FOF #719 – In the Pink Radio

Mar 6, 2008 · 1985 views

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As audiences for podcasts grow larger and the technology to access the internet becomes more accessible how will traditional media adapt? Radio has always been a lifeline for people in peril. During the disaster of […]


  1. Avatar Teddy says:

    erik is one of my best friends and i\’ve so been looking forward to this all week! Great show guys. And keep supporting independent and queer music.


  2. Erik is zexy! Thanks for the show. McCain lives in an alternate universe where he has the ability to bring out the prophecies of Revelations through war. I am gonna check out wluw\’s stream. I hope Think Pink Radio continues to have a home somewhere in Chicago. I am pissed off at America this morning. They kicked off sassy Danny from Idol. Too much Gay face. LuvYa

  3. Avatar Maia says:

    Ruth is too cute! My partner and I met her while we were hanging out in the hallway during last year\’s Alt-Q, waiting for a musician to finish his set. (I won\’t say who it was, but he went on waaaaay too long.)

    I didn\’t know about the WLUW stream either — I paused the podcast when I heard that and went and listened to Democracy Now. Awesome. I will have to come back on Thursday night for Think Pink. Is it possible to make Think Pink into a podcast, or are there too many copyright restrictions?

    Hope Sen. Dick Durbin saves the day! I\’d like to see Durbin run for president someday. I always seem to agree with him. In the meantime, go Hillary! And if we can\’t have Hillary, go Barack!

    Enjoyed the interview today… everyone was so bubbly.

  4. Avatar Maia says:

    Also, thx to Ruth + Erik for the music recommendations — I\’m listening to The Blow\’s myspace page now, and \”Parentheses\” is the perfect music to listen to while typesetting…

  5. Avatar DCRyan says:

    So I must say, today\’s show was particularly hilarious. Marc and Fausto were on fire with the inappropriate humor, I LOVED it. Picture this, in the middle of Au Bon Pain I was doubled over laughing and stomping my foot while everyone looks at me like W-T-F you weirdo.

    Great interaction, great interview, great show.

  6. Avatar Teddy says:


    I let Erik know about the podcast idea, though i\’m sure he\’s thought about it.

    Ruth is absolutely amazing in person. She is the biggest ball of humor and energy you\’ll ever find.

  7. Avatar SAL-E says:

    I know Ruth!
    Hey Ruth, Waz up!
    Love ya

  8. Avatar Wesley says:

    What a fun show! As always, thanks so much for your hard work.

  9. Outstanding show guys. I am such a huge Antony Hegarty fan and I\’m so pleased your guests turned us on to Hercules and Love Affair. That blind track is working me soooo hard. Thank you!

  10. Avatar Pete says:

    great music picks, especially lykke li. her track, little bit, is addictive. queer hipster heaven.

  11. hey feast of fools\’ listeners are such aware sweethearts with great taste in music to boot! I had such a great time with you guys, thanks for being such great hosts!

  12. Avatar baby char says:

    whoa…what music snobs!

  13. Merde !
    I loved Ruth\’s tip on Hot Chip, and The Blow, hella Or-effing-gasmic. Same with Erik\’s, it\’s embarassing to say, but i went straight to iTunes and got \’em.
    Muito obrigadao!
    ~Maik L.

  14. Just a heads up for UK listeners: \’Time Will\’ by Hercules and Love Affair is the FREE \’Single Of The Week\’ on the UK iTunes Store!

  15. Avatar matt says:

    for 5 quid (11 usd).

    Sadly the release isnt going to be in the USA for awhile.

  16. Avatar Pete says:

    this french newspaper site has the single, \”blind\”, available as a legit free download.

    scroll toward the bottom for the link for the mp3 file. it works and includes album art for your ipod too.

    stereogum also has the lykke li single, \”little bit\”, for a free download. check the video out too. its hot.

  17. 10 minutes into the show I already hated your guests. Whats wrong with \”popy\” music? I love rock stuff too, hell i love all kinds of music. Just sounds like these two are very pretentious \”Artists\” with there radio show or whatever. I bet they sip Chi on the corner of a street talking about how they where oppressed there entire lives.

    If I meet them in real life, I\’d hate em too.

  18. I got the feeling they were referring to that blechy anthemic top 40 stuff that record companies shit out of a machine. You know, like McMusic.

  19. Avatar teal says:

    I agree with \’PurplePuddleNut\’. I really found this show to be boring. Fausto and Marc were great as usual, but the guests were bad. I loved the part then Fausto and Marc were talking about how lame it is when \’music people\’ talk about artists and all they do is talk in a slow boring tone about that artist and quote what label they\’re from and what songs they sing and what awards they won and blah blah…and then right away the guest Erik just continued on with his slow boring rundown of this artist that he was talking about! Too funny.

  20. Avatar Wren says:

    I also got the feeling of pretentious music snobbery from these two.

    Maybe I\’m just pissed because I love Tori Amos so much…that crap they were discussing didn\’t have one iota of the feeling and passion Tori puts into her music.

    Just sayin\’.

  21. Avatar Nidocamen says:

    Great show…….these guys are hilarious from pink radio!! I’ll have to listen if they have archives! Also, Fausto………..The Fifth Element is also one of my most favorite movies…….if not my favorite of all time!!!! 馃檪 Saw it like 5 times in the theatres!

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