FOF #720 – A Glass of Joy

Mar 11, 2008 · 1985 views

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Beer, beer, beer! Philadelphia is a city overflowing with breweries and fabulous bars and restaurants passionate about serving great beer. And why not? It’s a city where drinking a pint glass takes you back in […]


  1. DCRyan says:

    Yay, beer. The beer was great at Triumph Brewery too!

  2. It was great to meet you guys at the Triumph Meet & Greet. The beer was fantastic there too.

  3. Great, fresh, funny show.

    A delicious beer is always good !

    Prost 🙂

  4. I\’m so glad you guys got to come and hang out in Historic Philadelphia. This show was a joy and I can\’t wait to hear the next show and listen to the Benjamin Franklin impersonator get the special FoF treatment.

  5. Andrew J says:

    I nearly lost it when you said \”Make it work\” to TIM. I had a good laugh. And all the references to Steamworks? You must have really liked that guy. I kept waiting for him to respond with \”saca la presion\”.

  6. Andrew J says:

    Oh yeah, for anyone who comes to Philly and wants to try some of these places, here is a tip – don\’t go to Monk\’s on a Friday night! That place is so friggin popular, you\’ll be waiting 2 hours for a table. It\’s better to go on a weeknight, but if you have to go on Friday, get there EARLY! Their burgers are very good.

  7. NCNative says:

    Beer… Mmmmm . . . Beer

  8. Geostud says:

    Great show! Makes me want to go to Philly and drink some tasty beer!

  9. Rik says:

    Suddenly… I\’d like a beer.

    Looking forward to the Ben Franklin show. I bet it\’ll be a hoot.

  10. Yey! Love this show…listened to it on my way into work and truly left me with the feeling of wanting to visit. Told everyone at work that they MUST visit! I never thought Philly was gay friendly…

    Let\’s all plan to meet up there!?

  11. RcktMan says:

    I\’ll be visiting Pittsburgh in a month or so… my first visit to Pennsylvania. I\’ll have to take a trip to Philadelphia very soon. I think this is a great way to get to know another city! Who knew that Philadelphia had such an affinity for beer? After being born and raised in Wisconsin only miles from Milwaukee, I thought I knew from beer. Apparently not!

    I\’m also glad the Philadelphia listeners got to meet you guys.

  12. Great show – Philly sounds like a good place to drink! I\’d like to take the Tim tour too 😉

  13. Rob says:

    Who wouldn\’t want to take the \”Tim Tour\”……

    I love Fausto\’s face in the pic above with Tim. You can see him
    in the bottom corner of the picture. He looks either really buzzed or
    like he\’s just hanging on to every word Tim is saying.

  14. baby char says:

    It was so great to meet the both of you at Triumph. Come back again real soon! …and YES, lambic is AMAZING!

  15. BASboy says:

    A very interesting show. From a podcast I follow they have something called Enhanced Podcast which breaks the show into bookmarked segments and changes pictures at each bookmark. For the stuff you were talking about, the beer brewer tanks and the people you were talking to it would have been great to have this feature on such a show. Not saying you always have to show a bunch of pictures on every show. Just sometimes you say \’we will post it on our site if you want to see it\’. Now I could see it while listening to my podcast in case I don\’t remember to check out the site that night when I get home. But this is just a suggestion. It was cute to hear you interview while you appeared to be a tad \’spirited\’. The beer songs were fun.

  16. We\’d love to do some enhanced podcasts but they take so much time to create and time is a very precious commodity around here. I think the technology has improved a bit since we first started podcasting but it\’s still a lot for Fausto to do and with five shows a week its next to impossible.

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