FOFA #276 – Osaka Hernandez’s Weddings

Mar 19, 2008 · 45584 views

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Osaka Hernandez had a huge following in Japan. If Selena was the “Madonna” of Tejano music, then Osaka was considered to be the “Cyndi Lauper.” Okay Osaka was a fabulous drag queen and never sang […]


  1. Bologna says:

    Ciao Fausto and Marc,
    Just a quick note to ask if you plan to do a show on Arthur C. Clarke\’s death. According to Toby Johnson (who you might know from Austin – owner of Liberty books), he was gay and Toby had a correspondence with him over a number of years. It would be so cool if you could interview Toby about this. Here\’s Toby\’s website: and here\’s a page just written by Toby on Arthur C. Clarke
    Love you guys! Come visit us in Bologna (Home to THE JUICIEST AND TASTIEST ITALIAN SAUSAGE!!)

  2. I loved this show!!!!! I heard it at the gym and had to try not to laugh out loud too much…

    Hey, Mr. John Q. Sánchez! I miss you! I loved the part when you said being a copy editor is \”a pain in the butt\”…. LOL

    I also thought John had moved to Brooklyn, but I guess he\’s in Manhattan after all…!

    I had never heard of Osaka Hernández before (sorry!), so pleased to have met you!

    Fausto, I can\’t believe you shared your PPPP (personal public pooping preferences) with us on the show! That was…. quite something!

    I\’d love to go hang out with you guys at RUNT in NYC and hear Stephin Merritt spin!!! That sounds like fun…



  3. Andrew J says:

    I love John Q Sanchez! He’s always such a good guest on the show.

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