you romantically?”

    I think there are a couple of reasons. Most gay men I know are attracted to the masculine aspect in men, even the ones who aren’t all that manly themselves. If you slap on make-up and wear a dress now and then, that ruins the image of masculinity in a very visual way. Most guys do end up happily with a man with feminine aspects but these aspects tend to be more subtle: maybe a lisp or a fondness for the Mary Tyler Moore Show.
    Also, I think most men will instantly assume a large Diva factor: someone high maintenance who like the attention and NEEDS it. Embarrassment towards their friends and families can also be a factor I suppose, even if they don’t care about it themselves. “You got f*cked by a what!?” Plus, they might not understand the motivation behind dragging and not be interested spending time finding out, because of the other factors I mentioned.
    To be honest, being fairly subdued myself, I don’t think I would go for someone so extravert and my hormones have their will set on the more Tom of Finland type of guys. Seeing those in a dress – well it would be entertaining but not a turn-on.

  11. SAL-E says:

    That last time when “YOUR FRIEND” TAGGED ALONG and just so happen to be TANKED on the border of being retarded……………..was not my doing. This was your buddy that leached on to JOJO and myself……….I had no clue who that boy was……………..he knew all about me and I was creeped out! He was border line stalker too. You know that I do not like messy people with puke on their Breath!

    StevenvanL You are one HOT MAN!
    I own Tieras and wear them when I do my house cleaning on Tuesdays!
    Ask my Neighbors.
    Love ya

  12. You clean house in JUST a tiara? That’s HOT! Do that over at my place and I’ll get you to holla! I got the skills!
    Just ask my Neighbors. (Thin walls.)
    Love ya!

  13. Thom says:

    Though I don’t agree with her views on the election, I do agree with some of Regina’s thoughts about drag…I remember when I was growing up, I was surrounded, nay, accosted by fantastic drag queens whose main goal in life was to put on a M-F-in SHOW! They were ironic, and clever, and thoughtful and varied. And they had these big personalities, as well as an uncanny ability to search out the newbies and embarrass them just enough to make them feel welcome in the gay community. When I moved to Chicago, I noticed there were relatively few queens like that out in the mainstream, and most were the trans folks like Regina talks about. That same spirit I mentioned just isn’t the same one I see in a lot of those performances; rather, those performances seem to be about passing and being pretty. IMHO…yawn!

    That said there are some fierce tranny performers out there who do embody that spirit…I just hope there’s enough of that to keep that real drag spirit alive.

  14. Well Thom I think the reason you don’t see drag queens like that as often is because the need for that type of indivudal in our lives has changed. We have so many places to turn to for community and acceptance and there are a lot of new opportunities for creative self-expression that simply weren’t there before.

    If video killed the radio star did YouTube kill the drag queens?

  15. Interesting show guys. I was kind of bothered by what I heard as a blame the audience tack. Interesting that the analogy of undocumented mexican workers to trannys would be used because both theories are problematic. Personally I am a convert of the gender fuck, oft times offensive school of Trannyshack performers and I cringe at what Heklina termed “nail wavers.” Perhaps audiences tastes have evolved? Thanks for another great show.

  16. Wesley says:

    “Open for business.” lol!

  17. I wanted to come on here and squash afew things before it really gets out of hand.

    First off, I’ve been a fan of the show for a long time. I understand that alot of the jokes and gossip on the show come at anothers expense in a joking manner and working in entertainment I can take a joke, however I don’t feel this was the case.

    Secondly, I have already spoken with Fausto personally about what was said, he could not be more apologetic or understanding of the situation. Unfortunatly once the show is out, little can be done about it. I don’t believe in censorship but I don’t believe in slanderous hate speech either.

    As far as the content, Regina is entitled to her opinions and critiques as we all are, however, slandering other entertainers to a worldwide audience without them having the opportunity to defend themselves is tacky. For someone who claims to be a proffessional, it speaks volumes that he is quite the opposite.

    Since I moved to Chicago 3 1/2 years ago, I have worked very hard to enjoy the success I have today. Have I had off nights where I missed afew words, ofcourse, many have. I’ve had downtimes in my life where it came to work with me but thats part of growing up and evolving in this business- you learn to be more together, more proffessional and your best when you hit the stage.
    But I don’t think I would work on 3 show casts locally and be booked consistantly here in Chicago and nationwide if I was horrible at what I do. Female impersonation is my chosen career and passion, how I live my life is my choice and last I checked I was making my money honestly and legally.

    It is not my intention to come on here and slander Regina as he has to me. However I can’t let my reputation and name go undefended when I have worked so hard for it. What it comes down to is I’m living my life the way that makes me happy, my body does not make me an entertainer- my talent does. It’s sad that he has to take his frustrations with his own career out on me and many other entertainers in Chicago but some people would rather point the finger at everyone else but themselves when it comes to their shortcomings.

    In closing before anyone gets a pre-concieved notion of who I am, feel free to come to any of my shows which are listed on my myspace calendar and say hi 🙂 If you are unable, I look forward to you getting to know me when I am a guest on Feast Of Fools in April.

    Sincerely & Respectfully, Aurora Sexton

  18. SAL-E says:

    Will you do my Birthday?
    Love ya

  19. Miss Sexton,

    You are taking the statement I made WAY out of hand. The ONLY thing I said that included your name was my comment on not knowing your words when you that a SLANDEROUS HATE SPEACH? worthy of ruining your career?….need I remind you how many times at Charlie’s this topic was mentioned by not only the emcee but patrons in the audience on several occasions. Any other choice phrases you took to be directed at you is upon yourself. Plus I think it unfair to the Feast of Fools owners and audience to include references to information which they are not privey. Also, do not group everyone you associate with into one collective “anti-regina” crusade. I admit that I have voiced my opinion when I felt that myself or others were treated unfairly and am viewed in a negative light for it. What you seem to forget is for the most part it has been to stand up for performers everywhere that do not get the respect from club owners and patrons. Unfortuntely there are many that want/need to perform so badly that they dont use the backbone God gave them and speak up. Change will not happen and this industry will not improve if no one addresses the issues!

    The other reality of this business is EVERY FUCKING QUEEN DISHES EVERY FUCKING QUEEN…. no one is please do not deny that you have partaken in a gossip session or vocalized a not-so-flattering opinion… I tell the truth, and obviously the truth hurts -some to the extent that they have to go off the deep end into a tirade. If you were that secure in yourself and your talents it should not bother you what people say. Especially me. I am but ONE person!…. I have heard all the bullshit talked about me but I ignore it and carry on for my audience that appreciates that fact that I am 100% boy and can still give the illusion. Oh, and I am a professional- alwasys ready to go onstage when my turn, music ready, able to change into my costumes without assistance, know my words and give a pressence when onstage. Contrary to your making it sound like I am blacklisted at every club in the country, I am still a saught after performer. Also, my career is NOT drag! Did you even listen to the entire podcast? I book just as much as you, AND have a full time job, 2 wardrobes, my own apartment, car, health insurance, 401k, and pension! Check yourself before you wreck yourself dear.

    Sincerely, Richard Biasi (aka Regina UPright)

  20. I would like to stay out of the Aurora/Regina controversy. I do respect anyone\’s right to freedom of speech. I think Regina is entitled to her opinion, and Aurora is entitled to hers. But they are just that—opinions. And that\’s what this whole podcast is about.

    That being said, I really liked Regina\’s podcast. That bitch will always call the card as she sees him, and that is to be admired in anyone, I think.

    I would like to say that I am disappointed with the lack of variety of drag in the city of Chicago. I admire any queen that is talented—campy, titty, comedy, glam, drag king. There are many ways and forms to be talented in this business, and we don\’t have to all be the same. But in this city, almost all the shows are entirely one look. I feel that really misses out on some of the great entertainers that live in this city. I suppose there is a long history to why this is, but I really wish it would change. I am used to performing in cities where there is TONS of variety. Crystal can even attest to this—-how many different types of queens are there at Jacques in Boston? TONS AND TONS. You never see the same act twice in a show. That\’s what I feel is missing in Chicago\’s drag scene.

    Oh, and nice to see Crystal/Bill on the site. Hi honey, and hope you are doing well. I miss you. Prolly will see you in Boston in the Spring, honey!

  21. I think that Aurora and Regina are both amazing performers — after listening to Regina on this podcast I didn\’t take anything she said as being mean or hurtful and I don\’t think that the rest of the listeners did either.

    So don\’t worry Aurora , you\’re so beautiful that even if you were to flub a couple of words no one would even care or notice because they would be so hypnotized by your beauty !!!! You go girl!!!!!


  22. PureeTofu says:

    After working at a gay bar for two years, where three of the seven nights we were open we had different performances going on I have seen plenty of performers flub their words.

    Aurora I wouldn\’t worry about it too much, nobody is perfect and knows all the words.
    Regina we know you\’ve slipped up too, its just on the way to fame.

    Nobody said anything to the effect that should have caused such a crazy response on here.

    As for the podcast in general, it was interesting to hear about how you denied your performer side while you were out of costume. I know plenty of queens that do the same, its just interesting to read / hear how people deal with their experience as an entertainer / illusionist.

  23. Hey StevenvanL;

    I have thought about what you wrote and I still find that a bit odd. There are guys in the community who would swear that they would never put on a dress but act nellier than any woman I know, but guys don\’t seem to mind that and, it has been my experience that guys who do drag don\’t act that nelly out of character (so to speak) but just the fact that some of us entertain in a dress it such a put off, and if that is all it is the fact we entertain in a dress, well it still strikes me as odd. Maybe it is something that will never understand but i find it interesting that some guys would love to be with a guy who is more \”woman like\” all the time than someone who only is as a woman on a stage. in the immortal words of Arsenio Hall \”it\’s one of those things that make you go HMMMMMMMM!\”

    Miss Vera Parker:

    Nice to see you on the forums as well. I look forward to seeing you again my dear. it is always a pleasure to work with you sweetie.
    see you soon

  24. dave73 says:

    Aurora if you\’re reading this, I still like you as a performer. I don\’t care if you and Richard (Regina) have a rivalry going on, but I like seeing you perform too. Both you and Regina have different styles, and I like nearly all of them. I want variety. As for the comment about you flubbing up; as most people say, it happens to all performers. The faster the song is done, the more likely a performer will flub up (or I would have just said mess up). You also have to not let an audience member intentionally cause you to mess up either. Dena Richards posted in a previous In Dena\’s Heels blog that someone shouted bluntly and very much sober \”That\’s because you ain\’t got one bitch\” to a certain song, and she messed up big time.

    So Aurora, I believe you have nothing to worry about. You still have time to evolve in the business given your age. I prefer numbers that have clothing, but don\’t mind you being sexy though.
    Richard, as Regina, I\’ve seen you stop lip sync\’ing when people kissed you on numbers where there\’s still singing. So you\’re not totally focussed either. But regardless, you\’re still a good performer and illusionist, and I will continue to support you. And I will still support Aurora Sexton regardless. But right now, work has prevented me from checking out some of the shows in Chicago, and checking out other performers.
    This last comment is for all. For the drag queens that think they have it bad that they can\’t find a date because they do drag. Just remember it maybe bad for you to find dates, but at least you\’re still men out of it, or if you refer you yourself as a boy (boi). Transexuals have it much worse, and even more so if they\’re a pre-op transexual, due to still having the cock. I had watched a story in the early 1990\’s on Inside Edition where a transexual didn\’t disclose that she was one, and the guy she married not only divorced her, but sued her for everything she worked hard for, and lost it all. News magazine shows don\’t always run true stories, but something like that can\’t be faked. So Drag queens only have to be ridiculed for wearing drag. Transexuals are ridiculed by both the heterosexual & homosexual communities for not accepting themselves as being homosexual. And I admit I have been guilty of ridiculing both groups (drag queens & transexuals) in my teens to to my late 20\’s. Being exposed to both drag queens & transexuals have allowed me to slowly try to understand why these 2 groups are who they are. I\’m still learning today to be open minded on this topic. Now will I date someone who does drag? Who knows. But from experience, most guys who do drag only see me as a friend or acquaintaince, and it doesn\’t go further than that.

  25. Oh Miss Sexton……always the victim….always someone else to blame but yourself! Slander is only slander when its false information. However, the fact that you don\’t know your words EVER is truth. So before you use a word you don\’t know the definition of, you better look it up.

    And in typical Aurora fashion you decide to cry victim to everybody but the person you should be talking to. Instead of confronting Regina you decide to come on here and try to persuade everyone that you are the one who has been wronged. You don\’t know your words. If you don\’t like being called out about it….learn them! If you don\’t like being compared to other performers….stop copying them. I\’m tired of seeing Erica Andrews numbers done by somebody other than Erica Andrews! You say your talent makes you an entertainer…..well no wonder you don\’t entertain me or anybody else!

    Aurora….the last thing you know about is being professional. You tell Lauren Jacobs that you don\’t want me in the dressing room at charlies b/c you\’re uncomfortable with me there. Last I knew it was you who told multiple performers that you wanted to kick my ass not the other way around… wouldn\’t it be ME who was uncomfortable in that dressing room? But I wasn\’t….because I knew from past experience that you\’re nothing but a bunch of hot air that just likes to talk to hear herself talk. You have no backbone and have never nor will never stand by anything you say or do. To me, my dear, that is hardly professional. You backstab, you lie, you talk shit, but in the end….you\’ve got that mouth full of lies and dick that you find on craigslist.

    And Dave73…..theres a difference between knowing your words and stopping to say thank you to a fan that shows their appreciation for you. Watch Regina, or Lauren, or myself or Dena….and you will see all of us say thank you to someone who tips and go right back into our words. Watch Aurora…….its like going to the produce stand at Dominicks because all you\’ll get is watermelon.

    Love you all!
    Monique Marquette

  26. dave73 says:

    Ok Monique. You just wasted your time bringing up the topic about knowing the words. Regina already brought it up to me in an e-mail. Maybe you know how to get right back into the song, but you expect me to believe you can get right back into the song after briefly stopping to thank people? I don\’t believe you 100%. Performers are known to mess up, especially if it\’s a fast pop or dance song. I do lip sync from time to time, and I\’m well aware of how difficult it is. But don\’t even think about bringing up Lauren Jacobs. I\’ve already had my fill of that bitch. Yes I\’m a bastard, and sometimes can be proud of it toward people who I think are negative toward me. I\’ve already had to deal with this topic on myspace. I do not want to deal with it here.

    I did not want to bring this up, but based on the negativity with the backstabbing of other performers; I\’m left with no choice but to voice my opinion on this one. I can see a part of the reason some drag queens can\’t get dates. Some open minded gay men can overlook you if you do this just for performing, but don\’t wear it outside of the venue. However many aren\’t going to want to deal with drag queens that want to backstab each other, and make some of us think you act just like natural women fighting with each other. That\’s the impression I\’m getting, and it turns me off. Many of you can\’t seem to get along with each other, and it seems to me it\’s all about who can out perform the other. I don\’t need that type of drama beyond the shows. You won\’t impress me if you\’re trying to get booked for the most shows, or as Regina brought up, how many tiaras you can get from each pagent. If youall who do drag expect to get dates, then all the backstabbing needs to stop and somehow get along, or you can expect to stay single. I thought about making the suggestion of dating other drag queens since there\’s one thing you have in common, but I somehow see that as problem with what I stated above. We all have faults and somehow need to get past them. And yes I\’m working on my own issues (too long of a list) so I won\’t have as much animosity. I know I\’ll hear about it both here & on myspace. But if you want to blame me for commenting on something that I see from my eyes as to why you don\’t get dates; fine, blame me. But look no further than to yourselves as to why you don\’t have a date. But if you want to know if I\’m dating; the answer is no. Why not? I have my own issues to work out so it doesn\’t get dragged into that guy\’s life. But also I\’m picky, and would rather be single than be involved with someone that my heart wouldn\’t be into. I\’m not desperate. But I\’m not stopping any of you at the same time either from looking for dates.

  27. omg these comments are better than any drag show! its like the real life version of Showgirls.

  28. DCRyan says:

    GAWD whatever happened to letting queens being catty for the sake of being catty. I have friends that talk behind my back and I have to say I don\’t really care because:

    1) It\’s usually very funny and entertaining to others;
    2) I\’m not worried about idle banter ruining my reputation, it doesn\’t;
    3) Sometimes things don\’t need to be said to one\’s face but it is helpful for people to vent outside of earshot of the person they are talking
    about just to get it off their chest;
    4) Half the stuff they say is probably true.

    I must say this is one of the most entertaining posts on the FOF website right now. I love the drama, high camp at it\’s best.

  29. Oh Richard,

    You had such a great opportunity to change the way people percieved entertainers, but like most, you played right into the stereotypical drama. Now that is all that people will remember. You are a very intelligent person and a gifted public speaker. You have these moments of sheer brilliance that are followed by such bologna.

    I\’ve never liked the way you bad-mouth people…..Fact, it makes people uncomfortable.

    I most certainly did not say that I wished you to be hit by a bus. Fabrication of such a comment is elementary and tacky. If you knew me better and we were in fact \”Dear Friends\” you would have known that I IN FACT WAS hit by a car last summer while roller blading to the gym and spent the remainder of my summer in Physcal therapy and the Orthopedics office at Illinois Masonic. My true friends know this and were there helping me get around my house and even helping me clean. One of those friends being Aurora Sexton, who has always been the first to lend a helping hand whenever I or anyone else needed it.

    I did say that I can\’t stand beeing around you because I truly mean it. Your always making caddyoff color comments about people, many of which are good friends of mine, it makes for very uncomfortable situations and gets old after oh…. ten years or so. Aurora is quite frankly a better friend to me than you ever were. I can imaging that this hurts when it comes from an old friend doesn\’t it? Just imagine how upset Aurora must have been when she learned about this podcast, you yet again making an attack on her character. What is it with her anyway? I don\’t get it, no one does? Why can\’t you leave her alone? There really is no need for stories and making off color comments like you do. IT\’S TACKY!! we all have things we aren\’t proud of, its part of life. We deal and move on. You always bring out the worst in people by bringing up bad things that have happened to them or things they are uncomfortable talking about. Cracking a well mannered joke every once and a while for a good laugh is one thing but I don\’t think that was your intention.

    You constantly are telling people are over reacting about the things you say. Seeing a pattern yet?

    I\’m so tired of talking about this GET OVER IT!!

  30. Wow what a firestorm this has set off.

    Well I wasn\’t going to comment on this since I could really give two shits about who likes who and what not but since my name has been brought up there are a few things I would like to say on this subject. I know most of you could care less what i have to say but some may read this and agree with me or they may not.

    First of all Dave thanks for bringing mme back into the whole name calling game. And since you have already had your fill of this \”Bitch\” lets keep it that way. Stay in your trailer in Indiana that you live in with your mom and keep me out of your mind. Trust me I won\’t lose sleep over it if you never see me again.

    Second and more importantly to the subject of Regina/Richards pod cast. I listened to it and quite frankly there were things said about me that would make normal people upset. But its a podcast..Things are said and done by the host to goad the person being interviewed into making it juicier and more scandalous..It\’s called entertainent. Was there anyone that wasn\’t entertained by it?

    As far as the tranny v/s the boy queen issue. We all want to stand on a stage and be noticed and tipped. yes although I am a boyqueen and have not had ANY surgeries to change my appearance I feel this is the true form of Female Impersonation. There are those that dispute this and they are entitled to thier opinion as is Richard/regina for believing in the way he does. Its his thoughts and speech that you listened to if you debate it then talk to Fausto I a sure he will be happy to set up a drag v/s transexual podcast that we can all sit in on and give his listeners a real show.

    Aurora I honestly did not hear anything that was said that wasn\’t true. When you did my show at Charlie\’s quite often and more frequently than i cared for you DID NOT know your words. And it became a running joke. So I do not see why your balls are in a bunch. As far as the other thing about CL (using initals, u figure it out) a spade was called a spade and if it was meant to be a secret then we wouldn\’t see it on the net. I find it funny how you haven\’t stepped foot into the bar that gave you a job for almost 3 yrs since the show was canceled and even myspaced me telling me how you missed doing my birthday show. No!!! what you missed was the money that was to be made from that show. Since July we havent spoken but a few times and that is fine with me..Our paths don\’t cross and I like it like that. I don\’t have to deal with you running behind my back and bitching to management and you don\’t have to worry about me being a bitch at all.

    Vera you are new to all of this and should just sit back and let it ride out. Let the major players deal with it and don\’t get pulled in.

    Monique. Stop and concentrate on you. Yes you and Aurora don\’t like each other but this is someone elses fight.

    Rigina stick to your guns and say what you want to say. Its your right to do so. Nothing you said was untrue so it can\’t be deemed as slanderous or liable.

    To anyone else that cares to read this and comment to what i have to say. Please do so.. I am not making jabs or accusations at all. I am laying the truth on the table. There are those who don\’t like me out there and call me a bitch.. I am not a bitch I am HONEST. I don\’t sugar coat anything for anyone. Get mad at me and don\’t want to be my friend.. WHAHHHHH like I am really gonna shed a fucking tear over it.

    Everyone that wants to be an entertainer has that right and they also have the right to deem what they consider an entertainer and how they want to project themselves. To some its though augmentations and surgery. Who fucking cares… Now matter how much make-up or changing of a person that they do to themselves. If you start with a piece of shit and paint it real pretty with wigs and hips and whatever you have to do with it. Its still a piece of shit underneath it all.

    Boy vs trans…it\’s all the same..Entertainer!!!! Now where the fuck is my Fix-O-Dent!!!


    P.S. Fausto if you want to get the real dirt before I retire in June hit me up. LOL

  31. DCRyan says:

    oooooh daoin (that\’s damn in ghettronics terms) I love this posting chain so much, I wish there was some way we could move it into the main community forums b/c now that it is on the back page of the shownotes no one will bump into it again.

    Speaking as a total outsider I just have to say this makes me excited to see the drag shows when I come to Chicago, such lively catty queens…what a wondefully entertaining prospect. The DC drag queens are fun and I think very good entertainers but they are always so nice to each other…..booooooring

  32. It is very illuminating isn\’t it DCRyan!!

  33. I\’d really like to get all three of you over the phone and have a show-down. I\’ll moderate it so nobody gets the upper hand.

  34. dave73 says:

    Lauren. Don’t worry. I’m not losing sleep over you. In fact, I think it’s just the opposite. If you actually knew I lived with my mother, then that only means you have stalked my myspace page. I haven’t viewed your myspace page since July of last year. Anyway, Monique actually broght you up, knowing I don’t like you. I just used a specific name. But anyway on the subject of me still living with family; people who know me well understand the reason I still live at home. If you thought you were trying to hurt me by bringing it up, then you are sadly mistaken. But you’d fit in with some of my neighbors with your various Red Neck Woman numbers, and more than likely believe my neighbors would welcome you.

    I will however disclose my real reason for even going to Charlies in the first place in January 2005. Regina & Aurora know already. Prior to 2005, I had little exposure to the drag community in Chicago, as my original exposure was in South Bend Indiana. But here it goes. While I was at Touché in August 2004, I ran into a blonde haired guy who I thought resembled a guy named Michael that I had brief contact with on Well I didn’t have the nerve to approach him at Touché that night, and didn’t for several months. I heard he was showing up at Charlies on certain nights. Unfortunately I never saw him at the shows in the audience. Finally around Memorial Day weekend on a Sunday night, I saw him at Touché and talked to him.

    It turned out that he was who I later found out to be one of your good friends, George Grayson, aka Graysong from the Nightspots magazine. Was I disappointed that it wasn’t this guy named Michael? Yes I was. But I wasn’t heart broken over it, and was relieved that I got my answer. Now I could have stopped going to the shows after that, but I liked seeing Regina Upright, Monique Moore, and Aurora perform there, and stayed for them. Now if I would have approached George a lot sooner, then you wouldn’t have seen me at Charlies at all. I regret not finding it sooner. If I’m sorry for anything; it was that I had to inconvenience you the entire time.

    But don’t worry, the rest of the time you work at Charlies you won’t see me there on any night. And if the retirement from drag has anything to do with a possible new job as a cook, then let me know where you’ll be working at. That way I’ll know where not to go for a meal. Afterall, I do dine in Chicago from time to time with a good buddy of mine from the Hegewisch neighborhood. Look at this as a blessing in disguise that George & I aren’t together. He did seem like he showed interest in me.

    I’ll admit I showed some interest in him even after I found out who he really was. But he was already involved with someone at the time, which actually worked the way it did. Otherwise, there would be even worse tension than there is now if George & I were dating since you & I would have to see each other. I already moved on from him. Lastly, unlike the final Charlies Angels Drag Factor Show, you won’t have to worry about me showing up for any retirement show that might be held for you. I’ll stay at work that night and let you have your fun with your girlfriends.

    Now you know why I even went to your show, even if it wasn’t to see you. At least those who appreciated me being at the shows to watch them; I thank you.

  35. Lord lord help this misguided fool.

    I could care less that some hook-up gone wrong from a dating web site is the reason you came to one of the shows.

    Nobody asked that nor did they ask about who what when and where or any of the particulars of your tragic life.

    this thread was and is about the pod cast and as usual you turned it into a woe is me topic about your life and why things turn out about you.

    My only comment to you was to just forget my name etc…

    I haven\’t stalked your myspace page..when i referred to you living in a trailer with your mom it was a shot in the dark.. But damn my aim is good.

    And as far as my retirement and my moving on to be a chef..thats right a chef not a cook. Don\’t you fret you little white trash head about coming to where I will be working and dining. As i am sure that what ever Wal-Mart you are working at stocking shelves on a temporary basis could never afford you to dine in a restaurant that i ever work in.

    Maybe you and your friend that you dine with in the city would be better off looking for a Waffle house since i am sure that even on the meager wage you earn you could, and it appears by your fat ass, get your meal complete with your hash browns ….scattered, covered, smothered and chunked..

    Reply to me on my myspace and lets leave this thread to the real topic at hand..


  36. Please don\’t let us stop you.

  37. Ladies ladies! Can\’t we resolve this peacefully?

  38. Fousto,

    No one ever wins and argument like this. There are too many opinions involved. We\’re all entitled to our opinions. Unfortunately what separates us are those who repeatidly choose to express their opinions about other people\’s personal lifestyles in a public forum.

    Making personal attacks on people is never cool in my book. Especially if those attacks have the potential of ruining reputations which could equall losing potential bookings. Keeping it tounge and cheek always saves face. Yeah we\’ve all not known the words to a song or two. Who cares! it\’s about having fun. Let me go on the record for saying I never know the words to any of my songs and that I\’m generally a mess on stage but i\”m proud that for the most part I make my own gowns, Jewelry, Hair and paint my own face….Do I want to be Miss Continental, US of A or anything else.. Hell no. The only \”Pageant\” ( If you can even call it that)that I ever entered thankfully, I won and got it out of my system. I, like so many other people do it for fun and as a form of self expression, not to get laid,make money or both and I have absolutely nothing against the people that do. Work it out ladies! I support your decisions 110 percent! What you do off the stage is YOUR business and should remain YOUR business.

    Have we all been guiltiy of gossip….you bet!! But what I love about Chicago Queens is that the moment you say something that is off color, you get called out on it. I learned my lesson a long time ago with that. Thanks for that Lauren you are an awesome person and I deserved every bit of that Read you gave me!!

    I would respectfully decline going on a podcast to further continue this argument and air my peer\’s dirty laundry, however amusing it may be to listen to.

  39. Fausto,

    I think the best way to resolve this is to just let it blow over and in time, most of us will put it behind us.


  40. DCRyan says:

    I concur with Lauren as to Dave\’s post, yawn…this forum is not the place for you to post your life story.
    Please take some notes from this sassy hoe Lauren and try and make the posts really catty and really funny 🙂 I really don\’t see how Regina making some comments on a podcast (although it is of course the best podcast which is broadcast to thousands and thousands of listeners all over the world 🙂 is really damaging to a queens street-cred. If she doesn\’t do what they are saying she does then no one would pay attention to these remarks in the first place, right?

    And yes I think I can speak for the listeners when I say, we do want to hear a podcast with all these drag queens on at once, you want to tell us your story? well lets hear it.

    I think Fausto could moderate it very well….maybe throw some Kenidi or Tracy in the mix just to keep it all light-hearted.

    And in the end, isn\’t any exposure the Feast of Fools good for you gals anyhow? I mean I would have never heard of your acts or made it a point to try and see them next time I\’m in town if I hadn\’t heard this podcast.

  41. kennidi says:

    WOW: For the last few days my email has been bombarded by podcast 713… damn I never thought when I first originally listened to it and listened to it a few times after the whole contrevorsy over it. I being a performer myself and being around catty queens all my drag and trans years I have learned to let a bitch talk!

    People are going to talk shit about u no matter what! I have known Aurora for a long time, even before she came to Chicago. She is the one of the nicest girls you will meet but I feel she lets all the little things get her, I have told her this before that what Regina said may or may not be true, since I don’t go watch drag I cant clear that up.

    Aurora just remember no matter how hard u try to resolve this someone is always going to think something bad about u, even if Regina didnt say it or not. Its publicity, now people are going to come out to ur show to see u because they want to know if u really can know ur words! As for Miss Regina, u know how I feel I have been behind u a hundred percent… I am one who says it like it is too! So don’t worry, I’m a trans lady that hasn’t been offended by ur attitude or thought on drag vs. trans, I look at u as a friend and how u treat me when I am around u! SO keep it up girl!

    As for the other queens I love how this all came about… it’s funny to watch catty bitches tell it like it is! Lauren good luck on your retirement and ur career as a chef! Ladies just remember no matter how hard u try someone isn’t going to like u! Someone is always better than u! Bad Talk is Good Talk because they are talking about u! It’s better to be talked about than to not be!

    Much Love,

  42. dave73 says:

    You can say what you want about me Lauren, but you will never ever attempt to understand who I really am. Why don\’t you refer to me as white ghetto trailer trash. Afterall, I do live in a ghetto on top of living in a trailer park. But for the people that do know me very well will stand by me no matter what. BTW, extravegant dining establishments will never impress me, even if I have the money. That\’s why I\’ll never dine at Tiebel\’s in Schererville Indiana. So you won\’t have to worry about me showing up wherever you\’ll be working at. But as for employment, you have that wrong. My employment is already disclosed. I even have a few blogs on that topic. Regardless, I won\’t miss you. As for commenting on your myspace page; you already disclosed to me that any further comments wouldn\’t be acknowledged. So why bother. But I\’m done though.

  43. DCRyan says:

    I just looked up Teibel\’s in Schererville, IN and I\’m hoping Dave is being facetious. If so, bravo that post was funny as crap.

    It is a joke right?

  44. Julianne- Don\’t misspell my name girlfriend or I\’m going to have to cut you! The truth is that I\’m on the fence about weather to dig this up, but you can rest assured that Aurora will be invited to defend herself over the phone next time Regina comes on the show (which will hopefully be this week.)

    The truth of the matter is this is GREAT publicity for all Chicago drag queens, especially Aurora. I would want to keep it from getting too tabloid talk show, but honestly, this passionate conversation is healthy in the long run, as long as everyone gets a chance to speak and be listened to. If anyone doesn\’t want to participate, that is fine too.

    Dave & Ryan- There isn\’t anything wrong with living with your parents or living in modest places like a trailer park home. When I was a kid I romanticized trailer parks because of the film \”The Last Starfighter\” in which a handsome guy accidentally triggers a alien war recruitment program by playing the final around in a video game and finds himself saving a doomed civilization. He was really cute and he lived in a trailer park.

    Some of my happiest days of my life were when I lived with my mom in Austin, Texas before I moved up to Chicago. For many of us, we don\’t have the means to live on our own, or our culture and families expect us to live close or in our family home. Nothing wrong with that!

    I think the problem happens when you can\’t grow romantically as a person because you feel awkward in dating people with your folks around. Or your relationship with your family is dysfunctional and you find yourself struggling to become an adult.

    Can I just say this is one of the most entertaining comments thread ever?

  45. DCRyan says:

    Oh yes, I looooove me some red-neck, Brad Pitt from Thelma and Louise anyone?

    And I agree once again, great publicity, I love seeing all these fun drag queens.

  46. DCRyan I ain\’t no hoe!!! I am only a half I ain\’t graduated to hoe yet 🙂

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