FOF #722 – Drag Wars

Mar 13, 2008 · 1985 views

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Oh girlfriend, it’s getting vicious on one page of our comments thread. In case you don’t subscribe to comments on the blog entries, you may have missed an intense exchange by most of Chicago drag […]


  1. SAL-E says:

    Oh my gosh I just herd the show and you got me to say that I was a DRAG QUEEN?
    I am not a Drag Queen!
    Love ya

  2. Sal-E: So you\’re a ferocious performance artist who incorporates drag into your acts occasionally?

    Either way… I heard you mention that you are now going to Vegas… when are you beeshes coming to Atlanta!?

  3. DCRyan says:

    So that\’s why that Dutch boy I met in Amsterdam when I was 19 took me to Vondel Park…..

  4. Pete says:

    mmmm, chocolate and lemonade……that bit had me cracking up on the L \”brown\” line this morning. bathroom humor is highly underrated.

  5. Cliff Dix says:

    That quilt is awesome. Those things are hard to make. My mom, sister and I made one for our grandmother and it\’s a lot of work. Great job! And to think you made Fausto\’s dream of his own AIDS quilt come true.

    To get FOF to Atlanta, we have to get all the ATL fans together and raise the funds to fly them all down here, find places for them to stay, and get them a venue to perform in. I am ready.
    To save money, I could go pick them all up in my Dad\’s RV and drive them down. Then they could sleep in the RV as well. Just kidding.

  6. Yes you are a drag queen just like ME!~!!!!

  7. DCRyan says:

    OMG I love the new profile pic Peaches, STUNNING!!

  8. I think we are all Drag Queens!!! As the Immortal Rupaul once said \” we are all born naked and everything else after that is Drag!\”

  9. detnyre says:

    I could really get into a Plushy/Furry night at Steamworks.

    Jim Carry dressed up as an elephant on American Idol last night to promote \”Horton Hears A Who\” was kinda hot…..

    Now if I could get my husband to wear a pair of cubby-bear ears while getting our sexy all on…. 😉

    If I could be any Plushy, I would like to be Tony the Tiger…. but anatomically correct 🙂

  10. My mom makes a quilt for every couple that gets married in the family, and an afghan or little quilt for every baby that\’s born. And, since coming out, she\’s all about making a quilt for me and a partner… which is a bit of pressure to actually HAVE a partner. Oy. And I thought the pressure for grandchildren was bad enough when I wasn\’t out.

    Oh, and a little correction: Plushies refer to things, not people. The most well known is the teddy bear. A Furry is a person. What you guys are probably thinking of is a fursuiter, someone who dresses up as an animal.

  11. Thanks for the show always great to hear from Sal. I sometimes wonder why Fausto has such a reaction to drugs. Maybe in a future podcast we can find this out. I think honest discussion about drugs would be more beneficial to the audience if you are trying to save them from something than blanket statements such as people who use drugs are stupid losers. Ms. Reagan already tried this. Again thanks for the show and I luv ya.

  12. DCRyan says:

    I think it\’s because Fausto realizes that he has a lot of young listeners who are very impressionable.

    I think a show with an honest conversation on the topic, however, would be quite appropriate.

  13. RcktMan says:

    Hasn\’t everyone done drag at least once in their life?

    I have. And I\’m here to tell ya, I give those guys a lot of credit. It\’s hard fucking work. And it kills your feet.

    I enjoy being a boy too much… 🙂

    I LOVED this show– you guys were on fire something fierce, and it never quit. Hell you were all still going in the chat later on!

    I love when Sal-E is on. Can\’t wait to see you Friday. Kiss kiss.

  14. Pete says:

    RcktMan, i had to do a double take at your new profile since i was so used to seeing your old one. very hot! i\’ve never done drag myself but i can imagine how difficult it is. i don\’t think i have the balls, so to speak, to do it. like you, i LOVE being a guy too much.

    also, i always get a kick when F&M reference \”showgirls\” in the show. i practically squeal. it\’s my ultimate guilty pleasure. i even, quite pathetically, reenact scenes from the movie while out.

  15. Sal-E is the wo-Man! He is so fun and his laugh is so cute. I hope to meet all of you this year. Every year something happens and we never meet. Chi-town here I come again!

  16. Pete-

    Re-enacting scenes from Showgirls is pretty much doing drag. You totally qualify!

  17. Persikov says:

    I\’m glad I live in Chicago because otherwise much of this show would have been kind of boring… but all I have to say is that Sal-E, Mark, AND Fausto, you better watch your backs! The knives really came out on this one.

    The plushy talk was somewhat alarming.

  18. SAL-E says:

    plushy/Furbie I USED THE WRONG WORD………………….The world has not stopped!
    I have not stopped breathing and I still wear what I want………………I was corrected. I feel better.
    You see that was a prime example that EVEN I MAKE MISTAKES.
    I am still alive! and I am still moving on……………………………..Knifes?
    I do not think that I said anything wrong?
    Now where are all those Drag Queens that had so much to say on that one show?
    I bet you a Dollar that Half the people who wrote things NEVER EVEN HERD THE SHOW!
    DRAMA………………………………….ALL QUEENS love the DRAMA and if you know the movie ShowGirls, Sweety………You are so a DRAG QUEEN! And what is wrong with that?
    I know a lot of people that are Drag Queens and do not wear makeup.
    Everyone Secretly wants to be a Drag Queen, think about it……………..the Attention, the shoes, the hair, the makeup, the lashes………………………………..I have to get ready……………..Time to get into face………….
    But you see I do it for Fun. For you know for like
    Shits and Giggles.
    and YES, I do go out like that in Public. WHY NOT?
    Love ya

  19. If I don\’t lip sync but sing in the car…does that make me a Drag Queen? But I do know all the words.

  20. Pete says:

    now i\’m confused on what constitutes a drag queen since the term is apparently broad and applied so liberally. i\’m sure the fact that i also recite mommie dearest and baby jane also makes me look like a total drag queen too. i just thought all gay guys have a least one camp/cult film memorized line for line.

    either way, i embrace my new career as a drag queen.

  21. It\’s cool, was just offering a little help. Wasn\’t mad or anything. 🙂 Be cool, Sal-E, be cool!

  22. If you have to ask if you\’re a drag queen, you are.

  23. SAL-E says:

    Everyone looks better in CHA CHA HEELS!
    I will never forget the image of a Hot Leather Daddy in a pair of CHA CHA HEELS……………it was HOT!
    She Felt Fierce, thus making her Stunning!
    Work it!
    Love ya

  24. STUNNING. See you tonight!

  25. Hey guys great show! glad to see things dying down (I hope) !!

    Sal-E, glad to see you taking the high road as usual…..Love you Beeeaaatch!

    P.S. I\’ve never thought of you as a drag queen. I\’ve always thought of you as just having way to much fabulous creativity for one gender.

    and that you were……….Stunning.

    I\’d love to hear you guys do a couple of shows on drug use in our community. My mother ( a cop ) suggested I go to alonon to help me cope with a friends increasingly bad meth addiction. It\’s scary, the things you learn about drugs when you go to a place where people who have to live with someone that uses, go to talk and cope.

    I think It\’s importand that your listeners know the unbiased truth from a broad cross section of gay men about drugs.

    XOXO Love you guys!!!

  26. [nObLe] says:

    LMAO as a typecast bottom for black guys i totally couldnt stop laughing when marc said \”get yo nutt\” bcuz i hear that so much and i can relate to it yay!

    If theres one thing i love more than anything its when Sal-E says \”wha wha whaaaa?\”

    all around another great episode!

  27. Thanks for the sweet words Noble! luv you too

  28. SAL-E says:

    When I do my Wha Wha Whaaaa? I call it my Bette Midler moment………………I can\’t help it….in my head I can hear her and she just comes out!
    We have done shows on drugs before and how I hate it when people go up to me in search of them Because I of all people should know where and how to find them? Those of you that know me know that I stay away from all that crap. Everything has it\’s time and place. I do not Judge people. I just choose to live my life the way I do. Yes, I have had friends that were taken away by that Nasty Crystal Meth habbit. That is one Drug that I will never understand. Is it really worth it? To loose your teeth, have bad Breath, bad skin, to look like Hell………………it is worth it? To loose everything, your job, your friends, your family? Trust me NO ONE WILL WANT YOU AROUND!
    I can tell you stories of the shit I see at the Clubs and how I see people just waste and ruin their lives with this little TINA Friend of theirs. In the end it is it really worth it? My law inforcement friends tell me that Meth is still out there and that it is finding its way into the high schools.
    That is all that we need, an up rise on Babies having Crack Babies!
    Which brings up another point………………How can you have a child when you are not old enough to even wipe your own ass!
    Move out of your Parents and try living on your own before making such life changing choices.
    I am so thankful that I have a voice on this podcast and I am not afraid to use it.
    My goal this year after seeing that 15 year old get shot for giving a Valentine Card to another boy is to Educate people that being GAY is OK…………….we being \”the GAYS\” are not all monsters as we are made out to be by all those anti-gay groups.
    How many more Childeren need to die before someone takes a notice that there is something wrong in the home, in the schools, in the church, and any where else that they are getting their information from.
    There are hotlines and Counselors that are avalible for FREE of charge.
    I just don\’t think enough people know about these programs where they can get the information and education needed to live in a world where you do not have to live in fear.
    Love ya

  29. Iris says:

    I absolutely love ALL the tranny shows and thrilled how frequent they are now!

    Makes me wish I was born a male so I could be as amazing as these bitches.

    Keep it up!

  30. Brian G. says:

    Your absolutely correct Sal-E…that shit will mess you up even after the first use…I\’ve never used it myself…I\’ve seen to much destruction from it. We are so much reactive as a society rather than pro-active to prevent people from falling into its trap..btw FOF is the best podcast out there and all of you feel like family to me..take care.

  31. Jiminy Cricket – I got to this show a little bit late didn\’t I? So y\’all want to crash at my pad? Well I don\’t live in a palazzo and my bf might need some convincing. You would have to take turns sleeping on the couch or squeezed in between me and my hunky beefcake boyfriend in our Big Bed of Carnal Sin. Though I have a feeling SAL-E wouldn\’t mind. He might end up sitting funny on the long flight back to the US though. My bf confirms to black physical stereotype – if you know what I\’m sayin\’.
    Would be fantastic showing your around though – but I should warn you I am crap on the history of Amsterdam; remember the anecdotes but forget the years, dates and names: \”Oh and here\’s where this dude did this thing a couple of centuries ago…\”
    Milk and honey is right, man-made protein and dope even more so.

  32. kennidi says:

    OMG, Im so backasswards… I listen to this show now! LET THE DRAG FUCKING WARS BEGIN! I think the whole drag thing got blown out of proportion and everyone one using it as an outlet! I am friends with Regina and Aurora, Ive known Aurora way before she moved here, I knew her before she got her implants! Shes a sweet girl! Wanna talk about a real drag war…I am from the South where Tandy Andrew(Rest her soul) and Tommy Ross would have who can do each other better…it was like a fucking war! Tommy would cut the beads on Tandy\’s Gown so when she was modeling it, it would slowly fall apart. Tandy at one pageant would use her gay kids to fuck up Tommy\’s Talent routines. Ive even heard some queens having their friends go in and learn their competitions talent then backing out at end before the pageant. So this whole drag bs here in Chicago is nothing like the south! Tandy is gone but Tommy is still a great diva and more grounded! So Just remember Chicago has nothing on the what drag was like…they didnt talk shit they acted out the shit! Kinda like Showgirls!

    Fun Show….SAL-E Stopp being so nice! LOL!

    Much Love,

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