FOFA #258 – Feifdom of Freakishness

Mar 10, 2008 · 1985 views

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One of the most loveable podcasters, Amanda Steinstein joins us today to talk about Domino’s Pizza founder Thomas S. Monaghan desire to build a ultraconservative town free of gays, pornography, drugs, and propbably non-catholics called […]


  1. Ah, I\’m a total ring whore. Just in high school in my junior year, but I have rings for different days, (some for different classes) and I just got my graduation ring! Yay! Anyways, keeping my grades at the top really takes it out of me, but at least I get to take an hour out just to listen to this podcast, it really keeps me going. Keep going Fausto and Marc!

  2. Classic Amanda. Thx for posting

  3. i love hearing classix, it\’s good to see how the show has progressed over time. gotta love the classix amanda

  4. CLASSIC CLASSICAL AND CLASSY FOF BOYS AND AMANDA!!! I just wonder how much can a mic really change your voice. I guess that is another one of things that make you go HMMMMMMMMM…..

  5. Big Love is a great show that took me a few trys to get into. I still find the allure of the family and Utah very cringey. And to be honest the characters are rather unlikeable but, I am hooked on the show and was very excited when I heard your ad. I had no idea it was starting up again.

  6. That\’s a vintage show with a vintage commercial but it should be starting in June or so I think!

  7. Oops. I shoulda realized that when I heard it was on after Sopranos.

  8. This is kinda funny. So I’m Mormon right? And the sheer amount of wrong people are when they talk about Mormon stuff or ex Mormon stuff make me laugh. Some of the stuff you guys where saying where just sooo off. But thats okay, unless you’ve been taught it, why would you know right? 😛

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