FOF #728 – Fighting for the Man Next to You

Mar 26, 2008 · 1985 views

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What does Christopher Rice think that the U.S. Marines and gay men share in common? In Christopher Rice’s new book “Blind Fall” he takes a look at the common ground many gay men and Marines […]


  1. Fantastic show! Thx to AndrewJ for all his assistance, Gonna check out the book.

  2. Andrew J says:

    You\’re most welcome! Definitely check out the book, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I would also recommend The Snow Garden which was his second book – I think that one was my favorite so far. I\’m going to see Chris tonight at a book signing for Blind Fall. How exciting! I\’m only halfway through the podcast so I\’ll be back later to comment again!

  3. I am positively addicted to Christoper Rice! I was eagerly anticipating the March 11th release of Blind Fall. I am half way through it, and it is spectacular, i can barely put it down. Unfortunatley I want it to last, so i can\’t buzz right through it. My personal favourite of Christophers books is Density of Souls, and Light Before Dawn. Great Guest FOF!!!

    Keep the books coming Christopher!!!

    ps. I have had a crush on you since high school!!

  4. You\’re so welcome! Anything for the FoF!

    Fantastic Interview, guys!

  5. Teddy says:

    i bought Blind Fall the other day and just haven\’t started it yet. I\’m very excited! And i agree, Snow Garden was amazing.

    Great show guys, i love Christopher and am so glad to hear him on the show.

  6. Rob says:

    Great guest. I have never heard of Chris Rice before, but enjoyed his interview. Just bought the book
    thru Amazon. Can\’t wait to check it out.

    Thanks guys….

  7. Thanks Marc & Fausto for interviewing Christopher Rice! I\’d not heard of him before but now I definitely plan to pick up one of his books. The fact that he\’s absolutely gorgeous does not hurt either 🙂 Are you listening Christopher?

  8. Andrew J says:

    I can\’t believe some of you guys haven\’t heard of him!

    I think the interview went well, although I was kind of hoping he would have a better response to the vagina monologue question … it is a hard question though.

    Thanks for doing another great show Fausto and Marc, and thanks to Chris for agreeing so readily to do the show!!

  9. Jonas says:

    Let me see… I\’m 6\’, kinda nerdy and ALSO single… but not jewish. Darn. But he looks very cute and seems intriguingly intellectual indeed… *sigh*

    Oh well. 😉 Enjoyed this podcast a lot. It\’s true as was said – what HAVE Paris Hilton done for the gay community ever? She is as supportive as she is frugal.

  10. RcktMan says:

    I am one of those weirdos who has HEARD of Christopher Rice but hasn\’t yet read one of his books. When I saw he was coming on the show I did some research on him and his writing style and now I am very much looking forward to getting my hands on them. I just finished reading a set of thrillers by another author (thrillers being my favorite book of choice) and have even read a few of Anne Rice\’s novels. So it is only fitting that I discover somebody new to get into!

    Once again, FoF turns my attention to someone I should be paying attention to! Thanks to everyone who made this happen! Proof positive that your influence can help get someone on the show!

  11. SAL-E says:

    I was so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was looking in one of the Gay Rags here in Chicago and they had a little something on him but did they have a SHOW?………………I still want to meet his Mom to thank her for all the Paranormal and Erotica work that she has done. LOVE HER! and her son too!
    Love ya

  12. That was a great interview. Even on an average day FoF is great, but when Marc and Fausto are in their groove they can really put out some fantastic shows.

    I also hadn\’t heard of Christopher Rice, but since I\’m not really a fan of his mother\’s stuff it I might have heard and just forgotten. But I won\’t forget after this show.

    I\’m going to get some of his books, and I\’ll go through the amazon link eventhough I don\’t like amazon that much. My one request is for FoF to get a deal with Powell\’s Books ( in my opinion the best online bookstore in the world, and independent. I think they have a good partnership program and I\’m one of those book geeks who thinks we should support independent booksellers.

  13. Kaleb says:

    Great show guys, I really enjoyed listening to the interview.

  14. DCRyan says:

    FIRST THING: One of our very own fabulous listeners – Zach O\’Connor – a 17 yo out-and-proud kid from CT is GOING TO BE ON 20/20 THIS FRIDAY NIGHT. All fans make sure to tune in, maybe Fausto and Marc can even have him on the show to talk about his experiences of coming out as a 15 year old; i\’d be interested to hear what\’s happening with this new generation of high school out-and-proud youth.

    Bought the book and looking forward to reading it. The person I am currently dating is in the military and I have to say it is an adjustment because on the one hand I understand he loves his job and can\’t afford to lose it, but on the other hand I\’ve been out so long now I don\’t know how to not be out at all times. Luckily it has worked out so far, but I look forward to reading this book especially in light of my current situation.

    Oh and Andrew J, AMAZING job getting yet another guest for Marc and Fausto, first Christian from Project Runway and now Christopher Rice, you are a super FOF fan!!!

  15. Andrew J says:

    Oh Ryan, you are too sweet. Now I\’ve got to think of other people to pester about being interviewed. Any suggestions?

    I saw Christopher Rice last night at a Borders near Philly. He was awesome. I thanked him for going on Feast of Fools and he said \”Yeah it was great. You know, they\’re like the #1 podcast in the country!\” It was pretty cool.

  16. Andrew J says:

    Oh yeah, Chris is going to be in D.C. tonight at Lambda Rising at 1625 Connecticut Ave NW at 7:00 PM in case you\’re free and want to go show your support.

  17. Mateo says:

    honestly I found Mr. Rice pretty boring. But I\’ll give his book a shot. I\’m quite a fan of his mother\’s books. I\’ll be reading Interview with a Vampire again now.

  18. Jake Snow says:

    This was a great interview! I enjoyed listening to Christopher since he was quite sophisticated, what a turn on! Come back on the show Christopher you made me melt!

  19. Nice show! I enjoyed listening to this interview with Christopher Rice. He\’s nice and smart 😉

  20. RcktMan says:

    I found Christopher to be completely charming, intelligent, and at times hysterical! He seems to be to be a pretty level-headed and grounded guy for being so wonderfully talented, and for coming from a family of such talented people.

    As usual, another wonderful interview, guys!!!

  21. Actually \’This is hard, you guys are good!\’ was a perfect answer to the vagina monologue question, even if he did not quite realise it. Will order some copies of the title for the bookstore I work at. Haven\’t read any of his or his mother\’s stuff so far, but will check it out!

  22. Andrew J says:

    Oh man, I hadn\’t even thought about it that way. You\’re absolutely right, that\’s a fantastic answer!! 🙂

  23. Aww, loved the interview but Fausto didn\’t let him collect his thoughts with the \”what\’s your best feature?\” question, and told him to \”keep it clean\” so he went with the suggested, \”my hair..\” I was sure he was going to say something sexier. sigh.. I could always listen again and again and insert my own ideas about his best feature 😀 and Marc, I would do your guest too. Did I just say that??
    Thank you guys for another great interview.

  24. Great show guys, and how hawt is CR, uh? This one is a keeper!

    Somehow I missed listening to this show on first release and when I saw Chris was featured in the feastblast, I had to go back to itunes and redownload it. It was worth it, keep up the fine work you do with your guests, just wonderful,


  25. shane says:

    What a fabulous show! I love Anne Rice\’s novels, and Cry to Heaven was one of my favorites. I wish you would have asked Christopher more about what he thought of his mother\’s Beauty books, has he read any of her erotica? How disturbing would that be? I\’ve wanted to read Christopher\’s stuff, but have never gotten to it. I remember reading about Density of Souls on the Anne Rice website, and there was a picture of Christopher, and I commented on how cute he was. Thanx, Fausto and Marc, for having such fantastic guests, and keep up the great work!!!

  26. Terrific show and interesting interview. Thanks!

    I was always a big Anne Rice fan. Her books literally changed my life (Interview with the Vampire turned me from seriously vampire-phobic into a vamp-o-phile and Cry to Heaven was great) so when Density of Souls came out I read it right away to support her son, despite the fact that I knew nothing about him, I loved it, and have continued to read all of Christopher’s books (I just did the click-thru to Amazon and bought Blind Fall), but have never read or heard an interview with Christopher so I was really stoked when I saw that he was a guest. Naturally, you guys did not disapoint!

    It was great to hear that Christopher is so down to earth and charming. I was very afraid that, as the child of a literary celeb, he would be a self-centered little shithead. Thank goodness that didn’t turn out to be true. Instead he’s bright, charming, grounded and thought provoking. All that and cute too! ……… What a bastard. Upon reflection, I think I hate him. :o)

  27. Steven says:

    I really enjoyed this show! Christopher was interesting and fun to listen to. I went and picked up the audiobook on Audible, I can’t wait to listen to it. 🙂

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