FOF #726 – Locker Room Humor

Mar 19, 2008 · 1985 views

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Gregg loves his new firecracker red Feast of Fools mug, but he especially likes it because it holds 15 oz. instead of the regular 10 ounces that most mugs hold. Gregg says now he doesn’t […]


  1. Steven says:

    Hmm Mrs Smith apples, no one liked Mrs Smith apples… Until… Mrs Smith Ordered her daughter to have baby\’s, Go shag daughter… and now there Granny smith apples, and everyone loves them!

  2. Jaycub says:

    Hey Fausto/Marc!

    Sorry for leaving a comment, but I need to leave this message as soon as possible.

    Last night I was/am the kid that im\’d you talking all crazy-like. Now, I\’m sorry for doing that! What happened was I took to many drugs (robutussin, otc cough medicine) and it made me display signs of schizophrenia. I had a mild panic attack and had to go to the hospital.

    Anyway, I\’m leaving this message to let you guys know that I\’m doing much better now that I\’m withdrawing. Hopefully you guys can talk about how bad heavy drug use is on your next podcast.

    p.s. When I get a job I\’m totally going to buy a t-shirt and send you guys an awesome care package. Thanks for being so nice to me 🙂

    <3 Jaycub

  3. You go Fausto! I totally agree with your view about truly straight guys not having a problem with gays. Our next door neighbour was openly straight and had no problem going out with us.

    There was a tv drama a few months back starring Will (hot hot hot) Mellor as a gay demolition guy who senses something in his married room mate and when the room mate rebuts his advance strongly and claims that he\’s \”100% straight\” he responds that there is no such thing as 100% straight, anyone who claims that is denying something to himself. Here\’s a clip of him on Paul O\’Grady (aka Lily Savage) talking about his role and the plus is you get to see the even hotter Stuart Manning –

  4. Cliff Dix says:

    Gregg, good luck on the next leg of your tour!
    Everyone go see Gregg. He is such a great guy. Take him out to dinner afterwards. Glen, Scott and I really wish we had asked Gregg to join us. When Glen went back in the bookstore to ask, Gregg was being whisked away to sign more copies for the store. Don\’t let Gregg eat any more veggie Burger King burgers.

    Here again is the YouTube video Glen took of Gregg in Atlanta.

  5. PureeTofu says:

    By the way:
    Burger King veggie burgers are extremely tasty
    Burger King also uses eggs that are free range (around 25% if memory serves me right), they are a leader with PETA.

    Added bonus, they don\’t shoot you when you ask for a veggie burger with bacon, best friend had to try it.

  6. SAL-E says:

    Everyone Loves my Feast of Fools mug at work!
    Love ya

  7. ibox2000 says:

    Loved the line (paraphrasing) \”Abortion isn\’t the end of a life, it\’s the end of a welfare case.\”

  8. Cliff Dix says:

    I too have got many compliments on my cool FOF mug. Sorry about my retarded entry up above. I am as dumb as Elton John when it comes to embedding YouTube videos. Here is the URL

  9. RcktMan says:

    My mug and T-shirt still haven\’t arrived. 🙁 *that\’s a big, pouty pout right there.*

  10. Thanks for all the thoughtful comments.

    Peace and love and all that,

  11. Jaycub says:

    Of course Greg. Cutie pie.

    When are you going to tour Texas, buddy??

  12. I head to the Southwest and West Coast in September `08 for the conclusion of the book tour.
    Looking forward to doing readings/signings for \”Protection\” in that part of the country.

    Peace and love and all that,

  13. Greg I just love your stories. Kisses!!

  14. Fabs says:

    \”Burger King! It\’s better than starving!\” Loved that! Loved, loved, loved that!
    Best of luck to you Greg! I really enjoyed the story about \”bruce\”!

    Lots of love!


  15. Calvin F says:

    it\’s good to have you back on the FOF podcast…ur last appearance was in janaury 2008 if i\’m correct..though it seemed like ages…I like you a lot, you\’re one of my favourite guests on the podcast

    I just love the episode 684 – Order of Protection where you read some of your works from your new book…it gives me orgasm just hearing your sexy voice reading the poem..u are truly the resident poet (and romantic) of the FOF family. Much love and kisses! And all the best with the book and the touring…

  16. That\’s awfully kind of you to say, Calvin.
    You made me blush.

    Peace and all that,

  17. I haven\’t had time to listen to my FOF so I\’m busy playing catch up. I have to say that Fausto had me on the floor when you were telling the story of the teenager from Chesapeake who found the cereal in the shape of Illinois. You see, I grew up in Chesapeake. Actually, I currently live in Norfolk, Virginia which together with Chesapeake and 5 other cities make up our greater suburban area called \”Hampton Roads\”.

    Any way, while Fausto was doing his rendition of the girl finding the cereal I thought to myself, \”What would make him think people from Chesapeake sound like that?\” And then I imagined myself as a guest on the FOF and asking Fausto that question. I imagined that he would ask me where I went to high school and I would say, \”Deep Creek High\” and that was the exact moment that it hit me… \”Man, I went to a high school called \’Deep Creek\’ in a city called \’Chesapeake\’, who has heard of Chesapeake any way?\”

    I thought about it some more and I realized that Chesapeake is loaded with red-necks that drive around with confederate flags and shot-guns on the backs of their trucks.

    Oh yeah, and Gregg. You and Fausto both made me realize that I\’ve been saying Illinois the wrong way all along (Ill-a-noise instead of ill-a-noy). That\’s okay, I completely understand how you feel. We here in Norfolk can tell when out-of-towners are here because they say \”Nor-folk\” instead of \”Nor-foke\”. Actually, the ol\’-timers pronounce it \”Naw-fuck\” – seriously.

    A typical conversation in Chesapeake Virginia.
    Hank – \”You ain\’t goin\’ over to naw-fuck right now are you?\”
    Billy – \”Naw, man. I gotta take dem there huntin\’ dogs out to the lodge first\”
    Hank – \”Dang boy, you still got dem bitches in the back of dat truck?\”
    Billy – \”Yeah man, da wife won\’t let me keep um at da trailer no more…\”

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